Tuesday, November 29, 2011

29 nov 2011 enjoy in Krai

Ohhhhh so comfortable ;)
No stress no need to think
Even the simplest question "wat to eat for lunch or dinner" become the hardest question for me in kl..
In Krai, no need to think also just walk to the kitchen and the food is ready.
Open my mouth n makan only :)
How nice if my auntie is at kl with me
Haha can massage for me, everyday got honey drink got fruits makan :)))
Few more years ltr is my turn to treat thm n take care, cook for them d.
Times fly n we grow up, but don't forget Tht our parents r growing old as well..
Life! Another stage of life.
How much thy spend on us, v have to replace double ;)
Time to zzz
Aiya justnw went chialynn CC online hahahahahah wait I pay u 3bucks la WCL ;D


Monday, November 28, 2011

28 nov 2100. Back in Krai

Finally!! ;) I'm bck in Krai
Around 6 months I nvr come home,
Play n play too much,
Is time for me to have a rest..
Healthy life in Kk haha but last night still drinking zzz..
BBQ steamboat at Krai ;)
Not bad not bad..hmmm

Don't keep asking me how is me n her?
Got new gf bla bla bla
Even myself also dun kw la..
Thanks ya fren u remind n tell me Tht if u not yet let go, pls don't go aft other.u will only hurt thm.
Hahaha but no ppl for me to go aft la

Lunch time!!
Makan first

Saturday, November 26, 2011


not dare to expect anymore!
wat i get is only disappointment..
last night to party for November!
healthy life starts frm tmr
no more thinking,
thinking only cause problems.
i cant feel anything alr,
numb of it,
prefer not to stay sober XD

26 Nov 2011 Party party n party

finally, im free to update my blog!
drink drink drink
lastnite 8 barrels Staker!!!! hohoooooo
aft my last ppr straight drink
GG.com ;)
luckily im still sober tonight,
little drinking session,
then steamboat and then drink again XD
tmr zouk???
ohhh party rock ;)
finally get paid frm my parttime company,
save money save money!

wonderful lastnite?
low yen lee, u drink abit only!
u better replace me one day ok!!!

hmmm im going bck home soon,
aft few months lepak,
travel, study..
i need to take a deep breath and rest
im tired of everything la,
especially the distance.
the love stuff.
im so blank,
im so lost.
whr should i go?
wat should i do?
do u still....

goodnight kuacheehoe!
shutup n sleep

Thursday, November 24, 2011

24 Nov 2011 Last Paper

finally is 24 Nov 2011 !!
last paper for me at 5pm
hard subject, seriously super hard!!
i wonder why finance ppr can bring cheat sheet and book,
and marketing ppr can only bring pen n pencils to exam hall!
life is always hard!
fcuk it! FML!!!
thanks for ur wishes la wenyun
i tot who was calling me with some weird australia num,
somemore act wei wei wei,
stupid u..
surprise dao me awhile =)
hahahaah gv me some of ur luck for tmr ppr ah!
have to continue study study study!
aft 8pm i will be free..
see all of u in OverTime XD
GG la
not enuf sleep + tired = drunk!
i think i will drunk,
frens frm perth, kl and krai
how can i not drunk??

ps: sleep early, eat more fruits, take good care of urself
ok!!! and drink more water la stupid girl
n ss!w !

time to study,
goodnight world =(
all of u enjoy sleeping,
and im burning the mid night oil like shit

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22 Nov 2011 (21 Nov, Lee San's~ birthday)

happy happy birthday to you
yen lee san~
may all ur dreamsss come true yaa
the most important one is,
stay pretty, stay healthy and stay happy.
so fast,
hmm i kw u abt 3 years alrr..
time flies, hahahahha
i think aft u enrol for UniSa,
u dont really enjoy ur birthday rite.
exam period always around ur birthday.
nvm nvm,
this thursday la..
i replace for u ;)
oh ya, and ur cake is right here!

dont say i no heart ah!
i draw it on the exam paper one eh,
hahaha and show u straight aft i draw it
and shun bian capture down ;p
luckily didn kena catch haha
goodluck in ur finals la
see u around ya!

