Monday, July 4, 2011

5 july 2011 (137th) 2

baby baby
wat u eat with ur frens?
is 9pm here, i just fnish dinner with shuheng
and im at home d..
dunkw wat to do so i write tis post first lorr
2 more days only!!
im ready to fly la
my things r well packed!
oh ya, have to help jojin to buy things in watson
tmr only buy laa
baby baby sleep longer ya =)
then the time will pass faster hahaha
oh ya, hmm if can bb sleep at home la
dun go over thr la
i feel not safe la

2nd July birthday girl! Angeline Gan Lay Yee

baby baby u see!! hahahha
stp car is kissing eh
the number plate alr touch n broken
hahaha dunkw who so geng like tis park the car in pyramid XD
Republic @ Sunway pyramid!!
officially graduated! =)
congrats Hai KIT!!!

bb i went darul with ah kit n kangkim
they said thy will miss me eh when im not around
hahaha KL is not happening without me =="
oh ya, ah kit said he purposely make his appointment at subang tmr
then he can fetch me to Lcct
hahaa dunkw real anot eh his "purposely"

eh pig pig bb!!
last min only tell me u go out drink huh!!
dun get drunk la
bck home call me ah

137th (2 days to go!!)

4 july 2011 (136th) 3

hahahah is a super late post ;p
should be posted on 12am one,
i tot i alr posted eh..
now only i realise i click "save now", not publish post

sayang sayang bb
jusnw u cant fall asleep harr
u sleep too much alr rite?
thts y cant fall asleep ;p
or u very excited i m going to find u alr
must drink more water ah
justnw noon i went to KL with kangkim, hai yen, huajin n kaiyi
v went to ah kit graduation =)
took photos with him
and saw some of my frens thr
then then v went low yatt
kang kim wan buy harddisc
then v go along also lorr
go walk walk
i got nth to buy hmmm
go for awhile jiu 8pm alr lorr
back to pyramid dinner
ate the porridge in asian avenue thr =)
田鸡粥 =)
bb come bck v go thr eat k
quite nice de
bb eat wat o lastnite?
yichia dapao wat for bb?
hehe full full ma?
dun make my little baby in ur stomach feel hungry ah ;p
im going to sayang little baby alr
night v went to republic drink
actually wan go yamcha,
but then kangkim said ah kit graduate
he decide and tell ah kit go republic
drink long island only la =)
like teh o beng lo
almost done packing my things
tmr put my short pants n charger then kao tim
not sure who fetch me to Lcct yet
mayb ah kit, or i take taxi thr
coz thy working and quite rush eh if wan them to fetch me
hmm see how la

okla im going to sleep le
sweetdreams bb
love u much much hughug b

136th (3 days to go!!)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 july 2011 (135th) 4

Happy Birthday to you
a fren tht i kw since 3 or 4 years old
one of my best frens ever!!
enjoy ur day
dun expect too high on ur gf,
appreciate b4 u regret..
although there r alot girls, but thy will treat u love u like wat she did?
tonight u gonna drink, drank n drunk!!

baby baby
sayang bb
i kw u r super duper tired la
rest more sayang
dun make urself so tired ya
must take good care kw?
i dun1 to talk so much i kw im luo soh
justnw went to angeline house for her birthday party
and then went to The Curve sanctuary for chanhong birthday
i good boy drink nt much,
no drunk =)
i must be a good model
or else wat i do n did, u will follow =)
4 more days to meet u
love u much

nitenite bb muacks
sweetdreams ya
love u

135th (4 days to go!!)

2 july 2011 (134th) 5

Happy birthday to you Angeline =)
stay sweet with wick kee
dun alwys argue n quarrel laa

baby baby is a late late post
sayang bb sing k until so late
must be very very tired
hug hug bb
not going to write long long la today
oh ya, i bought a new ticket ya of virgin blue airline
coz tiger airway is down from today until 9th july
dunkw they nvr meet wat rules n kena ban la
bb dun worry, i alr solve the problem
and i will meet u earlier =)
i will be reaching in adelaide at 5pm adelaide time
v can have out dinner together d =)
im very very excited
is nearer and i can feel the cold in aus n the warm of my baby girl

okla bb wake up look for me ya
love u sweetheart
drink more water k
sayang sayang stomach =)
have a nice day

134th (5 days to go!!) is nearer n nearer bb! muacks love u