Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1 June 2011 (103)

baby baby
sayang sayang bb
haizz the maggie soup la!!!make u vomit =(
make my bb not feeling well
im worried abt u la bb
i do regret tht i nvr follow u to Adelaide..
if im thr, baby wont vomit, wont eat maggie soup =(
sorry baby sorry sorry
i canot do anything here but my care n love is alwys thr for u..
i can only advise bb, cant do much..
baby must listen to me, and take good care
baby dont eat maggie mee alr k
i xin tong xin tong =(
really xin tong =((((if can bb cook mee sua soup or bee hun soup la,maggie mee really not good eh
baby i guai guai listen to bb,
i nvr go home bcos of bb not feeling well,
aft called bb, i came down frm nien's car and go for lec
i listen to bb,
i guai guai..
baby also must listen to me n guai guai yaa..
bb ah, i go lakside 2 hours b4 the lec u kw?
then horrr only half an hour eh the lec..FML!!
everyone complain la
tht is a revision lec,
but only 30 mins?!!
nvm la at least i kw the A4 ppr tht bring in to exam hall can be type =)
no need hand write..
baby feel better alr ma??anything bb let me kw ya
i kw today i lose my 理智 aft heard frm bb tht u not feeling well..
and i dun1 go class n wan back home
no more nexttime bb..
anything happen i will stay calm n think ok
baby dont worry ya just let me kw if u r not feeling well
touch wood touch woodi hope baby is healthy =))))
sayang sayanggggg
baby i went dinner with shi hui & joanne =)
usj yong tao foo
very full laaaaa zzzz
and we talk about joanne laaa..
haha bb think and imagine joanne jealous de look,
imagine joanne hold hand with his bf..
hahhaha justnw v laugh her..
coz shihui long long time nvr see joanne jealous de look,
and i nvr see b4 =)

and tis is my shoe baby =(
GG alr laa
i dunkw how i going to play futsal
is good also laaaa hahaha
i got more time to for baby at night
spend my time for baby is important than anything muackss

have a sweet sweet talk with baby tonight
bb faster sleep ya
nitenite baby
love u much much
i kw is cold cold over thr
bb cover blanket sleep tight k
sayang my baby girl muacks

103th (43days to go!!) bb wont feel hungry at night when im in adelaide, dont worry =)

Monday, May 30, 2011

31 May 2011 (102th)

baby baby
luckily aft wake up bb no more angry me eh
i wait for so long only see baby happy abit then i make u angry again
how come i so stupid?! so noob?!
i must learn to be a better bf
to be the best bf for bb =)
baby i get bck my laptop d
but there is nothing inside laaa
all my movies, dramas, games, software gone eh..
and the most important one is all my photos gone!!
my baby's photos alll alll allll gone eh =(((
if can, i willing to pay for rm350 laaaa
i wan bck all the photos leh
alot lot lot memories la
sometimes i cant fall asleep,
alll these photos accompany me all night long eh
haizzzz i think i will buy 1 new harddisc,
then i take it to adelaide copy frm bb ok =)
i take bck the old one, and i gv baby the new one k <3
sayang bb
u seee tis is my new desktop wallpaper =)

love is around baby =)
whenever bb need sayand just watapps me,
i will be thr like tis love is beside baby's photo
baby baby
i really xin tong laa =(
u eat the green green soup maggie mee
as i said,
i promise baby!! i will bring baby for all the food baby like ok
eh i dunkw the way to those restaurant eh..
hahaha baby bring me go and i treat bb k
i promise promise promise!!
i canot tahan la my bb eat maggie mee for dinner
and and baby ur clothes how long nvr wash!??
hahahahahah 3 months ah?
hahaha sayang sayang lipat baju until so late
sayang sayang i kw baby is very tired la
nvm bb i will do all these for u when im in adelaide k
bb dont worry
u just guai guai be my little princess,
i will do everything for baby =)
wat bb have to to is bring me go walk around, go shopping, go search for delicious food
is very cold over thr rite ?
bb must cover blanket ya,
must wear more clothes and jacket
take good care of urself k
i kw baby guai guai,
i kw baby miss me,
i kw baby feel how much i love u
thts y u r dai sek =)
nahh, tis is wat i wan to gv to baby =)
my happy smile
im happy bcos i have a pretty, clever, cutecute and guai guai baby XD

ok la im going to sleep soon
nitenite my little baby little princess
cover blanket k
love u much much
hug hug bb

102th (44 days to go!!) will do everything for baby as i promised =)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 may 2011 (101th)

Baby baby
Sayang sayang Bb ya
Wish baby stay happy ya
Everyday happy everyday happiness around u k
Pig Bb whole day eat 1 meal only,
Ltr gastric la sayang
Must eat all three meals per day
Healthy abit ma like tis
But all of us wake up so late hahaha
Dunkw how to stay healthy also eh
U sleep until 3pm eh today
Walaoooo hahahahahaa
Sayang Bb I kw Bb fell abit upset la last night
Bb I can feel it
I can kw Bb happy angry sad mang Zhang one
Bcos u r my Bb
U r part of my life
If someday I cant feel it,
Bb pls gv me a big slap on my face..
Only the day I doesn't care Bb anymore only I won't feel it
Otherwise I moody I sick I anything also I can feel how Bb mood la

Nah baby here is the lyric ;) hahaha
我希望时间过得快些让我去找她。 ;)

Sometimes I make photos I sing a song I do video for Bb is not I wan to post on fb or wat,
I just wan Bb smile for seconds or minutes only la ;)
I wan Bb feel I heart Bb much much
I can use 1 whole day of my time to do one thing,
But other than assignment, the things I do must be just for u ;)
Bb ah I'm vry excited la
I can't wait to see baby alr
I can't imagine when I see u n talk to u,
Got smoke come out frm my mouth leh :)
Cold weather
I can hug hug my Bb super super tight ;)
I gv Bb warm warm
Aiyoyo Bb eat so many kinder beuno ah,
Must drink alot water ya
Sayang sayang
Sorry la Bb I will study hard as I promise!
Bb don't angry dont worry k
Muacks hug hug Bb

Okla I'm going to sleep now,
Tmr class at 10am to 2pm
Bb wake up find me k
Love u much much
Nitenite Bb
Sayang Bb much much
Rmb to cover blanket ya my sweetheart

