Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 may 2012

Why m I still thinking about u whenever I couldnt fall asleep! Hell is been so long and what I'm thinking?!? Ishh ishhhhhh Healthy life style ;) Jogging in the early morning, No supper, Less drinking, Futsal & training at least twice a week, And is time for go out for games! Looking forward on 9th June Revive tourney! I'm fully fit for tourney! I need to win, we need to win to boots our morale!our passion! Goodnight! Wake up for early jog and then class ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

26 MAY

fuck u pls dont ask me to do tis do tht..
im not ur dog ok
idiot bitch !

stp two assignments due in two days
challenging wtf!
how i gotta go out tonight
Decander hotel gathering hmmm
shit weyyyyyyyyy
why alot assignments la

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

23 May R.I.P brother

RIP brother Sean! is too sudden and all of us still cant believe it.
i met u the day b4 and u leave us the second day!
is a big loss for everyone, u r such a good buddy.

ppl may think im crazy or mad,
visit to sunway @live more than 3 times a week.
if u r me, u will kw i like to go over thr..
is a small little club,
v happy, v sad, v drink, v meet friends, v make friends,
v found real buddies, v talk our stories, v know everyone over thr,
v r close to each other over thr.
is all at @alive sunway, like it or not? tis small little club is the best in town.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 may

Aiyaaaa how come I always ask ppl to drink more water, But I drink so less!!! Sore throat running nose n fever r killing me!! Plssssss let me fnish my Friday ok and then only sick! I need to stay awake for whole night la Took a lot medicine d how come still the same? Takkan my medicine expiry date d LOL IS THE 3rd time! Bull shit laaaa My half boiled eggs failed for 3rd time in tis week.. Wat the hell how come not even boil laaaaa Is the water problem or the egg problem?? Hot water and then I wait for 10mins! Still the same..from 3 mins then 6mins then 10mins Gg wasted all the eggs! I should fried all the eggs How come I throw all? Oh goshhhhh Wasted! Stp me!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16 may 戴佩妮-怎样

  • 我这里天快要黑了 那里呢
  • 我这里天气凉凉的 那里呢
  • 我这里一切都变了 我变的懂事了
  • 我又开始写日记了 而那你呢
  • 我这里天快要亮了 那里呢
  • 我这里天气很炎热 那里呢
  • 我这里一切都变了 我变的不哭了
  • 我把照片也收起了 而那你呢
  • 如果我们现在还在一起会是怎样
  • 我们是不是还是深爱着对方
  • 像开始时那样 握着手就算天快亮
  • 我们现在还在一起会是怎样
  • 我们是不是还是隐瞒着对方
  • 像结束时那样 明知道你没有错
  • 还硬要我原谅
  • 我不会原谅 我怎么原谅
  • Sunday, May 13, 2012

    13 May Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day mummy!
    i love you i miss you.




    Monday, May 7, 2012

    7 may

    Oh no is 5smth n I m still awake!!!!! 8am class ltr gosh!! Heavy rain , thunderstorm I will die in jam laaaa Sleep or not to sleep?stop raining plssss Too noisy I hard to fall asleep :( Gg laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Cover blanket tak betul, Sleep left sleep right canot fall asleep.. Haihhhh

    Sunday, May 6, 2012

    6 may

    time passes very fast
    is week 10 alr
    few more weeks to exam
    really fast,
    broke up for 8 months
    LOL but still single.
    single life actually not bad ;)
    let me have a rest first!
    enjoy party, enjoy life, enjoy hmmm see girls lololol

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    a memorable day for me to grow up! 30 april

    finally im 22!
    had a memorable birthday!!
    passed 12o'clock in the cinema with two best frens
    adrian n boon yi! THe avengers ;)
    i have to grow up, i promise to grow up!
    lesson learned, will know how to appreciate, will control my temper.
    happy birthday to myself! thanks for all the wishes and all who came to my party!
    im so drunk, thanks for the 40+ ppl tht saw how i drunk LOL
    and luckily no hangover and no puke ;))))
    and sorry bro! thankyou for everything, i will grow up.
    i kw wat is fren, a true fren, best fren like own brother!
    my heart is pain seriously, sorry sorry sorrry..
    goodnight world!!