Thursday, June 30, 2011

1 july 2011 (133th) 6

Happy Birthday To Kai Yi =)
goodluck n all the best
stay sweet with huajin
dun alwys argue n quarrel
be the lovely couple in this world ;p

baby baby babyyy
im done with my exam!!!
very very free
but super duper tired laa
justnw came bck frm exam
hahaha viber with u until i fall asleep eh XD
must have a good good rest alrr
im so hungry laaaa
frm lastnite until dinner
dinner is my 1st meal for today
lunch time i very hungry but dun feel like wan to eat eh
hmm just drank milo at Wong Kok only
is 1 July alrrr
last ppr for nien thy all
everyone will be very free
my holiday mode is still OFF!!!
only 5th July i will turn it ON!!
very excited la
cant wait to see u alrrr baby
u have the same feeling as me ?
or u just care ur things only??!!
HUH!! must misss me yaaaa
must wait for me k
144 hours to go,
u sleep longer la =)
everyday sleep 10 hours then take 2 hours nap
hahaha like tis time can pass faster ;p
very fast very fast d
baby be patient k
i will be thr very soon
and sayang u
i will ask airasia n tiger airway pilot to drive faster ;p
coz i wan meet u cepat cepat!!!! XD
what else i should buy ya??
hmm left portable battery only
others all i alr pack in my luggage
i think thts all only laaa
if i forget to buy some then buy in adelaide la ok
eh eh bb
i should go for a haircut b4 i come??
hahahaha i scare u complain eh
say y i cut until so short
hahahaha still thinking still thinking
sei ye david ah!
ask u write cheatsheet for him ah
hahha nvm nvm u help to do cheatsheet,
i ask him treat me shotss!!
hahahahah XD XD

sayang laa pig pig b
okla im going to sleep d
muackssss sweetdreams love u

133th (6 days to go!!)

30 june 2011 (132th) 7

baby baby
is a late post
im still at home
going to exam soon
whole night nvr sleep
feel very tired la
last paper alr
then i will be very free
is a short post ya
hope bb dun mind k
tmr will replace a good post for u
later aft 10.30am i will be super duper free
no more stresssss
7 days to go
bb wait for me yaaa
if bb dun feel like going out then u stay at home la
rest more k
i kw u very tired la
went airport 2 times
sayang sayang
stomach still pain pain?
drink more hot or warm water ya
love u
aft exam will find u k
anything bb leave me msg in watapps ya
take goodcare sayang

132th (7 days to go!!) time passes faster plsssss

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

29 june 2011 (131th) 8

baby babyyy =)
3 down 1 more to go!!
my last ppr on Thursday!! =)
will be super free aft thursday
but i will make myself free at night to viber with u ;p
everyday must hear ur voice
still pain pain mah ur stomach?
sayang yaa
wait i go tht time no more pain pain,
but i will still sayang u =)

u r Bruno Mars's fan??
ajahahaa nah
show u Beuno Mars!!
hahaha ystday i went seven eleven n nien showed me tis
i straight take out my phone to capture it down to show u =)

v yamcha at Lakeside Old Town aft PS ppr
write 3 n 35mins non stop
dunkw can pass anot ma write so many
oh ya, hahaha
v saw got 1 person wear formal n fishing here eh
WTH!! @@
noob eh
hahahahahaah then his fren all around him
but he nvr get any fish la
so noob
hehe ok ma? =)
nien took for me one
i should edit n write something on the sky thr
should add in the text " 8 days to go, i miss u" XD XD
seriously miss baby la
wat i do also will think of u 1st hmm
u r too important in my heart alr =)

enjoy ur days in Korea =)
especially wenyun!!
u got exam at the first week of Aug rite?
zzzz shit u canot meet me in melbourne d
anyway goodluck for ur exam tht time
Maggie SIM how abt u?
will meet me in Melbourne?
hope to meet u thr
long long time nvr see u alr
started to miss u a little bit d XD
cheersss** holiday mode on!!
left me only!!
Thursday only Kao tim my MR!! zzz

okla im going to sleep d bb
justnw aft talked to u i do mask
nitenite muacks
love u much much
sayang ur stomach k

131th (8 days to go!!) love u my sweetheart =) pick the bag u want k ;p

Monday, June 27, 2011

28 june 2011 (130th) 9

sayang ur little stomach
sayang sayang
how r u hmm?
wake up so early eh u
holiday alr la sayang
can sleep until late late
no need so early wake up mah =)
i went to lakeside la
to do the subject things
the staff useless ehsaid will call me,coz she canot make decision
tht day she asked me to come n said can change
then now she said she cant make decision

here is ur lens solution =)
went pyramid buy de
got promotion laa
last two only, aft i took then 1 auntie took another one
is much more cheaper rite?
haizz only can study the graph n appendix for PS ppr
tmr 12.30pm start exam
hmmm hope i can do it la!
quite confusing lar the graph
let me have a rest for awhile
i pack my bag XD
aiyoooo baby girlll
whole day got half is your things eh
u see it?
oh ya, the white colour shirt
hmm wan me to bring it for u anot?
i call u n ask la =)
hmm hmm
wat else baby want ya??
let me kw k
but but no more so heavy thing ah
later my hand tired eh carry so many things
must sayang me much much n massage for me ah u!!!
nien just go bck home only
came my house study
hmmm nth much to study eh tis PS
zzzzzz have to blow water

okla im going to sleep now
ltr morning will wake up n revise again
nitenite bb
love u much much

130th (9 days to go!!)
finally one digit eh!!hehe muacksss bb wait for me ya =)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