101th (45 days to go!!)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

29 May 2011 (100th)

Sorry sorry
I should not think too much
I should trust baby believe baby
I promise I won't Simply think anymore
Now I kw wat I have n I will appreciate it
Sorry for asking u stp ques ya Bb
Now I get the ans
My baby loves me :)
I tot I was the one who love baby only,
Now I kw and I will always rmb it
We love each other
I will do anything for Bb to stay happy n I promise not to make u angry n worried
Today onwards I will not simply think
I promise to studay hard for finals
And will fly to Adelaide sayang u to the max
46 days to go n I will hold u tight n nvr let u go
aft today I believe v can go further in the future
你愿意对吗? :)
Bb I see from an email one,

Thanks my fren
I'm down n not in mood in these few days
Thanks for all the advise
Sorry for showing the weak side of me to u all
I'm not a strong boy if u kw me well,
I'm weak seriously
But iwill not disappointed all of u and I will stay happy n sweet with my Bb :)
I appreciate all of u
I nvr list the name down here, u all should kw I'm talking abt ;)
Thanks for everything
I think Tis is one of the process or step of growing for me..
I learn alot in this lesson
Love u baby,
U r the best listener ever <3
Pig Bb sing k until 5am so late ;(
Sayang Bb nexttime if sing until so late I can ask Bb don't go ma?
Sayang sayang Bb
Watched the video d? Listen to the song I sang?
Haha Tmr bb's turn to ding for me ya

Okla I'm going to sleep d
Nitenite Bb muacksss
Love u much much
Sayang u much much
Take good care k

100th (46days to go!!) I will hold u tight n nvr let u go :)

28 may 2011 (99)

How r u today?
Fnish assignment very free d rite
Sayang sayang baby
Must drink more water yaa
Y suddenly didn't go the international party one?
Hmmm good also la Bb can rest early
Baby I miss u vry much
I wan to meet u baby
I got alot things to tell u
I wan Bb lay on my arms my shoulders
I reallymiss Bb la
Sometimes mayb I think too much
But I really scare one day all the things I think will happen la
I really really scare
I can't fall asleep la Bb
I miss u
I love u
Im not fine at all baby
Everyone tot I'm happy bcos of the words n photos in fb,
Thy tot I'm happy bcos Bb not here I can yamcha n party..
Bb I'm not happy at all la
I'm not happy bcos Bb is not by my side,
If I can choose I dun1 to post photos n words on fb but baby is by my side..
Bb I feel stress
Not bcos of Bb wan me to pass all the sub
I feel stress bcos baby tht day suddenly say wan put single on fb
I can't fall asleep for few nights la :(
Somemore bb's ex broke up with his gf
I dunkw all these related anot la
But those feeling to me is stress..
I m scare i m afraid
But still, I trust my baby
I believe my baby heart still got me
I kw baby love me so much as I love u
Actually I dun1 to write out one,
But I dunkw I can talk to who la Bb
I have to shout out all my stress,
Hope Bb can understand me
Long distance is vry hard,
V can't talk to each other vry often
V can't sleep beside each other n pillow talk
V must trust n believe in each other
I kw not even Bb but all the gfs don't like their bf suspect or not believe thm
Sometimes I ask is not bcos I not believe Bb,
Is just I want to kw only
Mayb sometimes I over find u n u feel I'm annoying
Sorry Bb I kw I'm annoying
Bcos I care u
Anyway sorry ya
Hope Bb don't put it in heart
I all the time have faith in my baby
I look into July Australia trip,
I really miss baby
I love baby very much..
I wan hold Bb hand tight tight n nvr let go

Nitenite Bb
I love u

99th (47days to go!!)

Friday, May 27, 2011

27 May 2011 (98)

Baby baby
I wanted to upload photo here but cannot laaa
I tried many times but Still cannot la
Coz I'm using phone to update not computer so Tak boleh upload :(
Bb like the shirt?
I don't kw ngam u anot leh size
Zara warehouse, but it looks like pasar pagi lor..
Eh justnw hor, only Me eh..I'm the only boy man male to choose women shirt with those girls b auntie
Hahahaha I nvr notice so many ppl is looking at me ><
When I was paying , shuheng tell me justnw alot ppl looking at me
Hahaha OMG luckily no frens around thr
So Malu ;)
And luckily tis warehouse sales is not around Sunway n Subang area,
Or else I become superstar alr
Those blogger sure will capture me choosing women shirt de :)
How is ur assignment?
Sayang sayang
Bb got drink more water ma?
I said I dun1 to remind u but then in still keep reminding u laaa
I also dunkw y eh, I think I used to it la..
Everyday have to Lou soh u XD
Bb don't angry me FAN ah
I kw u will, but try not yaa ;)
Bcos I care u mah Bb so I Lui soh u
Dunkw I can take bck my lappie ma Tmr
Hmmm or else vry boring la at home ;(
Somemore is weekend eh Tmr
Walao walao
Pllssss I wan my lappie back ahh!!!
Haiz Tmr 8am class
Zzzzz have to wake up early

Okla I'm going to sleep alr Bb
Nitenite sweetdreams ya
I love u Bb
Oh ya Bb, if cn Bb always leave me more msg in watapps la
Let me feel warn abit XD
Coz I feel like I'm ur gf eh, not ur bf
Hahahaha I like gal like tht all the time thinking of wat u doing n etc
Hope Bb get wat I say k ;)
Muacks nitenite bb
Love u much much

98th (48 days to go!!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 May 2011 (97)

Baby baby
How r u today??
Hope bb's mood doesn't affect by assignment laaa
Although I can't talk to u n chat much to u when assignment period
But Bb must rmb to drink more water bath early k
I can't remind u so often la I scare u say I disturbing u
So u must rmb n remind Urself k
I scare Bb too late mandi n get cold only
Sayang sayang Bb
Bb need more sayang just watapps me,
I'm here for Bb all the time ;)
Anything Bb no need cal 911,
Just dial my num k XD
Everything can be settle,
No worries..
Baby baby today I really 出门遇贵人 la
Or else I buta buta pay 350rn to repair my lappie alr
Thanks god I can meet the Chinese mechanic,
Help me to check out my warranty,
I will do more donation nexttime :)
Baby baby Tmr got Japanese again a?
Goodluck ya hope baby score 100%
I kw u will be vey tired in coming days,
Bb just tahan for few days k
Everything will bck to normal aft u submit ur assignment

Ok la I have to sleep now,
Or else I can't wake u up la Tmr morning..
Nitenite baby muackssss
Sweetdreams k love u much much
Sayang Bb

97th (49days to go!!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 May 2011 (96th)