3 down, last 1 !!
study study n study
wat for study so much for exam
study jiu enuff alr ma,
exam for wat o..
aiksss lifeless in exam period zzz

goodnight =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

20.11.2011 Happy Wedding Anniversary to uncle & auntie ♥♥

happy wedding anniversary to uncle & auntie
is 20.11.2011 !! =)
it happens once in our life
i think is a good sign and bring lots of luck~

sitting for BnS and Macro ppr later
super tired tired tired!
i dont think i still can talk much aft 4.30pm later,
not sure i can wake up for dinner anot.
must be taking a big big nap

goodluck goodluck!
plsss i wan pass pass passs~
goodluck to all

Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 Nov 2011 1 down

rm 5.2k for a poolside table at SkyBar on 31st Dec!!!
and rm 280 for a no view table
so CHEAP!!!
tot can watch the fireworks n chill at a nice place

1 ppr down!!
3 more 3 more!!!
stupid me
i know how to do one,
how come i forget how to do when i look at the ques
somemore mistake mistake careless!!

how to improve my stupid brain
i think have to eat more dark chocolate to make myself clever abit
B&s Macro CCrm!!!
Te ah!

hope my new haircut can bring me some luck ;)
god bless me
goodluck goodluck to myself
opsss sohai haircut
so 斯文 XD XD
mayb can attract girlsss

Friday, November 18, 2011

18 Nov 2011

shit! stressssssss
i can do most of the questions now
the thing is,,,
i dunkw i can ans the questions in exam paper anot!!
later all calculations and abit theory,
stress to the max!!!!!!
monday 2 pprs sekali
macro macro!!!
stupid macro so many graph,
abit calculation..
hahaha wat i wan from the exam ppr!!
ermm 1+1=2 question,
a simple english essay question,
or bahasa malaysia membina ayat also no problem XD
stp life
how can i pass all in pmr spm without study?!!
and now, study also canot pass one
tipu orang tipu money

thanks thanksss
june yang!! te u
teach me thru skype
hahaha online learning ah ;)
u goodluck also la ;)
continue continue study!!!!
f it!
set more alarms 1st
ltr canot wake up then GG

goodnight & goodluck to all

Thursday, November 17, 2011

17 Nov 2011

1 more day 1 more day!!
is 17th alrrrrrr
first paper is at 8am
continue revise now!
but tired aft futsal @@
y i went to play futsal???
hahahahah stp me
hmm need to refresh awhile la
too much of Mka stuff inside
die wey!!
gonna continue my conjoint calculation sin!!!

ops gonna plan for some party aft exam
first ppr not yet started jiu start plan
slap slap** exam first!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

16 Nov 2011 Happy Birthday to my dearest sis

happy birthday to Kua Zhi Ying, my sister =)
may all ur dreams come true.
stay healthy and happy!
i m looking for a shirt for ur son =)
i rmb wat u told me when im in secondary sch,
"big boy dont cry"
"tell me when some1 bully u"
"slap him twice if he slap u one"
"y not dare? brave a bit please!"
u taught me to be a brave guy!
i did it, but still sometimes i still cant control my tears.

among all the singers!
Hebe is the best for me at the moment
i nvr ever drop my tears bcoz of a song by singer
i feel the song
feel the sadness.
i kw im abit drunk tht day,
but all the words frm u guys,
i keep it on top of my mind..
i did listen all the words!
sorry for the big slap huajin ;)
until u wan to fight 10 persons!!

thr is always a rainbow aft rain,
just like someone tell me.
if thr is a wall in front of u,
do not bang it down,
try some ways to climb thru it..

wtf! lastnite i was on my bed around 1230pm
and watapps with sek tido lewat!!
hahahaha until so damn late
my eyes gonna blind laaaa
typing and watch phone screen for so long ;)
wakakakakak and the funniest thing was someone sleep too little,
and she bang the wall when she woke up in the early morning!
hahah bodo!!!!!!!!!!! wakakakakaka

time to continue mka aft KFC
someone is sleeping like a pig

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15 Nov 2011 little card make my day! ;)

15 november 2011
3 more days!!
my first paper mka is on friday!!
the stress the pressure, i can feel it!!
they r hitting me
hell, faster faster kao tim all the subjects,
passs all the subjects!!
i wan pass pass pass..
untill 24th nov
then i will be very free

opsss i found something!!
something i kept it nicely in my file
my lec notes i also nvr keep it in the file,
but tis 2 cards frm someone i will keep it nicely!
no haihhh!!
is sweet memory =)
thanks for the card,
was a new year + valentine's day card!
i forgot wat i gave it to u alr,
if not mistaken,
it is a self-made card as well..


aiya nice to chat with my old fren, hometown fren
after all i kw still got ppl care abt me ;)
best fren!
best fren will always lend u a hand,
open shoulder for u when u need help and face any problems.