27 june 2011 (129th) 10

sayang sayang
wat time u eat brkfst har??!! 330pm only eat brkfst??
u wan kena i hoooooooottt kao u de wor
my little baby inside hungry til die alr la u so late only eathahaha
eh so u wan i take out the blanket??
then i got more space to put my things d =)
oh ya rmb capture the 隐形药水 for me yathen i can buy for u
hmm u think lawat else u wan somemorejust let me kw k
and and since u so freeeeee
do some research on sydney ya
see whr else can v visit n shopping n dining
oh ya, the notes i sent u..
thr got 2 or 3 website
1 is v can online buy the ticket for van from airport to bighostel1 is the hmm v can get special price for early reservation
u check n see la
i alr sent to ur hotmailhave a look yaand and when im in adelaide,
can i go play futsal with david??
hehe i nvr ply futsal in this weather b4 lehif canot then i not going to bring my shoe d
quite makan space n heavy =p
baby ah,u dun throw me outside ur house n sleep in longkang ya
i scare eh alone thr
okwait for me ya 10 more days , 240hours, 14400 mins!!
is time for u to save money in these 10 days,time for u to have a good rest d
adjust ur dining time, sleeping time everything ya
i will try to make urself comfortable,no more pressure n stress for u k

fuiyohhh tis rendang chicken frm Chef baby YIN!!
hahahha i order 1st ah
i wan tis one k =)
i use massage to rebate ya
salty anot bb?
must drink more water k
or else tmr u wake up then u feel very thirsty.

hohooo baby miss tis one??
Mango Special frm Murni!!
so full eh u see the Nasi Goreng Bacon so bigi cant fnish it laaa
quite nice la
but not my taste
too dry alrrr
wait for u ya!!
i purposely dun1 order roti Hawaiian chicken
wait u come bck only share share with u XD
sayang bb no lut no lut k
gv bb my 胆, let u brave abit k

okla im going to sleep soon
tmr have to go lakeside change my sub thing =)
special case for me only hehe
nitenite bb muackss
sweetdreams ya
love u

129th (10 days to go!!) last 10 dayss!! excited =)

26 june 2011 (128th) 11

happy ma u??
fnish exam d?
haizzz i got 2 more to go larrrr
and my heart is not with me alr ehalr in adelaide leh my heart
is time for u to sleep early d ya aft exam
adjust back ur sleeping time k
if continue to sleep so late later u turn old very fast n not pretty d XD
must take good care ya
"butter-menthol" ayi send me tis,rmb to bring me to buy tis ya
i have to take bck frm adelaide for ayi de
nice ma?
oh ya ayi said if can then buy 20each, if canot then buy only 10 each!
hahahaha alot eh, eat until teeth break down laa

at pyramid zanmai dinner with nien and chialynn
she came to find us for dinner =)
so so full la zzzz
order alot hahah
then went to ss15 Chatime yamcha =)
and i met wenni thr
her last ppr on monday
haizz everyone so fast fnish exam
my last ppr on 30th =(
nien last ppr on 1st august

okla i just wake up only
going to bath 1st =)
lastnite lazy to transfer photo frm phone
so now only i update tis post
love u have a nice day <3

128th (11 days to go!!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

25 june 2011 (127th) 12

baby baby
quite hard eh DSM =(
the question v nvr do in tutorial b4 de
somemore very tricky eh the ques
nvm laaa
over d, gonna study for PS d
how r u today?
sorry harr let bb wait me until so late
i dunkw thy wan add half more hour for futsal
sayang u much much yaaa
ltr i will wake bb up ok
no worries
must do well in ur japanese test ya
goodluck goodluck baby girl =)
i bought thermal wear d bb,
and ur highligher, and mask..
justnw i show them the photo mah,
my orange luggage one
then pinyang play a video in youtube for me
tmr i gonna take out everything frm my luggage n pack again d =)
can pack alot things eh
super duper alot
baby must drink more water ya
tmr aft japanese ppr u r officially done for tis sem
will be very free
but rmb ya
dun everyday go out k
especially ......
u kw wat i mean ya
muakcss sayang bb

okla im going to sleep d
nitenite bb
love u much much
sayang u
will wake u up at 8am k

127th (12 days to go!!) goodluck baby muacks <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

24 june 2011 (126th) 13

4 months plus alrr i nvr see u =(
i miss u very much miss u badly la
u got miss me so much anot?
or u got new frens new environment u doesn't miss me so much alr?
even the Yew Sing, mee hun kuih auntie asked me eh today..
she asked alone again ah, tht girl nvr come with u long long tme alr
haizzz misss u so much

and i alwys complain u i feel bad eh
i have a good gf but i still complain,
until ystday i heard shuheng talk to ben mah
he say u very good eh,
helful n kind
somemore nvr stop me to go football badminton yamcha
then i think bck,
yahorr how come i didn realise one
somemore keep complain on u
hmmmm 13 days to go!!
faster faster faster
i canot wait to fly to meet u alr
i wan gv a big hug to u lahh
baby prepare me dinner ya when i reach =p
and and rmb come airport to bring me ya
i dunkw the way to ur house eh =="

arhh tmr DSM at 8am!!
so early eh
have to wake up at 6am d
faster faster
settle all the exam
very slow la the time pass
bb dun worry,
i will buy the things bb want aft exam,
will bring everything for u =)
especially the big big boy (KUA CHEE HOE)
baby girl must start to save money abit d ya
i kw u very save d but still exceed the limit
nvm la sayang sayang
exam period everyday eat outside food i understand

will bring u mian xian =)
but dunkw can go in anot la
tis is wat i worry
hmm i alr done packing for the big bag,
now left the small bag only
coz some of the shirts i still wan to wear then i dun1 put in first lor

nitenite bb
love u

126th (13 days to go!!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

23 june 2011 (125th) 14

Happy Birthday to you!!
miss yang wen yun!!
enjoy ur 21st birthday ya
is exam period
i not sure who is going to celebrate for u
but dont forget, u got wishes frm msia!! =)

baby baby
although u left one more ppr
i kw u r super free super relax alrr
japanese only, no problem for u lor
sayang sayang bb
how is ur tax ppr?
my clever b i think no problem for u la
no write the ans on wrong ans sheet d rite?must double check ya!!
u very lun chun one.hahaha
i start to pack my clothes alr la =)
those i wan bring de i put in the bag d
dun1 take it out d
i scare aft i wear tak sempat to wash it
im very excited la!! frm 21 days to go and now left 14 days =)
is colder n colder!!
hahah i cant let u cold cold alone over thr
i have to fly early =)

