Thursday, September 29, 2011

29 September 2011

finally =)
finally it reached ur place after 10 days.
im still worried that msia kastam will eat this box anot lah.
thanks god this little box is here ;p
consider a small surprise for u lah
so ngam today only reach and
someone work from morning until 730pm!!
a surprise ok? =)
her pig legs must be super tired.
whole body must be very tired
rest early,
keep work n work, so busy must be forget to drink water loh
rmb to drink more water la
HAHAHA tmr dont overslept again ah ;p

happy birthday to both of you twins!!
may all ur dreams come true.
enjoy life in swis n canada la =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

27 September 2011 Another fren to Uk

have a safe flight my fren!!
u ah!! gonna leave to UK alr still wan to lie me?
is night flight laaaa i ask someone ;p
take good care over thr ok. 1 year very fast only la
blink blink our eyes then 1 year alr..
see u in 2013 CnY!
i promise to stay happy over here la
no worries ok =)
feel like crying eh when i talked to u lastnite hehe
u r one of the frens tht i kw more than 15 years also
so so so long eh our frenship
is going to be longer until everyone grow with white hair..
remember ya! distance is not a problem for friendship or relationship =)
anything update me in fb twitter or watapps ;p
take good care chai shi ying!!
safe flight..

why m i so stress?!
nothing much to care n stress actually!!
im going mad soon~
lead me to a better way out
im stuck in somewhr
i dare not to expect anymore,
disappointment hits me too many times.
im scare of it.
i need to go home,
is time for me to go home.
i need a rest for everything~

Sunday, September 25, 2011

25 September 2011

please la god,
dont fool me anymore~
y everytime i deserve a disappointment ?
will pray hard to meet u in kl la pig!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

22 September 2011 3 weeks

3 weeks
is been 3 weeks im single aft 2 years
im single but not available ok

hello miss, update abit lah!!
please dont ask me whr is my cute gf,
u hurt me so bad u kw.
i miss her, i miss the cute girl tht used to call me bb.
i feel like going little bally!
the lady sing in front of the stage looks like her,
and she sang Fish Leong's song!
how much i wish tht girl is her,
singing in front of me.

i tried so hard to sleep,
lay down for some time n im still awake!!
how come today aft futsal still canot fall as sleep easily!!
nite la!
time to bed la,
let me bang the wall,
i think i can sleep until tmr night ;p

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21 September 2011

Happy birthday to you mr AW TAI HAU!!
safe journey to penang ya.
very sudden la u come kl,
hahaha not enuff for me to plan some special event for u
anyway, goodluck n all the best to you!
faster get a good gf la,
act as a gamer,
not a player! XD
i kw wat u gonna say,
"WE r different!"
happy go lucky la
if too stress in Spore,
then come kl for jalan jalan for few days ;p
just dial 2089 or 5208!!
anytime anywhr ;p
take care man!

i m so damn tired!!!!!!
slept for 1 n half hour,
go for MKA class..
HELL!!! tired like pig~
stucked in campus for 2 hours somemore
stp rain!!
make me tired to the max!

eh someone, please drink more water ya
dont forget tht someone far apart from u still care of u one
take good care ok ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

18 September 2011

i missed penalty again!!!! arrrrrrhhhhhhh
sorrry guyss!
i disappointed all of u again!
im not going to take it anymore,
but i will try hard.
i will come bck as the first penalty taker!
gv me sometime, i will come bck frm poor form n poor performance!

although v knocked out in early stage,
but v had fun around here!
Tiger street football rocks!!
looking forward to next saturday JB tournament!!
hope v can join the tourney.
guys, gv me sometime!
i will come bck, i promise..

and and "someone",
i will come bck to you as well.
now the timing is wrong,
wait for me ok!

Friday, September 16, 2011

17 September 2011

the feeling is still thr,
dont you?
nothing gonna change my love !
right here waiting ~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13 September 2011

还好在这段时间 很多好朋友都陪着我!