Baby baby :(
Wat a bad day for me!!!!
Laptop break down when I wan to start to Do my assignment eh!!
Walao walao zzzzz
The thing I worried is whetherthe hard disc got rosak anot la,
Coz the screen showed disc error means harddisc problem..
I scare all the photos gone laaa
A lot of our photos inside leh
Somemore I got no back up for these photos :(
Hope the wire losse only la not my harddisc spoil
V fnish assignment at 7am,
Then straight go to lakeside passup...
Now waiting Nien to wake up lor,
Ask him to check my laptop..
I called Toshiba justness n thy told me my warranty is expired la
Unless I show them the invoice of promotion 2 yrs warranty..
I think the trait I put in auntie house
Have to bck usj4 n check..
I wan fast fast repair laa
Or else vry boring eh
Alr nth to do when I'm in room then now laptop rosak somemore ;(
Habis laaaa FML!!!
Baby baby u vry pig eh!
Said have to wake up early to study,
Tapi u nvr switch on alarm..
Hahahahahaa pig b!!
How is ur assignment d?
Sayang Bb jiayou jiayou ok
Must drink more water yaa when u do assignment k
And bath early everynight k
Take good care of Urself
Hmmm I'm not tired eh dunkw y,
Mayb bcos vry fan of My laptop then I can't sleep well la
Hope I can get the incvoice and get free repair laaa
And the most Important thing is hope they can do a back up for my harddisc!!
So thts all the assignments soft copy photos movies are still inside

Ok la i will update again tonight
Now waiting for Bb viber aft ur lunch
Sayang baby eat full full k
Love u much muchuacksssss
Let's Pray for my lappie ya :p

96th (50days to go!!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24 May 2011 (95)

baby baby
sorrrrrrryyyyy yaaa =(
sorrryyyyy that im a carelesss boy fren,
sorrryyyyyyyy i talk so loud to u..
sorrrryyyy my baby koh wen yin =(
plssss forgv me...
i kw u will say me 最厉害就是讲 sorry,
but i still wan to say sorry to u.."
i kw is my fault,
baby no more angry k..
sayang baby much much
hohooo baby feb 21- 24 !!!
v going to phuket =)))
long time nvr travel with so many ppl laaa
the last time is in langkawi..
now v r going to phuket!!

this time chialynn will be our tour guide!!
she will settle everything over thr.
hahaha rite ma chialynn?
rmb to check the hotel,
whc place to visit n play yaa..
and of coz nightlife in phuket also yaa
u r very important to us =)

baby ah
im so broke eh now
hahahaha all the money go to airasia alrrr =="
not enuff money to change my AUD laa
somemore hor,
my futsal shoe broke alrrr eh..got lubang =(
lasttime my shoe haven koyak,
i got a new shoe waiting me to wear
but now no new shoe eh..
tak dak money to buy
i think if tis shoe really rosak,
im going to rest for few weeks alrr
no more ply futsal for few weeks until i get a new shoe
how is the weather over thr bb?
cold cold?
hug hug baby ya if cold cold =)ohhh yaaa,
seee seeeeee
model of universal traveller XD

ok ma bb?
i got the potential to become a model?
hahahahah =)
i got wear t-shirt, n 1 grey jacket inside laaa..
but still feel not warm in my room eh
diee laaaa
i scare very cold over thr
baby must hug hug me ah if i cold cold ok =)
i need ur sayang to keep warm =)

okla im going to sleep d,
nitenite baby
love baby much much
hughug bb sayang sayang bb
sweetdreamssss ya
dream of me k =)
<3 <3

95th (51 days to go!!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011 (94)

happy 21st birthday to you shi hui!!
may all ur dreams come true
goodluck and all the best
stay healthy, stay pretty, and stay sweet with wen chuan!!
no need to grow higher alr la,
wen chuan used to ur height alr XD
enjoy ur big day =)

baby baby
i missssss u laaa
feel so weird eh justnw go "MY HOME" celebrate shi hui birthday =(
i can feel lonely n very strange when i go in to ruimin n wanyi's room la
u r not beside me for the 1st time i go back my home for birthday celebration
i can see u on the computer screen only eh
ur voice r near, but u r far away from me n everybody la
baby i miss u =((
tis tuesday v going to makan for shihui birthday dinner,
is going to be the second birthday celebration of my home frens n u r not beside me
have to see u thru skype =(
how r u today bb?
i kw bb is not happy laa
sorry bb sorry i disturb u sleep,
sorry i keep ask u fast fast off comp =(
i kw alr,
nexttime wont disturb bb k
and i promise i will rmb ur timetable la
only on tuesday and thursday k
i will rmb it and wont ask bb anymore k
baby dont angry ya
angry very fast old n not pretty
bb calm down calm down
i sayang much much
oh ya bb,
i bought the jacket alrrr..
mayb will buy few more thick long shelve T shirt or hoddies
will show bb if i buy
baby aft sleep then wake up no more angry yaa

k la im going to sleep d,
tmr 10am class and got presentation
nitenite baby
love u much much
sayang bb hug hug bb!!
<3 <3 <3

94th (52days to go!!)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

22 May 2011 (93) 53

baby baby
how r u today?
im super fine over here ;p
busy doing research on Sydney eh
now only i kw sydney so big laaa
super duper alot famous places to visit
i scare v got not enuff time to visit only
bb got drink alot water mah today?
eat sushi dun put so many wasabi yaa!!
i kw one of ur favourite food is japanese food,
but baby must drink alot water aft makan k..
i scare too salty n got ajinamoto la
b must kw how to take care of urself ya
sayang sayang pig b
tis aftnoon went out u nvr tel me eh,
i was looking for u..
wanted to call u but i scare u scold me y so gan cheong look for u
luckily at last i call bb lor,
then only i kw u r outside..
pig bb nvr tell me u go out
nexttime must tell me k =)
i kw u r not 3 yrs old child la,
i just wan to kw whr is my baby mah
at least if i wan to look for u,
i kw u r busy and dun1 disturb u lorr
m i rite?
bb understand me rite?
sayanggg ah
justnw dinner i went to desa park city makan shabu shabu
so fullllll laaaaaaaa
until i go toilet loose my belt eh XD
eat alot vege and mushroom leh..
meat also eat alot laaa XD
25rm only eh,
is cheaper than lasttime u go puchong eat tht one
somemore the shop is so clean
every1 satisfy with the food n enviroment..
but then i feel okok only laaaa,
i prefer HOI TONG la!!!!
super duper nice XD
if eat with bb lagi nice lorrrrr
i misss u laaaaaa pigggg bbbbbbbb
i miss those time i hug hug u and hold ur hand leh
justnw saw kangkim n ah kit hold their gf's hand
i think of u =(
how come my baby hand is not here for me to hold one
i miss baby's hair smell laaaaa =(
long long time nvr smell ur hair d,
nice shampoo smell leh XD
i wan to kiss on ur head la pig b
if skype with me, rmb to show me ur head in front the web camera k ;p
i wan gv u a big big kissss
today my bb very guai,
1230 jiu lay down on the bed n wait for my call d
love bb to the max!!
but then is maggie wan sleep early only my baby follow one
hahaha nvm laaa
sayang u much much also
b tmr have to wake up early har?
make urself a hot drink k,
and rmb to leave a msg in watapps for me yaaa

im going to sleep alr bb,
tmr u rmb to ask ur frens about sydney k
then i will get ur card num from to email bighostel
nitenite my baby
sayang baby much much
i love uuuuuuuu
hug hug bb tight tight!!! XD
<3 <3 <3