baby baby u see
lakeside library =)
so cold eh
i keep 发抖 eh
hahahah frm 2pm until 840pm
freezing alr
coz v sit the place the aircond blow

hehe ok la thts all for today
i have to sleep early la
tmr have to continue the cheatsheet

nitenite my baby girl
love u much much
cover blanket k
sayang u much much

125th (14 days to go!!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

22 june 2011 (124th) 22

super hard laaa the FP!!!
bring the cheat sheet go in but nth much can do with the cheat sheet eh
study so hard, but the ques lagi hard
i wan p2 p2 p2 only arrrhhh
hope can passssss la =(i really dont understand eh,y v pay so exp for our fees,
then the exam ques still so difficult!!
have to focus on friday exam alr
over liao jiu suan!!
how r u today baby?
wake up so early eh
sayang baby
tmr is ur TAX exam
aft TAX ppr u can fly alrrrJapanese ppr i dont think u got any problem with it lor
u sure can do it one
sayang bb much much
jia you jia you!!
sayang baby eat mian xian only today?
sayang sayang
wait i go cook for k =)
wait i go v go eat delicious food k
eat ur favourite sushi train =)
eat watever u like
but 1 thing, u must drink more water n take good care of urself b4 i go ya
aft tmr u will be very very free
but no late late sleep k
i went to ss14 eat bak kut teh with huajin n nien them
so full laaa dunkw y ehtoday whole day only eat bak kut teh n 1 waffle
no mood to eat laaa
stp FP so hard!
make everyone come out with stress face
oh ya baby i show u smth =)see? i got the tram ticket eh baby
and and casino member card
hahahah pinyang said he not going bck adelaide d,
he ask me to use the tram ticket =)
so good eh! =)
oh ya, tmr will ask chialynn to change to flight tic for me!!
hoho hope the price is still the same la!!
i gonna fly at 5th! =)
is colder n colder, i wan hug hug bb dont let u feel cold over thr

pig bb ah
u must sleep early la
tmr have to wake up early study n exam at 2pm'
sayangggg u much much
goodluck ya!!

nitenite my baby girl!
sweetdreams sleep tight
love u much much
saaygn baby

phrase of the day from fb
friend: "Dont trust too much, dont love too much, dont hope too much~because that too much, can hurt you so much.."
ME : but how not to love too much, how not to trust too much when u r in love?
cant hide the feelings!!
m i rite?? hmm

124th (22 days to go!!) goodluck ya!! muacks

Monday, June 20, 2011

21 june 2011 (123th) 23

sayang sayang
bb dont nervous ya
nvm la bb alr send an email to ur lecturer rite?
i think no problem one la
next exam must check carefull ya
dont answer on the wrong answer sheet again k
tired ma my little princess?
sleep for few hours only
pity my baby girl =(
eh baby
i tot ur exam is 3 hours only la
sorry sorry
bb study so hard,
no problem for audit paper rite?
clever baby
sayang u much much
1 is down, 2 more to go for u
but for me 4 more to go =(
later only my 1st paper
but tis time v fnish the cheatsheet very early
revise at night
my heart is not with me alrrr la
my heart is at adelaide alr eh
i start to pack some of my clothes alr
my heart really not with me eh
faster pass laaaa the time
very slow eh the time on the clock moving
how good if i can pusing pusing the clock n all the time change together
then i can meet u earlier d =)
weather is colder n colder over thr la,
i have to gv baby warm warm =)

okla im going to sleep d
tmr wake up early n prepare for exam
goodluck to myself!!!
nitenite baby girl
sweetdreamsss ya
i love u muackssss
sayang baby much much
cover blanket n sleep tight k

123th (23 days to go!!) goodluck to myself!baby must take good care ya! love u

20 june 2011 (122th) 24

Goodluck for ur Audit paper my baby girl!!
v kw is hard! but u can do it!!
u can handle it sayang!
same to maggie n yichia!
all the best to u all

sayang baby girl
i kw u gonnna burst n burn alr"
keep study n study n study
frm day to night, night to day
sayang baby
hug u tight tight
u will have a big big rest aft audit n tax ppr
can rest for 1 day only revise ur japanese ppr
sorry tht i keep disturb u when u r studying
no more disturb bb k
rmb to drnk more water ya
take good good good care of urself k
and dont let my little baby stomach get hungry
love u my baby girl
oh ya
baby dont bath so late ya
i scare bb get cold laa
sayang sayang
must take good care k

is 3am over thr d
sayang baby
waiting for ur viber muacksss

nitenite my baby girl
sayang bb love u much much
have a nice sleep k
goodluck for ur audit ppr!
i love u <3

122th (24 days to go!!) baby's 1st ppr! goodluck baby..sayang u much much

Saturday, June 18, 2011

19 june 2011 (121th) 25

baby baby
i kw is a tired day for u again
study n study n study
audit audit n audit
hug hug bb tight
i kw u got no time to read all these la
but i will still write it on everynight
i myself also tired =(
see all the finance thingsss
somemore got law inside the FP!!
pening alr
but i kw u r pening than me
i kw audit is hard
bb can do it
u can handle it de
sayang u much much

okla im going to sleep d
will update tis post abit early
n now is still b4 12am
nitenite baby
sweetdreams ya
tmr will be another tiring day for u =(
love u much much

121th (25 days to go!!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

18 june 2011 (120th) 26

Total 11 flowers mean "You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life."
and the tulip is for perfect love plus red tulip is "believe me" and are a declaration of love ♥ =)

sayangg baby girl
so early went to library again
must be very tired =(
i hug hug baby
but one thing =)
today u come bck early frm libraryhehe
i dun like baby stay until so late at outside la
even library also same
coz u r girl la sayang
somemore u n maggie only
i kw australia is peacefulbut still dangerous mah
must kw how to protect urself, be aware n take good care ya
i dun1 any1 touch 你一条毛!!!
hahahahahaha i TOK his hand down!!
aiyoo my dear
eat maggie mee for dinner
sayang sayang
no more maggie mee aft i go ya!i will bring Mian XIan for u XD
hahahahahahahah see it?
two big pack eh
mummy scare u got nth to eat over thr laaa
sayang my baby girl muackss
hope the Kastam nvr stop me laaa
allow me to bring in
or else u have to eat maggie mee from august to dec d
baby got drink more water mah today?hmm
and how was ur lunch @ korea food?
nice nice?
dun eat tooo spicy ya
ltr u stomach ache ah
few more days to exam
must 调理好你的身体 ah
study smart ya sayang my lovely bb

