Thursday, July 19, 2012

19 July 2012

long long time nvr update alr
i also dunkw i busy for wat
 tis girl, Evonne
see u soon ya!
have ur new life in johor ;)
come Kl rmb find us to drink
one of the power drinker,
a true good fren!
Bryan lai !! my footballitis teammate,
one of the boss of Stage Kuala Lumpur!
Jeano Ho ! LOLOL everyone love her,
sexy dj with devil body shape hahahahaa
but she is not a power drinker,
how dare i ask her to bottoms up my drink ;p 
the sisters!!! these two ah moissss keep DUI me LOL
is ok la, not a big deal..
wasted ur drinks only if dui me hehehee
quite hard to drunk ;)
sorry for made u vomit tht night hahaha
is ok to drunk n vomit when u r in break up/ sad period
stay strong fren!
rainbow will appear aft the heavy rain.
just be patient and wait for the one deserve u to love ;)

goodnight world!
plsss dont sick
i goonaaaaaa have tourney sooonnnnn

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 july 2012

welcome bck my best buddy !! ;))))))
why u go australia laaaa,
life so sien without u ahahahahah
joker all the time!
plsss dont ask me pick u up again, damn far ur house!!!!!!!!
lastnight vomit everything,
must be very shuang LOLOLOL
see u soon !

Monday, July 2, 2012

2 july

holiday holiday!!
but i got a lot things to do..
arhhh stp me why so careless!!!
thanks god im still alive im still posting this post.
gonna have enuf rest for my shoulder n neck to recover!
no futsal for 1 month!! how to pass my time laaaaa
last night, i dream of u..
still you! aikssss
when only i can get out of this.
i think i need a long long break for myself!
28 june, a bad bad day! thanks im still alive.