93th (53days to go!!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

21 May 2011 (92)

baby baby
u not guai guai laa
so late only bath!!
u kw u bath very long somemore need to dry hair,
sure very late alr mah if u bath so late
drama got so important ah?
the drama wont run away la if u nvr watch it
hmmm u can pause de mah
aft bath only continue watch,
but then dun watch until so late la..
bb not guai also de
i kw is weekend,
but weekend also no need 2am only sleep mah
can sleep late abit,
but not 2am lah
sayang baby
must listen to me,
i wont lead u to the wrong way la..
i alr lost my 理智 very long leh
too sayang u until my 理智 gone alrr
but i scare u get cold n sick la if sleep too late and bath so late
i rather u angry me i also dun1 u to get sick
bb must guai guai ok?
must listen to me
then only i sayang u much much
how is ur dinner tonight?
full full mah bb?
i scare later u hungry laa
somemore im not thr to cook maggie soup for u,
no hot hot milo drinks..
must eat full full k
i went the shop beside darul salam for dinner with nien pinyang n shuheng,
then went to BEANs for dessert..
so full laa
my tummy big big eh =(
but my weight still the same,
look fat only, weight still the same..
hahaha tht mean can eat more =))
if bb free bb go n active the bank card k,
coz v going to book the hotel alr
and i had ask david's fren
v can visit alot of places in sydney
i got a long long list with me
less than 2 months,
im going to hug hug u alr pig bbbbb XD
oh oh ya,
i heard tht sydney is much more colder than adelaide eh
she ask me to bring thicker shirt n sweater!!
and i think i kw whc jacket to buy alr since so cold over thr
what bb think?
topman, zara or universal?
i feel better alr aft taking a big nap tis aftnoon,
tis morning i feel so cold laaa
until i cant wake up for class..
i wake up at 7.10 but then i really not feeling well and i continue to sleep back
now is much more better alr..
must drink more water n sleep early la,
i dun1 to sick la,
super suffer..
somemore assignment week and exam soon
baby also same ya,
must drink more water so tht u wont get sick easily..

bb im going to sleep d,
nitenite bb muacksss
sweetdreamsss ya
sayang bb much much
love u <3
hug hug bbbbbbb

92 days (54days to go!!)

20 May 2011 (91th)

baby baby
i sore throat, running nose and cough laa =(
going to sick soon eh
not feeling well since lastnite
how r u today?
got drink more water ma?
weather is bad la,
baby must take good care of urself k..
dinner u nvr eat full full ah
sayang sayang,go ppl house eat also can eat more de mah..
alr go to eat lorr,
paiseh wat la..somemore u r close to them
wat to paiseh o pig pig b..
still got milk at home ma?
drink milk b4 bb sleep la if u hungry
sayang baby's stomach

is 2.15am over thr and u haven sleep??justnw when u do mask u told me very tired one
then now u haven sleep yet..
if i nvr wake up n wataaps u then u still watch ur drama a?
dont so late sleep la pig b
do assignment tht time u alr very late sleep,
no more assignment then u should sleep early mah..
or else wat for u do ur mask o?
so late sleep pimple also come out lorrwaste the mask only eh
sayang sayang
im not to scold u la b,
i just wan to tell u to sleep early..
tmr must sleep early alr k
no more drama aft 12am yaaa
must sleep b4 1am k
bb must guai guai yaa
drink more water n sleep early k
i alr no feeling laaa,
thts y i ask bb to drink more water n sleep early..
dun learn me late late sleep la.wat i get is sick lor so late sleep..
bb guai guai must listen to me k
im going to sleep back d,
purposely wake up to update laa
nitenite baby
sweetdreamssss muackksss
sayang u much much
hughug bb
love uuuu

day after day, very soon i will meet you bb!!muackksss
91th (55days to go!!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

19 May 2011 (90th) 56

baby baby
how r u today?
everything ok over thr?
bb let me kw ya if maggie sim bully u XD
or wenyun bully u =)
i whack kao they two!!
i went to classs la tapi for awhile only jiu go kim gary alr,
dismiss so early eh =)
but i not feeling well..
kena raindrops when i go to class tis aftnoon
now my head like very heavy eh
feel so tired n my throat is not ok =(
i dun1 sick laaaaa
very suffer eh
somemore nobody take care of me..
wan go out dapao also no energy la if sick =(
zzz now also no energy alr la me
justnw play futsal,
i nvr run much eh..
keep on standing and rest =(
super duper tired n no mood laaa
i heard baby sound justnw,
like flu or cried b4 laaa..
sayang baby wat happen?
tell me ya i u cried k..
i dun1 bb sad over thr,
must enjoy every single day in Adelaide k =)
must drink more water also,
weather change very fast laa..
drink more water only can prevent sick!!
baby u see u see,
黄飞鸿 in taylors eh!! hahahaha with yellow umbrella!!

hahahha sozai eric lau!!!
he bring tis to classroom,
the tuitor shocked eh!!!
oh ya thanks to chialynn ya,
help us to book air ticket!!
terima kasih chialynn,
troublesome u again =)
baby baby,
check the hotel ya when u free..
im checking also,
just tht v dont have time to talk to each other today..
tmr i spend some time n v discuss k
but ur class until very late laa..
hmmm see how la mayb at night k!
cold cold ma today?
b wear more clothes and cover blanket ya

okla im going to sleep d,
had one neurofon 1st ;p
i scare i sick laaa
nitenite baby
sweetdreams yaa muacksss
love u much much
sayang baby!
hug u tight tight!!!

90th (56 days to go!!)