Every girl just need a man to accompany, pamper and love her, just one is enough..
Every man can loves a million of girls.. but only the real man will love a girl in a million of ways =)

nitenite baby
sweetdreamsss ya
cover ur blanket tight tight k
i love u much much
hug hug bb sayang bb

120th (26 days to go!!) haha baby my fren said i spoil the market la bcos do so many things for u XD haah

17 June 2011 (119th) 27

surprise ma baby get the flower =)
love bb much much
nice nice ma the flower?
i first time buy flowers for girl la
and baby is the first one to get!!
coz u r my baby wenyin!! XD
sayang laaa
i upload the new one k
cut the last part n change few photos alr
tmr bb wake up bb have a look ya
i spend 1 month time to finish it leh
actualy it takes me 3 or 4 days to kao tim one,
but then tht day laptop broke down
then all my files n photos gone
have to download one by one
take long long time to choose the photos
and and i love the beginning part of the video la
tht 1 maggie record one =)
tis make my video more meaningful eh
i cant do a perfect video for baby la,
coz must have some improvement space mah
like tis nexttime only u will see i do a better video
anyway hope baby get the surprise n baby can feel how much i love u
i love you baby girl

im going to sleep d
just came bck frm futsal very tired d
nitenite baby
sweetdreams yaaa
sayang bb much much
hug hug baby tight tight
i love u

119th (27 days to go!!) Happy Anniversary baby girl! hope u love everything i do for u. i did put alot alot effort for everything i do for u.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

♥Happy Anniversary♥ 16 June 2011 (118th) 28

730 days!!!
i love u my baby girl!!
thanks for being my gf
u make my life colourful n wonderful
from the 1st day i couple with bb,
u alr stay in my heart, top of my heart, deep in my heart.
not only the first day or every 16 june,
is everyday n forever!
i love u baby wenyin.

sayang sayang
tis morning so early wake up n study
hug hug bb
must b very cold in the early morning
bb wait for few more weeks k!
i will be thr soon
no more cold cold
bcos im beside baby hug hug u!! ~
i will make baby warm warm =)
sayang sayang my baby girl
pity bb eat porridge for lunch only
lastnite eat cereal with milk for dinner =(
aiyoo wait i go thr must bring baby go out eat everyday
or else i will feel guilty laaa
aft exam bb have plan alr harr
list down all the places n restaurants v must go k
must bring me to everywhr in Adelaide k,
especially ur favourite restaurant n shopping area
actually everyday stay at home also can :p
coz the purpose i go thr is to visit YOU only la!!
no need visit so many places
everyday stick to you =)
i love to stick to you la baby
sayang sayang
i got alot useful information frm david's fren,
aft exam bb help me to have a look ya
MCD for dinner =(
my pig pig bb pity
i promise baby!!!!
no more fast food in whole july k!!
i kw baby is tired n stress la
sayang baby
tmr will be a wonderful day
a memorable day!
muacksss i love u

im going to sleep soon
nitenite baby yin
sleep tight ya
cover ur blanket k
i love u sayang u much much

118th (28days to go!!) ♥♥Happy 2nd Anniversary♥♥

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

15 June 2011 (117th) 29

sayang my baby girl
sayang sayang baby much muchi kw u r tired la
i kw bb very tired la
study for whole day
somemore baby nvr eat dinner =(sayang bb stomach
hug hug bb tight tight
i scare u hungry la midnight
somemore im not thr to make u a hot milo =(
haihh bb must take good care ok
dont make me worry ya
my heart pain pain la if bb hungry or not feeling wellu must sayang urself yaadun let our little baby (ur little tummy) feel hungry k
baby baby
Tbs is shaking eh
somemore nien can feel his room shaking also
but not very long la
awhile only
bb u see?
TBS building
everyone balik rumah
class cancel
staff go home =)
bcos of earthquake in Indonesia
hahahahh management scare TBS will fall la then everyone balik home
and today many office also,
allowed their workers leave early

sei ye maggie sim!!! dun say me LAN YENG ok!
ok ma bb my new hairstyle?
but but i wear the same shirt eh
hahahhaa u see ystday post XD
my hair was so long
purposely cut like tis one,
dun1 cover my forehead la
exam coming soon!!
hahah must be more sunny XD
i will go for a haircut b4 i go Aus =)
coz 3 weeks around thr later my hair become grass so long
somemore very expensive eh if cut over thr

justnw went to bawang merah yamcha with kangkim shinying n wenyi
hahaha everyone said long time nvr see me d
i was busying study la
and they straigh shoooot 9 me
but i get alot n listen alot of new thing from wenyi
he told me things abt working
wat is good for us, wat advantage, experience everything
i listen n learn alot la
hmm every stage of life has stress.
just different type of stress in different stages.
haizz exam exam =( T.T

nitenite bb
i love u
sayang bb tmr have to wake up so early =(
must sleep tight k 2nite
cover ur blanket
i will fly to hug hug n gv u warm soon
very very soon k
love u bb

117th (29 days to go!!) muacckksss sayang my baby girl i kw u r tired today

Monday, June 13, 2011

14 June 2011 (116th) 30

1 week to exam, 2 weeks to the end of this semester,
3 weeks to back to krai, and 4 more weeks to hug my baby girl ♥♥!!