goodnight frens =)
have a nice day

Monday, November 14, 2011

14 Nov 2011 nien's big day

Happy Birthday to you chee nien aka fei hai!!
finally ur turn tis time,
welcome to 21 club & all legal places
but hahahah age is not a matter la,
all the illegal places u also went alr..
hope u enjoy la lastnite..
i kw staker cant make u drunk easily
unless u start drinking at 5pm like me XD
have a blast one ya!!
all the best for our exam and
all the best in ur future.
december ya! dont forget our penang trip!!
tis time ur turn to join all my krai bestfrenss

quote frm a bestfren:
No matter how "busy" a persons day might be,
If they "really care",
they will always find time for u!

now i kw,
all my best frens really care of me,
everytime i ask them for drinking or outings,
no one is missing!
even though my new best fren wil nvr ffk as well

another one :
If u wan to be her Prince,
then u got to treat her like a Princess.
this is wat i did to a girl in last 2 n half years ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

13 Nov 2011 happy birthday dad

Happy birthday to my dad!!
stay healthy~
i will study hard, no worries..
im alr a goodboy =) no worries for me
although sometimes abit naughty,
but still ok laaa =)))
very soon, aft exam i will bck to krai..
i need a big rest aft all..

finally ended the successful plan training..
at first i tot the feeling will be very weird,
coz hmm go out with ur sis, but v r not bf gf anymore..hehe
thts y i think many times b4 promise to go traning with joey
but then it is not weird at all =)
although u r nt my gf anymore,
but ur jiejie is stil my fren,
just like normal, i called her jiejie ;p
she is one of the people i admire,
an independent girl, aggressive in work,
and kind hearted girl =)
but somehow when im in her car,
smth is missing, a little bit weird,
coz i sit alone at the back..
normally got one more pig will sit at the back with me one
dunkw when only can meet u again,
haih life!
tis is life,
different stage of life,
u face different things,
u handle different stuff,
u meet different people,
and slowly digest all the stress..

gonna sleep early tonight,
tmr will continue my revision

Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 Nov 2011

ong's family gathering! =)
mana ong hua jin pergi???
11.11.11 @ Overtime

hello old fren =)
i think the last meet is few years ago
goodluck in ur work ;p

sleepy sleepy sleepy!!
i wan to continue my revision tonight
so tired to help ppl to replace for hong leong assurance training
@@ zzzz
luckily still got paid la or else i wont go
8 hours listen to the trainer,
i rather spend 8 hours to revise..
no more outings, drinking and working b4 my exam
tired tired
headache to the max..
fcuk it!!!!!
seriously headache,
wat m i going to do..
my head gonna burst alr~

aikss faster 6pm and fnish work laa
i wan come bck take a nap and study!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

11 November 2011 11.11.11

today is the only day with 11.11.11 in our whole life.
thanks god im still alive,
thanks for giving me a wonderful family,
thanks for giving me alot of good frens and best frens,
thanks for all the happiness and sadness.
i grow stronger than previous.
i do know how to appreciate and cherish,
especially all my best frens that grow up with me,
that comfort me whenever im not in mood,
and always be thr when i need them.

seriously, not everyone will be free when i need them,
but no matter how "busy" a person day might be,
if they "really care" they will find time for u.

goodnight world =)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 November 2011 Happy Birthday Jessica LUILUI

Happy Birthday to youuuu!!
Jessica Chiang LUI LUI XD
enjoy ur big big day rite?
may all ur dreams come true ya!
seriously, i miss u eh
hahahahaha thanks for always comfort me ya
and listen my bullshits all the time
ahahahah from dunkw each other, until become my best fren =)
seee, so happening rite? ;)
know why mah?
coz i very on!!! hahahaha
eh u faster get ur PR la,
then Phuket together!!!
first trip with ME mah,
and and u dun1 come Phuket meet another Scorpio girl meh XD
and and i also wish wenyun faster get her PR la!!
happy birthday to you once again =)
take care ya lui lui ;p

Gathering with all my best frens ;)
hahaha our gathering sure got alcohol one
tis is culture zzzz
happy to meet dato n datin
and and jessica chiang, ur mushi XD
she is not going bck alr
she stay in subang soon

Monday, November 7, 2011

7 Nov 2011 Happy Birthday to You!!

2 and half years ago, Feon Koh?
who is tht???
hahahaha let me tell u a little short story.
one day, i saw a girl walking to TBS with a grey colour bag with white skirt.
i heard frm my frens, she hardly wear skirt. and tht day when i saw her with the white skirt was because some bacterial attacked her pretty fair leg. at first, i was like hmmm nth special also tis little girl, and slowly, i get attracted by her with no reasons.
couple weeks later, i try to ask my frens to date her for dinner. hahaha then i can know more about her. facebook and msn helped me one step closer to her, and of coz w
ithout handphone, i will never ever get her.
talking to her always make my night wonderful. especially when i was looking at e-tiara when talking to her. tis make me feel like flying to her house. and finally after some hard work, hahahhaah someone become my gf =) i learnt alot from her. a little boy name kua chee hoe is simply cool with a cute gf. thanks for introduce ur family members to me, they r pretty cool. especially ur jiejie, i feel like she is my jiejie too =)
and soon, we went thru alot difficulities. my first love!! was amazing with long distance, college life, live together, trips and travel all the way to a western country just bcoz of one reason, i love u.
after all, there is always an ending. but tis is a sad ending for me. we broke up on sept 1st 2011. thanks for making my life wonder. all the sweet memories are always on top of my mind.