18 May 2011 (89th)

baby baby
i login both our unisa ubpm thr,
but then when i go in BCB,
it appears nothing laa
i dunkw whr to download the previous assignment eh =="
tmr u try yaa
i nvr download b4 thts y i dunkw whr eh
sayang sayang
tmr must book air ticket alr ya =)
about the hotel,
v still got time to make decide..
can choose slowly and get the best hotel k
i miss baby laa
alr 89 days nvr see my baby face to face alr,
nvr sayang my baby's face alr,
nvr hug hug my baby tight tight alr =(
i cant wait to meet u la pig bbb ..
every night b4 i sleep horr,
i will imagine and think wat to do when i see u in adelaide eh
i will straight away hug hug u tight tight ,
kiss my baby face ,
gv u a cool smile and otherss laa
hahaha very happy leh =)
and i imagine not i come and hug u eh,
u running towards me and jump to hug me XD
arhhhhhh faster faster time pass faster
i cant wait to meet may baby girl
but exam soon eh if time pass faster =(
how r u today bb?
have a nice sleep rite lastnite?
sayang baby
tonight can sleep like a pig alrr
tmr no class no need wake up so early la =)
bb wake up rmb to find me ya
sayang u much much
tmr my class at 2pm
i can sleep until very late also =)
today i sleep whole day at home eh,
outside raining heavily lazy to go out,
somemore this kind of weather is so so nice for sleep
then went to eat LALA with shuheng n nien..
long time no eat d la,
super nice lorr =)

baby baby i continue to see the hotel website 1st ya
u sleep tight k
nitenite baby
sayang u much much <3
love baby much much
i misss uuu

89th (57days to go!!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 2011 (88th)

finally u done ur auditing assignment!!
can sleep like a pig alr =)
sayang baby much much
sorry ya baby i keep disturbing when u doing assignment
dont angry me leh
i miss u very very much thts y i watapps u and call u
baby dont angry ya
i sayang u much much
baby can sleep until 12pm tmr =)
no class for u and me
tmr is wesak day,
public for all malaysian XD
u see,
study at msia so good..
so many holidays =)
baby baby,
u nvr eat dinner leh today
feel hungry anot?
sayang my baby's stomach
bb should make a hot drink la,
later ur stomach canot tahan hungry n u cant fall asleep la bao bao
i ate MCD for dinner only,
ask cheenien dapao for me..
mana tau aft 10 mins then kangkim ask me to yamcha..
went ss2 gei tak sek =)
long time nvr drink the mango lo XD
very nice eh..
but i cant fnish it la
if my baby is here jiu good =)
got ppl share with me..
i miss u very much la bb
i wan hug hug baby
i kw morning very cold in adelaide,
hope baby can tahan until july..
i will be thr and sayang u as much as i can
i can gv baby my hug hug =)
as warm as msia weather XD
baby today nvr eat dinner leh,
tmr bb wake up must make urself a cup of milk and eat lunch k
i scare baby mang chang la

ok la baby, im going to bed d
muacksss nitenite bb
love u much much
sayang baby n hug hug baby
muacksss =)
i miss u and love u feon koh aka hoe's baby XD

88th (58 days to go!!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 2011 (87th)

baby baby
sayang sayang u much much
direct few days alr la my pig bb so late only sleep
later u r not pig bb laa,
u become panda bb =)
sayang baby
i can feel how tired r u
lets fnish the assignments together n sleep like pig k
although im not beside baby,
but my heart also thr for u..
i can feel,
i kw wat bb feel as well..
baby must jia you ya,
anything bb just watapps me..
i will appear within 1 min to rply u =)
if im not playing football laa
or else anytime i can rply baby
and and when im sleeping ya!!
i will rply but late abit only =)
i whole day at home do my ps assignment also la bb
then evening only go out,
kangkim go the curve potong rambut
then aft tht v go new paris for dinner..
lastnite went velvet for ah kit birthday mah,
then today he treat us eat lorr..
sibeh expensive la,
all expensive food eh =)
so so so nice
slrrrppppp XD
baby i found 1 shop in the curce called "The Terrance"
is smth like hmm bbq buffet de
nvr try it b4 la
wait baby come bck v go together k =)
promise u

ok la im going to bed d,
tmr have to go to lakeside passup assignment n MR class
tuesday is wesak day la =)
public holiday
k la k la, i dun1 luo soh d..
later bb scold me again XD
nitenite baby
muackssss sweetdreams ya
love u much much
gv baby a super tight hug!!
i kw is freezing over thr
sayang baby k!!!
take good care of urself ya my little darling =)

87th (59 days to go!!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 May 2011 (86th)

Happy Birthday to You MY BROTHER!!!!
goodluck and all the best
may all ur dreams come true
and of coz stay sweet with kaiyi!!!
all of u miss u very much la
see u at june..
alot fighting waiting for u,
no u no ppl start fight laaa
enjoy ur big day!!
take care =)

babyy babyyyyy
sayannnnggggggg uuuuuuuu much muccchhhh
bb still busying doing assignment
and im busying playing around
sayang bb
but i alr do 1 question for ps assignment la,
left 3 more..
will fnish it by tmr,
bb dont worry me ya..
coz i alr got alot of references and kw how to apply it,
just tht tis aftnoon busy searching for the reading and not yet started to write
fnish 500 words, and 1.5k words to go =)
goodluck to me and goodluck to my baby too
bb justnw went zouk hor,
almost fight eh!!
i good good boy eh pig pig bb
drink little bit only =)
now i kw why my stomach so big
coz i keep drink cola leh,
u see those ppl drink liquor,
their tummy not big de..
hahahahahah mayb i drink too much cola thts y so big =))
bb wrote how many words alr ur assignment?
tmr must jia you ya and faster fnish it
then i can sleep from night to night =)
wake up to peee and watapps me only,
viber me whole day! XD
baby wake up leave me a msg k

im going to sleep d pig pig b
nitenite ya
sweetdreamsss =)
love u much much
sayang baby
hug hug bb tight tight
rmb to cover blanket ya my sweetheart

86th (60days to go!!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

14 MAY 2011 (85th)

baby baby
sorry tis is a late post..
coz aft i came bck frm @LIVE i wan update one,
but then computer cant connect to internet.
then i lazy to on 3G to update..
sayang sayang baby
bb tired rite?
pity pity bb
because of tis auditing assignment,
my baby so stress, so tired and suffer laa
everyday so late only sleep,
then early morning jiu wake up for this assignment"
hug hug bb tight tight..
cold cold over thr rite?
sayang my noob bbb
how was ur dinner lastnite?
heard frm u that the vietnam food is very nice leh
bb must bring me to thr when i visit u ya
i treat bb eat ok ;p
order alot,
eat full full ya!!
i 1am only reach @live eh bb,
after futsal only i go..
at first i dun1 go and they keep physo me n ask me go laa,
i die also dun1 go de..
but then they said they came my birthday last last week,
ask me gv them face one time..
i kena physo alrr..
i have to gv face 1 time,
nexttime they wont physo dao me if they say they gv me face come my birthday d..
somemore they said i no need to pay,
i paiseh to drink lo if no need pay..
i drink green tea only.
hahaha every1 tot i drink henessy XD

ok la i go bath 1st,
bb discussing assignment..
later find me ya!!
sayang bb
love u much much

