Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tis is the very first time u say I'm annoying bcos of Tht fucking name!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

15.1.12 HOME soon!

u went bck, party stop, and im going home today!!
happy moments pass super fast,
i hope u can come back by my side seriously.
how could i forget a girl tht i everyday listen to her voice b4 i sleep for 2 n half year even 3 years..
i cant take u out of my mind,
i feel tired, u kw why??
u keep running in my mind!
really, i miss u!
u kw how much i do..
time to pack my things,
bye everyone!
bye nicole teh!! u will nvr read tis but take care!!
u owe me 30 seconds liquor ;)
bye bye the girl tht is 700+ km away from me once i reach my home sweet home!!
missssssss u frm the north all the way to the south ;)))


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


if u want to see the most beautiful view behind the wall,
then u must climb over it!
everything will block ur way to success.
get on the road and walk the right way!
go through everything tht block u..
somehow tis feeling sometimes make me headache,
i gonna get u back with my everything,
but tis little penguin loves the cold weather,
takkan i force it to live in malaysia.
it will die hot seriously.
i have to let the little penguin go although i love her like nobody business.
the only thing is i wish im a penguin too,
no more live in here,
cold weather with little penguin and no long distance.
tis is so great!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10.1.12 ♥♥

happy moments always pass very fast!!
no matter wat status.
the only thing i tht i can feel is IM HAPPY whenever u r by my side!!
how nice if there is a time machine,
i wish to bck to 3 years before and the time always stop at thr..
time will pass,
human will old,
and u r still so sweet to me seriously!
truly frm my heart!
the smile on ur face let me kw tht i need to sayang u when im near to u ;)
when im 5 meters around u hahahaha
i can see the glow in my eyes when u smile.
it is the sweetest among all!
seeeeeeeeeee uuuu!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1 Jan12 Happy New Year

u r back ;)
Happy New Year to all.
have a great year ahead.

seriously, tis is my sweetest smile since july!
happy moment passes very fast,
i hope it passes slower..

happy new year to alllllll =)