Monday, September 12, 2011

12 September 2011 Happy Moon cake festival

happy mooncake festival to all my friends!
all the best =)


Friday, September 9, 2011

10 September 2011

is been 1 week!
v r both single for a week alr.
even v r still keep in touch,
but the pain is still thr..
and i still cant used to it,
i used to call u baby,
i used to sayang u like a little princess,
i used to text with u,
i used to see my phone aft i fnish futsal,
and nw i got nth to do,
even i see i keep check my wataps,
nothing appear, no msg in my watapps, no miss called frm u,
it is so blank ~
everytime my phone ring, how much i wish ur name appear on the screen!
and wat i get is all the disappointment.
in the quiet night,
all our memories are floating in my mind,
all the sweet memories,
sweet moments appear when i close my eyes before fall asleep.
it is so so sweet..
but when i open my eyes,
thts not the real things, is all my dreams..
for now, at least i kw how to appreciate,
appreciate a person when he/she is by ur side!
when u lose something,
u will kw how much u need them,
u will kw how important they meant to you..

drink n get drunk is a way to have a good sleep,
but tis is not the way to solve the problem.
face it, handle it, and solve it slowly.
i can feel the love is still thr..
but i cant get it,
is up thr, is across the ocean.
will get it back when on the right time!

Monday, September 5, 2011

5 September 2011

stay quiet,
listen the sound of something is leaking.
my heart
my heart had been tear apart.
is bleeding =(
pain to the max!!
i think i can handle my mood very good,
but i failed.
i cant stop thinking of u,
i cant stop loving u,
i cant make myself not to miss u,
i cant i cant!
watever i do,
i think of u!!
my heart is small,
all the memories r inside my heart and it cant be deleted.
dont ever cry when u talk to me
i feel the pain
it hurts me double,
i feel the pain double.
i dunkw wats the main reason tht make u decide it.
i kw im not the one u love the most,
but in my life, in my world,
u r the one i love the most.
i hope i can get u back,
to give u my best in everything.

5 September 2011~
the 4th day without u

Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 September 2011 Miracle

i miss you
seriously, u r deep in my heart!
i dunkw wat should i do.
i love you.
i have to let u go, or get u back?
to give u happiness or let u find ur own happiness?
i hope i have a chance to get u back,
be my baby girl..
is hard to fall asleep at night,
all the memories pop up from my mind.
from the first day i kw u until now,
although i cant remember every single moment,
but sweet moments r always on top of my mind.
is hard to love someone,
but it is more hard to not love the one u love her the most!
is hard to give up somemore,
and it is harder to forget somemore!
im so pain in my heart,
is pain pain pain.
i kw u feel the pain also,
but is there any turning point?
is there any miracle?
i cant hide my feelings,
im very suffer of losing u.
i kw u r suffer too.
i understand,
thats y i nvr argue.
i kw is pain, pain in the heart!
and to all my friends who r doing long distance relationship,
please appreciate ur bf or gf.
nvr give up easily,
have faith and trust on each other !
goodluck friends.

all i need is miracle!!
4 September 2011~

Friday, September 2, 2011

2 September 2011 (Feon Koh Wen Yin, Please stay happier than me!!)

is so pain in my heart
thousand of knives are stabbed in my heart
i feel the pain
my heart is bleeding
is so painful
i need to go home
i need a big hug from home =(
first time i feel the pain so much
i get hurt, a serious injury in my heart

i respect ur decision,
i love you!
please stay happy over thr,
be happier than me.
achieve ur dreams thr.

thankyou for giving me alot of sweet memories.
i nvr ever feel regret for loving u so much,
u make my life wonderful.
take good care over thr!
rmb to make honey drink for urself,
bath early, sleep early,
always apply lotion on both ur hand & leg,
must be vry careful when u work,
if can then don't go for so many jobs,
one is enuff and dun work until night time,
it is still dangerous although is not Msia,
drink more water and not to party so hard ya.
i kw im loh soh, but tis is the last time alr,
no one will loh soh u anymore.
if u gonna have a new bf,
rmb to get one that treat u much more better than me ya!
take care!
i will keep our memories in deep of my heart.
if i do have a chance in future,
i will go after u again,
to be my baby girl!!

tis girl looks fierce when she nvr smile,
tis girl looks cool when u r not close to her,
but once u r close to her,
u will feel she is kind hearted, friendly, and cute!
take care!!
Please stay happier than me!

2 September 2011~