85th (61 days to go!!)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

13 May 2011 (84th) 62

how r u today?
very tired rite?
sayang sayang bb
i kw u r tired
i can feel u r tired la
u study until so late,
i think there is no problem for u to ans the test
coz i kw my bb is clever girl =)
same to maggie too,
i think both of u r satisfied with the result ;p
i woke up early la tis morning,
then go n withdraw money and photocopy my ic
then go kelana jaya with shinying to renew my passport..
bb sorry for disturbing u ah,
i kw u stress and wanted to sayang u mana tau im disturbing u
sorry ya hug hug bb
i went to see alot of things la today,
the jacket, laggings, shirt..
feel like wan to buy all of them XD
but baby not here,
nobody gv me opinion then i nvr buy..
bb tmr wake up so early again,
i wil try to wake up early to accompany
i try yaaa
bb must drink more water k
take good care of urself

nitenite bb
love u much much
sayang sayang bb much much
hug hug bb
muackssss <3

84th (62 days to go!!)

12 May 2011 (83th)

Happy Birthday to you Yi Chia!!
hope u doing good over thr
may all ur dreams come true and
stay sweet with ah boy XD
goodluck and all the best!!

baby baby
my pity bb still studying at this hour
my heart pain pain leh sayang
i dun1 bb to be so tired la
bb faster fnish read and do the practice ya
bb must score for tmr japanese test k
my lucky kiss for bb
goodluck my sweetheart <3
my guai guai bb finally buy blanket
good girl bb,
i jiu shi like bb to be good girl,
all the time listen to me XD
although i can fierce to u today
but i dont think tmr i can fierce to u alr
sayang bao bao XD
u faster go and get a blanket cover la
so that u can use it..
no more cold cold loh
i can hide inside the blanket once i go adelaide =)

pig bb i told u alr rite
justnw i wake up and then super blur laaa
hahaha i tot i take a nap and sleep until the next day morning leh
take my jeans n shirt out,
im in rush
i tot shinying is on her way to pick me up to do passport
then while i wait for the hot water,
i think n think wat i did lastnite n wat i ate eh
then i see my viber time
eh!! is 7.46pm leh!!
is PM!!! hahahaha
i nvr sleep until the next day la
so stupid eh me!!! XD

bb i really miss all of u la =(
i miss my lastyear birthday celebration
i miss the cake i blow with bb and the birthday song by all of u
i miss chialynn wenyun maggie yichia david angeline and of coz i miss my bb too
i miss my previous birthday celebration very much
true friends,, now i kw
im happy to see the way u all celebrate for maggie n yichia
i feel warm when frens gathering in a small place
i wan to join u all so much for every birthday celebration,
but im too far =(
i miss all my frens in overseas!!
u all r my true friendss
my gf is one of my true fren in my life..
thanks for being my fren

i m waiting for bb viber cal nw
bb must faster sleep aft viber me ya
nitenite bb
sweetdreamssss i love u much mch
hug hug bb tight and sayang u
goodluck ya my sweetheart <3

83th (63 days to go!!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 MAY 2011 (82th)

Baby baby
I was waiting ur phone laa
But nvm la I kw u r busy with ur assignment
Sayang sayang Bb
Stomach pain pain a?
Hug hug Bb tight tight
Sorry ya Bb I'm nt beside n sayang u when u need my sayang
I promise Bb when I go find u in July,
I will sayang u super duber much much much k
But one thing,
Bb dun so easily mang Zhang k
Not bcos I dun1 sayang u when u mang Zhang,
Is tht vry fast old la if Bb mang Zhang :)
So Bb must stay happy everyday k
I kw u dun1 me to come 1st coz exam soon
I really hope time flies faster la so I can meet u
Today cold cold ma b?
Rmb to cover blanket ya pig b
Here very hot la
Especially ystday n today..
Walaoooo eh super hot la
B4 go dinner I bath thn come bck frm dinner I bath agn eh
So hot n sweat like dog leh
Haizzzz somemore I saw the newspaper said this hot weather come early
Zzzz until September leh..
Luckily I going to find u in July ;)
So can escape frm tis hot country for 3 weeks
Bb tmr have to wake up early n got discussion ah
Sayang sayang u must drink more water k
Muacks muacksss

Ok la I'm going to sleep d Bb
Nitenite love u much much
Sweetdreams ya
Sayang Bb hug u tight tight
Sayang ur stomach also
Stomach must guai guai don't let my Bb feel pain k

82th (64 days to go!!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 MAY 2011 (81th)

baby baby
sayang sayang bb
sayang bb stomach
hug hug bb
i kw bb pain pain sayang
bb tahan for few days ya,
drink hot drinks k
love bb much much
since bb not free n busy with assignments,
i didn talk much to u leh today
i miss bb voice,
i miss bb said miss me very much,
i miss bb said tam ni tam ni =)
tmr bb spend a lil to talk to me ya
or else i canot tahan la nvr hear ur voice,
hahah no mood to eat leh if nvr hear ur voice XD
is cold cold over thr rite?
bb must wear thick cloth and cover blanket k
msia is super duper hot laaa,
until i dun feel like going out for lunch n diner leh
once i go out come bck confirm have to bath..
so so so hot laa
tis aftnoon went to pay electric bill for kang kim,
wait for so long laa
wait n wait n wait..
so many ppl thy just open 1 counter only eh
stupid anot u say?!
i dunkw those other staffs sitting thr for wat eh
they chit chat n read newsppr
ZZZZ sXhXi !!!!
then i went dinner with hi kit nien kangkim and ah kai
fnish dinner n rest for awhile jiu go to play futsal d
so so so tired la
i went darul yamcha for awhile jiu come bck mandi n update tis post d
my eyes are tired,
my legs, my neck and my heart is tired too..
coz i miss bb tooo much laa
thts y my heart is tired =)
hahaha like iphone on 3G lorr,
super makan battery..
my heart also makan battery leh when i miss bb
bb faster fnish ur assignment k
i dun1 bb to be stress laa
i wan bb all the time free,
can sleep until late late and keep talking with me =)
sayang baby stomach k
muacksss <3

im going to bed d ya
nitenite my sweetheart
love u much much
sayang u muackssss
hug bb tight tight!!