baby baby
u come bck frm Aus,
had dinner with all my frenss eh
and i hug u so tight
but then i cant remember why u come bck alri just rmb i kiss u n hug u in front of everyone
then i awake d =(it was a dream
i wan to sleep back n dream again laa
i can feel warm in my dream eh
but it was just a dream =(
had a sweet dreams,
but i cant remember some of the part laa
i think i wan to fixed one dream recorded inside my brain alrcan record everyhting i dream XD

very slow ah30 days to go!!!
time flies faster plssssssss
skip all the exam,
skip the first two week of july!!
i wan to see my babyi wan fly now
i wish now is 10pm, 13th july la!!!!!!
im in Adelaide airport!!!! arhhhbaby baby, kua chee hoe misss u so so so much!♥

this is my brunch baby!!
hakka mee in foh foh
not bad la
at least can make me full XD
eat tis mee can tahan until night leh
justnw around 6 smth only feel hungry,
and i go foh foh alone for dinner..
then i just reach home awhile only,
hi kit jiu call me alr..
he ask me to accompany him dapao since i alr eat
walk here walk thr lo..
feel abit hungry alr eh XD
hahaha i long long time nvr eat supper n yamcha at night alr
the last day is ermm tht day baby go sing k n i watch champion league final tht day
thts the last time i yamcha at darul
in TBS 2nd floor lab
nobody inside de
only me eh the whole room
before i left tht time only got few ppl come in

i almost forget my chinese name alr eh
柯资和? hahaha
long long time nvr hear my chinese name alr
nobody rmb 柯资和, no one in KL kw 柯资和!
hahaa they only kw Kua Chee Hoe !!
suddenly miss my name
a scary name in primary sch, secondary sch
hahhahaha now no more
i dunkw why everytime ppl heard of tis name,
then @#$%^&*()
hahahahahaha too scary?
i dont think so =)
anyway no more..
no more chinese name in college XD
a brand new Kua Chee Hoe =)
is koh wen yin's bf ♥♥

waiting bb to viber me =)
nitenite baby wenyin
i love u much much
cold cold over thr
sayang baby hug hug bb tight tight
misssss u

116th (30days to go!!) 2 more days to our second anniversary, but im so blank!!! =( sorry baby

Sunday, June 12, 2011

13 June 2011 (115th) 31

sayang baby
cold cold over thr mah?
hug hug my baby girl tight tight
v lose again la baby =(
i score 1 goal only
abit disappointed on football alr eh haizz
i miss baby much much ehlasttime everytime i came bck frm tournament,
aft bath n lay on the bed,
my baby girl will come near to me
sayang me massage for me n tam me
=(and now i got no one to sayang me here
i wan hug hug baby so much

bb i heard frm my fren hor,
he asked me must go melbourne snow mountain la when v go melb
coz very nice and is a must visit place since i come frm so far somemore with my love one
he highly recommend me must go thr
i tried to ask chialynn la,
see how things go ok
i wish to go thr also =)
snow mountain eh
1st time in my life,
with my baby

baby baby
u miss this UFO thing?hhahah
sayang sayang
here is ur snowflake!!wait for u to come bck ya
v can go two times for free
or if u dun1 share with me then v can get 2 free also XD
aiyo i kw u want both, both is FOR U ok!!
i will keep it nicely until december
love u my baby girl
i will keep n remain everything tht belongs to u when u come bck
or i bring myself who belongs to u when i visit u in july! =)
baby baby =)
so happy eh
can treat baby eat more

okla im going to sleep alr
nitenite sayang
i kw baby will be busy studying
must drink more water n take good care ya
love u much much
muackss sayang baby girl

115th (31days to go!!) happy revision week to both of us <3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

12 June 2011 (114th) 32

Happy Birthday to you Jojin!!!
good luck and all the best
stay sweet with ur bf ya!
u r one of my best fren,
everytime i need help, i need to talk,
u r just thr to lend me ur hand..
i did make u angry in foundation!
hahaha and make all of u call me langkawi zai..
hope u kw and understand la.
not bcos lye kuan or jessica then i go to langkawi la,
is bcos they ajak me 1st and i promise them
i cant break my promise mah,
somemore alr paid them tht time..
dun call me langkawi zai alrr ah!!
hahaha goodluck in ur finalss
see u in Melbourne =)

Happy birthday to Xiong Zhang!!
nate canot drink wan learn ppl drink
aft drink alwys puke or go toilet
throw kelantanese face only la
hahaha somemore alwys learn frm JIPIKU act drunk
shit la u
anyway goodluck n all the best XD
dun go Adelaide la, thr not suit u one..
hahahah Msia lifestyle suit u more =)

baby baby
tam ni tam ni
dun mang zhang
sayang bb
bb eat porridge for lunch only eh
full full anot?hmm
go n drink milk ya if bb feel hungry
or cut some fruits to eat
weather is cold over thr,
very fast hungry i kw
baby eat more la nvm,
i dont mind i have fat fat bb =)
i still love u much much one ;p
there are the photos lastnite v went to Daorae eat de
just 46rm, everyone full until beh tahan alrr
the meat, the side dishes come non stop laaa
hahaha i eat alot eh, until my tummy come out again =(
long time nvr eat supper alr eh me,
wan to keep my tummy slim abit..
scare bb complain me XD
here is the birthday boy!! ( Malao aka monkey!!)
=) i eat alot laaaa..beef n pork meat put inside the vege with kimchi and other things
so so so satisfied with the food..
wait baby come bck k!!
tis is one of the food u love =)
i treat baby eat XD
order watever u like muackss

sayang my dear
pain pain harr
be careful abit sayang
baby pain pain over thr,
i also pain pain la here
my heart pain eh baby injured urself
how is ur foot baby?
still cracking ah?
put more lotion ok
must take good care of urself
exam is around the corner,
buy 鸡精 or something to drink la
wear more clothes k,
is colder over thr
turns to winter soon
and u see baby
first time i eat tomyam in the aftnoon
my lunch!!
tomyam bee hun
and tis make me go in toilet at least 3 to 4 times
feel hungry eh aft i came out frm toilet

big enuff mah tis icecream??
hahahahaha wait i make research 1st
see whr can get tis size de ice cream in Adelaide =)
i will buy for u
we share share ok =)
hahahahahaha so big somemore weather cold cold
hahaha sure have to take long time to eat only can fnish it ;p

tmr got tournament la me =(
hmm one whole week nvr play futsal alr
dunkw tmr can play anot
somemore nvr play with some of my teammate b4
hahahah so weird eh

okla im going to lay on the bed alr
baby dun online so long k
i wait for bb viber me
nitenite to both of us
i love u baby
sayang u much much
apply lotion on ur foot ya
watch out ur little finger dun let it cut again k