happy 21st birthday to you feon koh wenyin.
eh eh why were u wearing maggie's dress??
whr is ur money?? hmm work liao also no money to buy a new dress?
better dont work la like tis!! whr u spend all ur money huh??
buy a new dress for ur birthday dinner laaaa noob!!
and u better dont drink so much ah
dont drunk like me ok!

birthday doesnt mean tht u need to drunk. u cant drink much, u kw whr is ur limit ah!!!
i kw im not ur who who who but i CARE ok!
u tot i forget ur birthday and dun1 to wish u sharp at 12am?
u r wrong! i was waiting the time,
but i kw,
i kw im not ur bf then i have to let someone tht u think r important to u to talk to u.
seriously, i hope to celebrate with u no matter in wat status.
still remember previous year celebration?
all these memories will nvr ever forget and deleted!
anyway enjoy ur big day.
happy birthday to you, the sweetest girl in my eyes.
may all ur dreams come true,
all the best in ur finals and future.
i kw u want things to be better and best,
ur dreams will come true with all my prays.
so no worries ok.
goodluck girl!! take care of urself over thr.
dont need to keep fit, just simply be urself,
a kind hearted girl!!
goodnight n sweetdreams..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 November 2011

sorry guys!!
really sorry for making everyone worried
i swear!
i will not make u guys worry for me again

i had a super best day n great night
the hugs, the beers, the people,
all my best frensss, brothersss
wat an awesome gathering.
i appreciate all these

me & datuk wong
Kuala krai gang!!
Sherril Chia =)
独中 Gang!!
My brothersssss
The lovely couple
Sek Kelate


Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 November 2011

wong chia lynn!!!!
ur LV Burberry SUPEK's joke make my day!!
WTF early morning i LMAO
seeeee u later
see u later with my plastic bag!!! ;p
ask ur tai ko to drive safe, slow and steady ah!
is finally 5th
gathering at night man!!
big big gathering
will be a drink drank drunk night
will start our session in the evening
western style drinking hour
thts the best hour for drinks ;)
photos will be uploaded on the next post

as my soul heal the shames
i will grow through tis pain
lord im doing all i can
to be a better man.

Friday, November 4, 2011

4 November 2011 Overtime

yesterday, wat an awesome day!!
start drinking with best fren @ 530pm
tis kind of life make me feel better
frens r there when i need them
and just one tweet in twitter,
and i can feel the warm
from all my lovely frens =)

and and hahah met the Queen!!!
wtf! second round @ Overtime
our next date is on Saturday
i cant imagine
with King, Bryan, Park, Boy, Sen, Eric & Nien!
how many barrels we need??
all drunkards r here
just a short msg frm me,
then they reply a shorter msg with an ON!!

hope Mike Wong is joining us !!
and and my shoe !!
the fastest ever delivery from overseas
WCL =)
u TE!!
seriously TE!!!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 November 谢谢寂寞

阻止我满身是伤 在人群里拼命逃亡

expect the worst and v can handle everything!
but dont just leave,
because u want the easy way out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 November 2011 Happy Halloween n Happy Birthday Adrian

opppssss is a super late post ;p
30 October "Happy Birthday to you!"
wat a awesome dinner
pork meal !!!
i had the most pork in my life!!
the wine is just nice
and the price is just high!!
Elcerdo @ Changkat

Happy Halloween =)
Harry Ah Hoe Potter ;p

few more days to go!
King of Perth is coming bck,
Queen of XXXX is coming bck too.
hohoho =)))
dont forget my shoe ah!!!!!
safe flight
all of u are coming bck ,
but exam is coming soon =(
tsk tsk tsk
arhh life sucks

1 Nov 2011 November

is november!
im tired
im tired of everything
gimme a break,
wake me up on January,
wake me up when all my best frens come bck.

now i kw wat is a love relationship mean..
when u r in love,
then u must love to the max..
when u had been dump,
then dont ever do so much,
just try to do the best,
try ur best,
at least u tried.

then u will know,
the saddest thing is not that u losing someone u love,
is knowing tht they r not even fighting to keep you.