81th (65 days to go!!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

9 MAY 2011 (80th)

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers =)
and of coz happy mother's day to my mummy!!
im big boy now and i will not make u worry abt me ;p
i wil try to face and solve all the problems by myself..
no worries mummy =)
big boy wont cry!

baby baby =)
how r u today?
early morning jiu mang zhang alr la u
hahahaha sayang la bb
the lazy song's mv nice?
hahah hope it can calm u down when u r mang zhang
today cold cold anot bb?
hug hug u ya'
gv u warm warm so that u wont feel cold ah
thankyou bb =)
thankyou for the hoodie ya!
another birthday present isit?
i wan 1 more thing leh
can ma?
i wan bb to take good care of urself and bath early and sleep early XD
thts all only
i kw today u guai guai aft come bck frm groupmate house jiu go bath
sayang bb
u full full anot o tonight dinner?
i scare midnight u hungry n wake up la
somemore thr is no PELITA over thr
bb i watched fast n furious 5 leh!!
nice movie ;p
but very tired laa
go out for whole day d
my eyes and neck r tired leh
somemore i wake up quite early today
hmm tmr 10am class,
i think i can wake up =)
MR class, neliza zzzz

ok la im going to sleep alr,
nitenite bb
i love u much much bb
hug hug u sayang u
muackss <3

80th (66 days to go!!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

8 May 2011 (79th)

baby baby =)
sorry bb
justnw i came bck fmr yamcha then i lay on the bed and fall asleep eh
now only i wake up n update my blog
bb how come i cant post comment n see wat u write on ur wall de?
u change the setting in fb ah?
so tired la today
but im happy =)
coz i talk to bb very very long?
i love to talk to u
i love to listen ur voice
i love u tam u
i love to sayang u
i love everything abt u =)
i misss u & love u bb
67 daysss to go
i will gv bb a tight tight hug when i meet u
how r u today bb?
r u happy today?
i hope u have the same feeling la ;p
i hope u love to hear my voice
love to talk to me
love to let me tam
love to let me sayang
and love me so much as i love you =)
i went dinner with uncle la today
we went to sky bar,?
but then the food only serve aft 8pm,
dunkw wat happen to their kitchen laa
then v change to eat japanese buffet (sasaki)
shit the food like shit la!!
not nice at all
then went to snowflake with uncle n family =)
hahahah 1st time i go dessert with them la
somemore is snowflake XD
baby u much cover blanket and wear more shirt ya!!
i scare morning very cold and u canot tahan la bb
sayang u much much
love u much much

im going to sleep d ya bb
nitenite bb'
love u much much
hug bb tight tight and sayang u XD

79th (67 days to go!!)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 May 2011 (78th)

baby baby =)
sayang bb much much
how r u today bb?
im so so so tired laa..
lastnite canot fall asleep leh
around 4am only sleep..
then wake up at 7am,
and turn up 8am personal selling class..
so so sleepy in the class eh..
somemore tht tuitor i cant understand wat he teach la
hahahaha me n nien keep laugh at eric only,
we said he mabuk on my birthday =)
he got a new nick name d,
i heard frm bb tis morning very cold ah,
hug hug bb sayang..
when u wan buy think thick blanket?
i kw u wear alot shirt n stockings laa..
but then bb u really need a thick blanket la
or else u will get cold and sick eh
i really worry abt u bb
faster go n get a thick blanket la
tmr saturday mah,
u should be very free..
go n look for a blanket ok?
bb listen to me laa
guai guai ya
bb me went new paris dinner with kangkim, shinying and pinyang laa
then went sunway giza..
thy drink but i didn =)
i so good boy eh
go thr drink plain water
bb ah i dunkw why my phone battery so fast die la
super fast leh
1 hour can drop 30% eh
i reset n delete alot of appss laa
alr download battery doctor apps,
dunkw can tahan longer anot the battery

ok la im going to sleep d
nitenite bb
muackssss sweetdreams ya!!
bb cover blanket k
love u much much
hug hug bb sayang u much much

78th (68 days to go!!)

Friday, May 6, 2011

6 May 2011 (77th)

i kw u r very tired today..
but i wont sayang u in this post,
coz u not guai..
u told me u wake up very early,
then go for class and dinner,
then aft bath u said u will sleep early..
then wat u did?
online until 1.30am?
tht is call tired ah?
not guai one my pig bb..
nexttime if u said tired and u still go online,
i really wont sayang u ah..
i was thinking that u very tired,
and then i go for futsal nvr accompany u and nvr talk to u i feel guilty one..
now no more guilty
no more nexttime ah..
today i forgv u gv u sayang..
nexttime if u tell me u tired and then u still sleep so late,
then no sayang for u d..
im serious de ah pig b!
drink more water k,
these few days forget to remind u to bring water bottle out..
just fnish bath,
justnw went futsal and then wen usj murni yamcha..
tmr 8am class laa..
bb can wake me up like i wake u up tis morning??
i dont see some hope laaa
i kw u r tired la,
forgv u la..
if no sayang u i myself also feel very weird leh.
sayang sayang baby, no more nexttime ya..
must listen to me ok?
hug hug bbbb

oh ya, i dunkw my 耐性好or wat eh..
justnw i super mang chang leh,
i keep call n call n call u but u nvr pick up..
and then once u answer the phone,
my mang chang and fire all gone d..
pig la me,
dunkw y everytime wan scold u then once i hear ur voice,
my angriness all gone!!
u laaa,
only u can control me la XD
thts y u r my pig b!!!
super pig!!!!!!!! call me in the early morning and ask me how to buy chocolate coz maggie took all ur money home
stupid laaa, i was sleeping then u ask me so random question!
i was very very tired la bb
i wanted to sleep but then 1 more hour i have to wake u up eh,
i wait so so so long for tis 1 hour to pass..
hahahaha but nvm la
as long as i can wake u up jiu can d
love u much much muacksss

im going to sleep d,
nitenite sweetdreams bb
love u sayang u much much
muacckksss hug hug bb

77th (69 days to go!!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 May 2011 (76th)

baby baby =)
sayang sayang bb
sayang maggie also ;p
so noob eh maggie sim,
cut her finger with meat knife..
luckily her finger still in her hand =)
somemore very enjoy leh,
go saloon wash hair with 1 super reason..
"how to wash hair with one hand"!!
hope maggie sim's finger faster recover la,
ltr if she saw i write her sure ngam ngam cham cham one!! XD
baby tired anot today?
sayang u much much ah..
goodluck in tmr test ah bb,
score 100% k!!!
goodluck to all of u who doing japanese test too ;p
full full ma baby justnw eat dai chou?
hmm got miss KL dai chou?
me n nien them had our diner in yee fatt,
wan to ajak shihui ruimin them makan one
but they alr at pelita with joanne n janet..
so just A A eat luu ;p
then hor
v went to the BEANs thr for dessert eh..
hahaha super pandai enjoy life la nien
i tot aft dinner can go home rest,
then thy tarik me go BEANs..
baby nvr pick up my call,
i think u fall asleep d..
hahaha too tired of studying weird japanese words
hug hug bb sayang u


i copy from fb one..
very meaning full eh
To all my Boy friends,
pllsss put ur gf in the top of ur heart,
plss love her forever ;p
not only seconds or hours!!
if u cant love her forever, plss dont start to love her!