114th (32 days to go!!) sleep early ya my little darling

Friday, June 10, 2011

11 June 2011 (113th) 33

how r u today?
drink alot water ma?
sorry ya i dunkw u r eating dinner thts y i called u twice
somemore maggie nvr pick up phone
i tot anything happen to u two
thts y i worry and i called u
if u did angry me,
i kw i shouldn't call u so many times
my fault
i shouldn't worry u

justnw i ate Daoreo with nien them at taipan
his housemate birthday
now at home alr
u enjoy ur sing k session
dun drink too much la
sleep early
nitenite sweetdreams
Sayang baby
I love u muacksssss

113th (33 days to go!!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 June 2011 (112th) 34

how r u today baby?
had 3 classes today
somemore got oral test
clever baby muackss
love u much
i sleep very early la lastnite..
aft talk to baby then update my blog jiu sleep alr
i think is 1230am+ if not mistaken
then wake up early n go to lakeside
long long time nvr take 8am bus to lakeside alr eh
i go for replacement class only i take 8am bus,
or else everytime i sit nien's car

baby baby
u r so different today
i love baby much much
i first time get watapps frm baby b4 i watapps bb
baby told me u had fnish ur oral test alr,
told me u ate lunch b4 class,
and told me u alr fnish class n going bck home
i love baby
i sayang baby
i feel warm when i get ur watapps
i went to tbs alone la justnw,
i went thr to print my PS last case study for tmr 8am class,
and study n make notes for FP..
so quiet in TBS computer lab
can even heard ppl breathing leh
finally all my assignments are clear for tis sem!!
waiting for frens to send me the other part of DSM assignment
and i will submit it..

baby baby
everything fine over thr mah?
anything bb must share with me ya
i wan baby to be happy everyday every moment
no sad, no tears, and no angriness
must everyday chilll yaa
still got 34days to go,
u will feel my warm very soon
dun say im too hot ya!! hahah
is winter over thr
i bring malaysia's hot for u =)

k la im going to sleep alr =)
oppss is 11.15pm my time
nvm la sleep early tonight
love u much much my sweetheart
nitenite sleep tight yaa
cover blanket k

112th (34 days to go!!) study smart ya baby! must drink more water k love u

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

9 June 2011 (111th) 35

hello hello baby
baby got buy water to drink ma?
hmm u must get a bottle water b4 i bring one for u la
must have 1 water bottle,
or else at night u thirsty u have to go kitchen drink water leh
baby get 1 temporarily water bottle first ok?
must drink more water yaa
exam tht time can use mah,
mayb bb nervous bb can drink water ma
i will find one good water bottle for u
not very big n wont break down easily one =)
and can fill more water for u de
bb tired ma?
hmmm study for finals
i kw bb have no time to accompany me alr
but if bb need my sayang and bb wan to shout out ur stress,
just hold ur phone and watapps me, sms me, or call me..
im all the time free to rply baby n answer ur call
hope bb no stress la, only need my sayang
baby today i eat lunch ma,
in the malay shop beside to secret recipe one
this rice cost me 6.3rm eh..
only 1 fish n small small chicken only
walao i can eat 2 plates in KRAI alr lorrrrr
i tot 5 ringgit only
mana tau same price like PELITA
nvm la i wont go thr to eat anymore
the first n last time
i wont go alr!!
sayang sayang baby's foot cracked ah
put more lotion sayang
aiyo heart pain pain la =(
bb must everyday put lotion n wear stocking la
too dry alr the weather over thr
baby goodluck in tmr japanese test ya
i kw u will be very tired la
must drink more water k
dont make urself so tired n stress ya
anything baby just find me k
im ur baby boy, anytime anywhere u need help u need sayang,
i will be there!! <3

okla im going to sleep d
tmr 8am class
have to wake up early or else cant get the bus to lakeside
nitenite my baby girl
love u much much
hug hug sayang baby

111th (35days to go!!) baby rmb to put lotion everyday ya, take good care i love u

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

8 June 2011 (110th) 36

baby baby
how r u today?
sayang baby
i miss baby much much
but i not dare to call u la
i scare i will disturb baby
and baby will scold me leh
thts y i just sms u only
i scare baby angry laa
sayang sayang
baby must calm down ok
dont so easily get angry n mang zhang
i tam baby tam baby
i wake up early la tis morning,
but i didn see bb watapps me when u wake up laa =(
nvm laaa mayb u r in the rush hmm
then i go to lakeside find zhishan to get FP notes
i ask her photocopy the notes then i take frm her
then have lunch in pyramid with shuheng,
ate mcd only
coz shuheng wan help his family dunkw see wat thing
thts y v eat mcd in pyramid
and i saw this jacket laa
then i buy eh
i dun1 go pyramid alrrr laaa
keep spend money only
look ok mah bb?
cheap cheap only la =)

hmm baby tired ma?
3 classes today?
hug hug baby
baby i told u many timess alr laa
dun so late bath dun so late bath
there is not adelaide la my dear
the weather is cold over thr
i dun1 baby to get sick
baby plsss listen to wat i say
later get sick how?
u wan i worry abt u ah?
my heart pain pain llaaaa
im so far away from baby but i cant do anything leh
i will sad la if bb sick
bb must bath early la ok?
listen to me yaaaa
i do DSM assignment today,
left 1 more point to write..
hmmm tmr only continue la
have to rest alrr...
whole day read the readings, journal and article about one currency,
about euro one currency..
then now think how if Asian using one currency..
so tired of tis laaa

okla im going to sleep d
nitenite ya baby
baby must cover blanket n sleep tight k
i love u
sayang my baby girl