bb im going to sleep d,
tmr suppose to go do to passport with shinying one,
she suddenly got interview worr..
so postpone to next thursday only do lorr my passport..
nitenite bb
muackss sweetdreams yaaa
love u much much!
goodluck my baby girl <3
sayang u much much

**sorry bb, sorry im not by ur side when u r studying until so late..
i feel guilty =(
lasttime i maked milo for bb when u r studying,
and we ate maggie soup also..
sorry ya bb
i hope july i can treat u like a little princess!
i will sayang u for everything tht i suppose to do but i have not yet do until now..
sorry, i love u baby

(70 days to go!!)

4 May 2011 (75th)

baby baby
how r u today?
dinner not full again ah?
sayang bb,
wait i go find u i cook maggie soup for u at night ok?
let u taste i cook de maggie soup XD
abit different one, i add eggs and onion inside like lasttime at krai chialynn cook for me de =)
but tht time got ikan masin laa..
very nice de leh XD
cold cold ma 2day?
bb wear more cloth or jacket ya..
very pity leh if cold cold then no hug hug frm me
sayang sayang my baby girl..
oh ya bb,
forget to ask u alr laa...
u buy think blanket d?
u tell mami laa u wan buy blanket,
i scare winter tht time u canot tahan laaaa..
too cold alr
although im thr gv u warm n hug hug,
but then i will feel cold cold also leh XD
bb ah justnw i went to play futsal mah,
i told u i went to play rite..
then horr when v r playing hor,
nien not shuang me eh..
he said i kick his leg twice eh,
then he straight dun1 play..
i was so shock u kw
i nvr kick his leg,
only body contact..
i push him abit then he lose his balance la,
hahaha then everyone was so shock u kw..
coz everyone saw i nvr foul him leh
then i just say sorry only..
if he is others ah,
i mean not close one i sure wont say sorry one..
MING MING jiu nvr foul mah,
if canot body contact then dun play football la,
go play badminton go play ping pong laaa
ok la mayb nien seldom play competitive game i kw how he feels..
hmmm luckily he is okk laaa coz i said sorry
then hor aft futsal around 1am v only realize v haven do the 1.2k FP peer review report.
fast fast back home n bath n go his house do
20mins jiu kao tim all d,
then went to watch ball
im sad laaa
coz real madrid is out frm champion league semi finals
kaka, ronaldo, ramos, casillas all very sad..
im sad also =(
i really very dissapointed laa,
real madrid played very well but the stupid ass hole refree!!!!
arhhhhh very dulan laaaa me
bb tam me tam me =(

ok la bb,
im going to sleep d
u wake up must find me ya
i love u baby
sweetdreams k!!
hug hug bb tight tight!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 May 2011 (74th)

baby baby
sayang sayang
m i fierce to u tis morning?
sorry ya if i did
i sayang u much mcuh
bb wait me ya!!
july i will fly to adelaide sayang much much,
i extra sayang u k..
dont be sad anymore ah
i super full leh today,
ate kim gary,
then went for thai food in puchong for dinner,
and then darul salam roti kaya!!
so so so full!!
have to stop eating supper d..
i canot d,
i feel my pants are so tight eh!
hahahha my jeans also =="
i kw bb hungry justnw,
sayang laaa bb
nexttime diner dun cook porridge la..
u go pee and then hungry d leh,
like water only lorr porridge =)
tmr ur class at 2pm rite?
and mine is at 12pm..
so i call bb ya!
bb must make urself free for me ok ;p
muackss sayang bb much much.
oh ya bb
i sore throat laaa!!
lastnite aft the cocktail,
i feel my throat not ok eh..
too dry d aft tht cocktail
stp drinks!!

ok la im going to sleep d,
nitenite ya my little darling =)
love u much much!!!!
sayang bb to the maxxxx =)


Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May 2011 (73th)

baby baby!!
sayang sayang
i kw u super duper tired,
coz lastnite only sleep for 3 n half hours..
hug hug bb,
i kw u purposely do the picture for me,
i kw u take long long time to choose the photos,
i kw u got heart bb..
i heart u much much!
only bb can stay inside my little heart ;p
i love u much much XD
thankyou for everything u do for me ya!

"I have a lot of thing wanna share with you, but due to the distance we seldom get chance talk to each other. Thanks baby always wait for my call, though sometimes i forget to call you..(ok lah, i know it happens quite often >.<) Thanks baby always sayang me and listen to me, you are my best listener ever. Thanks baby always tolerate my bad temper. You treat me like a little baby girl, i have no worries when you are by my side. It's just so nice when someone holds my hand to cross the road so that i don't even need to check whether there are cars passing by. I really appreciate everything that you do for me =)

Happy 21st birthday my baby boy. i love you muacksss =) Tam ni Tam ni Tam ni ♥" by feon koh

baby baby i try very hard to talk to u everyday ;p and we used to talk 2 or 3 times a day,
i wait for ur call because u r my baby <3
n thts my promise to u to wait for ur call ><"
i will spend my time n wait for u =)
although sometime u forget to call, but then i will still remind u thru watapps ;>
im ur good listener because i love to listen to everything u say (@.@)
i do not tolerate ur bad temper coz i love ur bad temper ;)
i treat u like a little baby girl because u r my little baby girl <3
i m here to hold ur hand to cross the road but u have to see n check also la pig pig bb!! =)
i love u too baby! muacksss
zhu zhu zhu zhu zhu!! =)

nitenite baby!
im going to sleep d,
love u much much..


Sunday, May 1, 2011

1 May 2011 (72th)

baby baby!!!
i was so so so drunk laa friday night!
thankyou bb ya!
i love u much much..
nexttime canot lie me ah,
must sleep when u tell me u wan to sleep k..
i kw u got heart la..
but then u sleep for 3 n half hours only,
sayamg sayang..
faster take a nap ya!
i do enjoy my birthday la,
but it is not prefect without u!!
i will hold ur hand tight when v meet,
i will take care of u,
i will sayang u whenever u need my sayang..
love u b muacksss =)