110th (36days to go!!) baby must bath early ya! love u

Monday, June 6, 2011

7 June 2011 (109) 37

baby baby
how r u today?
sayang sayang
bb tired mah?
hmm lastnite quite early sleep n wake up early today
baby tired must tell me ya
i sayang baby much much
i cant do anything but sayang u thru watapps, sms, skype and call only
but my sayang still can delivered to baby =)
hope bb feel warm everytime i deliver my sayang
bb i bough two shirt la today
hmm dunkw ok anot leh
i bought tis two eh..up one and the down one =)
ok mah? hmmm
up one quite thick,
but the down one not thick because long shelves then i buy
how about tis one bb?
hmm i didn buy tis one leh..
coz tis one not thick at all eh
even in msia aircond room also feel cold
hahahah mayb i will buy la,
and wear more shirt inside lorr..
hmm i bought tht two 1st,
tis 1 i still can buy when i look for the 卫生衣 =)
wait my baby say nice and ok only i buy tis one!

your favourite la baby =)
soft shell crab maki!!
i miss baby laa
i used to share tis with baby one leh everytime v eat zanmai
justnw i fnish it alone eh
although very full and satisfy laaa
but still miss out something,
thts the feel of eating with u
enjoy with u =(
i wan get bck all tis feeling, happiness when i go adelaide..
i will make baby happy, feel happiness every single when im in adelaide, sydney n melbourne..
of coz when im not thr,
baby must stay happy laa
must take good care of urselff
aiyoo pig pig bb
ur phone left 8% battery a?
y nvr charge it b4 u go out?hmm
sayang sayang
must rmb to charge la,
ltr i cant find bb i will worry la sayang
dont make me worry baby ya k
must alwys rmb to charge ur phone
i think i must buy a portable battery for u alr =)

sayang la bb
sorry for making u speechless
i wonder why only la
the way i talk is too 夸张 i kw
sorry ya

nitenite baby
im going to sleep too
love u much much
sayang bb
cover blanket yaaaa

109th (37days to go!!) i do alot research for sydney and read alot of MR readings today =) muacks

Sunday, June 5, 2011

6 june 2011 (108th) 38

baby baby
how r u today?hmm
so early wake up ah today hahaa
lastnite almost 330 only sleep
sayang bb much much
all day long u drank 1 cup of milk only?
and wait for dinner?
bb not hungry meh?
i scare bb kena gastric laa
must eat la bb
at least drink few cups of milk or eat fruit mah
sayang sayang
sorry ah bb =(
i forget how to count the period alr la
sorry bb
but i kw bb last month period is on 10 May
but i really go take down on a piece of ppr u kw?
and i throw the ppr d
coz whole paper kena chocolate drink
i scare the ants come n i throw it la
so i lost the calculation thing d
bb do let me kw ya sayang
dun angry dun mang zhang k
i tam bb happy i act cute make bb chill ok?
sayang la muacksssss
baby baby i miss u badly
i dun like to eat alone la
i wan bb to have lunch, dinner, supper and yamcha with me
i really feel lonely baby
i miss u i miss u i miss u =(
bb do u miss me?
do u miss the time v have our meal together?
u miss pillow talk?
u miss my hug?
u miss my sayang?
hope baby miss me too
i alr used to the life with you la,
1 year v sleep together,
hug together,
play together,
eat together,
laugh together,
and now without baby by my side,
i feel my life isnt perfect, im not happy =(
i feel like wan to cry la everytime i miss bb
especially the goodbye hug in singapore airport
thts the last hug
i miss u koh wen yin!!
truly n honesty from my heart,
i miss u baby
i nvr ever miss someone like tis b4 in my life,
u r the only one =(
i stomach ache la bb
wake up early n went toilet two times,
then evening tht time went 1 time..
dunkw wat happen eh
i think not bcos i eat less la,
bcos of the mineral water problem
normal i drink the jusco or giant 5.5little one
or the big spritzer one..
then tht day i saw Sunflower brand tht 1 only 1 ringgit 1.5little leh
then i bought tht one lorr
i think is the water problem lor
hmm tmr try not to drink tht water 1st,
see i still stomachache anot
sayang bb today guai guai,
bath so early =)
good girl
somemore i see bb studying thru webcam
if can i wan everyday see bb thru webcam leh =)
feel so close to near to bb eh

okla bb sleep alr
nitenite ya
i kw bb tired
sayang u much much
love bb
sleep tight n cover blanket ya

108th (38days to go!!) webcam webcam i love to see bb thru webcam

Saturday, June 4, 2011

5 June 2011 (107th) 39

baby baby
sleep for 14hours ah u??
pig pig bbbb
sayang u laaa
i kw u r tired bb
2 3 days only sleep for few hours
aiyooo my heart pain pain la see bb so tired
but i cant do anything,
i cant stop bb going out,
ltr bb misunderstand me laa
bb must take good care of urself ya
sayang sayang
like tis only i wont worry abt baby mah
tis morning i wear my new shoe for competition at PJ la
played for my fren's team
haizz v lose la cant qualify for semi quater
win 1 game, lose 2 games

baby baby cold cold ma today?
my face n neck here, in between here pain la
kena tht person elbow me =(
baby so shuang eh
go so many delicious food
sambal prawn, curry fish isit?
hmm belancan somemore
must bring me thr ya sayang =)
let bb order many many, then both of us fnishh alll XD
at night bb jiu wont feel hungry alr lo
feel like doing mask eh me
but no more mask alr
tht day buy 1 n test only
no bad eh the mask
my face look more white leh tis morning XD
baby ah
i tried very very hard to take a nap in the noon,
but i cant fall asleep eh
only sleep for half an hour =(
very tired la but dunkw why cant sleep leh
i nvr think n relax
also canot sleep
i dunkw wats wrong eh
hmm tmr sunday, wat bb going to do?
hmm if bb at home,
i skype with bb ya ok?
i wan to see baby laa
only skype can make me feel baby is very very close to me leh
can see baby movement n cute cute face
can sayang bb ;p

ltr i lay on the bed
i think i will fall asleep in 3 mins
very tired d
im waiting bb to call me only
bb faster abit yaa
nitenite baby
sweetdreams yaaa
i love u much much
sayang bb
rmb to cover blanket ya

106th (39days to go!!) sleep tight my baby girl, love you!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

4 june 2011 (106th)40

baby baby
sayangggg me
i woke up late la
and nien was waiting me in front my house for 10mins +
so paiseh eh
coz i sleep back aft my alarm rang
luckily v nvr late to class,
coz most the ppl go in the class same time as us =)
HUH MY BABY IS IN LAKESIDE's CLASSROOM?!!!when nien ask me to see, i also get shock laa
hahhaaa look like u eh frm far far
but my baby is the most pretty one ;p
i also dunkw who lai de eh,
same class with her in Personal Selling
and baby baby
i twisted my left hand la lastnite
fall down when im playing futsal
is all bcos of my shoe laaa
my yellow shoe rosak d then i wear the other shoe
but this shoe is not suitable for blue court one
then i slip when i shoot on the ball eh
my butt, my backside n my hand so pain
zzz =(
and tis is my new shoe!!
i wan buy others la but very exp so i buy the cheap one only la
nice nice ma??
i mean my desktop background la not my shoe XD
tis is the video i slip =( wth!!
i wan taste baby cook de food la
i misss it very much eh
but long long time nvr eat alrrr
bb alwys help mummy cook when u r in jb
now bb can cook urself d
upgrade alr
july i come n taste ya!!
hahahaha see baby got improve anot XD
how can i not worry my baby??
clever, pretty, kw how to cook somemore
seee, i dunkw how only can i dont worry baby la
muaccckkkksss baby cook for me ya when i go adelaide k XD
i help u to wash vege, wash rice, and potong meat!!
and cut vege
sayang sayang i kw baby very tired alr
nitenite ya baby
i just come bck frm yamcha at station one with ah keng, ahkeng's gf and chanhong
time to bed alr
tmr i still have to wake up early for futsal comp
bb sleep untill late late la since u very tired
sayang baby
i love u much much
misss u <3

106th (40 days to go!!) i love to skype with baby ;p love to see ur cute cute face muacks

3 June 2011

我想家了 :(

我要回家被家人疼 =(

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 june 2011 (105th)41

baby baby
i call u more than 10 times la tis morning
luckily i called yichia to knock ur door
hahahah if not u missed ur japanese test laa
im not tired of so early wake up to wake my baby up =)
coz baby get good result in the test
clever clever bb XD
muacks sayang bb
dai sek <3
i kw baby is very very tired laa
5am only sleep
how to not tired =(
i can accompany baby thru skype
no worries until 7am i also can accompany bb study
sorry har bb
i called u few times when u r in the class,
i dunkw bb stil in the class la coz b nvr tell me wat time ended..
and i tot u sleep back n nvr go test eh
sorry sorry for disturbing
bb dont angry dont keep in heart ya
tam ni tam ni sayang bb

m i a good fren?
m i a fren that use fren?
m i a fren that need help only find fren?
m i a fren that see money n keep in touch/ask for yamcha?
im shocked, im very hurt when i heard it
i dun care wat others said!
but how come u guys think im tis kind of ppl?
im sad la, i dunkw wat make u guys think im like tis?
pls tel me if i did anything wrong
and sorry if i really did anything wrong..
pls do let me kw wat i did
i really wan to kw wat i did n make u guys think im like tis la

"Love is unselfish, understanding n kind.
It sees with it's heart, not with it's mind.
Love is a language that every heart speaks,
Love cant be bought, It is priceless yet it is free.
Love is life's sweet mystery."

nitenite baby muackss
i love u
sorry for telling my feelings to baby again
sayang bb
dont so weak as me, u must strong than me ok
hug hug bb

105th (41 days to go!!) i missss home =(

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 june 2011 (104th)

baby baby
feel so warm when i saw bb thru skype tis morning
u have a nice sleep lastnight?
i kw is super cold over thr
i kw baby is cold
must cover blanket tight tight ya
must bath early and fast fast dry hair ya sayangdont get cold dont get sick
must take good care k
baby i too long nvr take bus from lakeside to subang alr laa
somemore is 2pm bus
so so so crowded eh
and i cant get into the bus for 2 times
luckily there are 3 buses frm lakeside to subang n i get in the last 2pm bus
so hot n tired la
luckily got seat for me in the bus
ahahha and hor,i went watson buy mask and cotton =)
hahaha will do mask at night if not going anywhr
wan my face shining shining
and blink blink XD
i kw is hard la but i try only la
let my face look better
sayang sayang bb
i dunkw u got class la thts y i called bb
sorry ya if i disturb bb
coz i tot baby go market,
and i wonder how come so late also not yet come bck frm market.
hahaha tot u join those ppl sell vege n meat alrbaby dinner is japanese tendo
now i know wat is japanese tendo =)
nice nice ma baby?
i nvr eat b4 leh
if nice nice bb bring me thr ya
v dapao n eat at home ;p
or bb wan eat over thr also can
then v can have dessert aft dinner =)
aiyoo sayang sayang
so late bb only come bck frm Chee Hong's birthday celebration
how was it?sayang sayang my baby as long as bb tell me then i will allow bb go,
but im still worry la
bb understand n kw why im worry rite?
sayang i kw my baby girl guai guai muackss
baby im the first who wish chee hong's laa
zzzz how come i will be the first?!!
hahahaha nvm la
he is baby's fren, means he is my fren
sayang baby
haiz im sad bb,
not only chanhong tell me his things with zhi qing la,
but im sad bcos i heard from him some of our frens said me..they said i see money first only see frens =(
i dunkw why they will say me?!
i wonder why..
im tis kind of ppl ah baby?
plsss frensss
tell me the truth..
i dunkw wat i did?!
i will say sorry if i do so
baby baby im tis kind of ppl ah?
baby baby pls tell me =(
i really dunkw wat happen and why they will said me like tis laaa
luckily baby is here n alwys here with mei love bb much much
sayang bb ya
so late still studying
=) muackssss
sayang sayang my baby yin yin
love u much much
goodluck in ur japanese test ya!
must score full markss k
goodluck to maggie sim too!!
TE =)

nitenite baby
faster study baby
dun get disturb by maggie sim XD
hahaha sweetdreams baby
love u much much
sayang baby much much

104th (42days to go!!) love u baby