Friday, April 29, 2011

30 April 2011 (71th)

baby baby =)
tis is a early post by me..
hahha i kw i cant update the post aft i come bck frm @live
hahahah 99% confirm drunk!
i will try my best not to get drunk la..
hahhaha hopefully la!! XD
later im going for dinner with kang kim them at tian tian lai,
aft tht come home n change,
then 10.30 go @live d..
so wat time u going to sing k?
dun drink so much k..
i sayang u much much,
i nvr set any rules ya bb XD
u enjoy ya!
must miss me much much k,
and and u must type me long long msg for me!!
hahaha muackssss
love u bb

71th happy birthday!

29 April 2011 (70th)

baby baby baby
today nvr talk much much to u la =(
tmr can talk to u?
u no class rite?
aft i come bck frm 8am class then viber n skype with u ya!!
sayang sayang bb..
23 hours more to my royal birthday,
(i think everyone has the problem of open my house grill gate tmr night)
hahahah only the residents here kw how to open the gate la
i dont wan to drunk la!!!!!!
arhhhhhhhh very sam fu one eh the second day..
bb justnw i went to play futsal at sportplanet,
play with taylors students one..
all noob la!!
pattern only alot,
kl ppl lo i think..
coz wear until so yeng so smart then dunkw how to play one
haizz my neck still pain laaa
i put alot yoko yoko b4 i play football,
then i feel super hot n spicy when im playing leh..
hahaha coz all my sweat thr mah,
then super spicy eh my back side..
now not so pain alr my neck,
but still not normal la..
i went dinner at 1U and thn went for movie,
watched 关云长"
not bad laa this movie,
mayb im not very kw the story of 2 kingdoms well..
i feel abit boring..
bb tmr going to sing k rite?
dun drink too much k,
i cant ask u dont go, i kw u will angry one =="
so u enjoy k!!
bck home must type long long msg like essay for me ya!
or else u have to tam me! XD

okla nitenite bb,
i love u much much
hug bb tight tight!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 April 2011 (69th)

may all ur dreams and wishes come true..
goodluck and all the best!!

baby baby,
how r u today?
nvr talk to u so much like ystday la =(
somemore u r not free to find me one,,
meet my fren in adelaide ah?
hahaha he nvr tell u i score alot of goals meh? XD
hahahaah he nvr tell u im PRESTIGE FC new captain ah? hmmm
cold cold ma today?
sayang sayang bb ya..
today presentation okok lor,
miss said our slides are good,
but presentation skills r nt good..
hahah coz v nvr practice eh,
lastnite only kao tim the slides
and tis aftnoon straight present =)
quite good alr la v got good points inside the slides.
hmm bb so pity ah only 1 dish for dinner =(
sayang bb
come bck msia la,
every dinner u can eat alot dishes n nice food leh..
not so exp as in australia eh!!
everyday snowflake also no problem XD
i went to TAO buffet for dinner!!!
so so so so so full!!!! T.T
my pants is going to explode la!
then v went second round at picadiliy for drinking..
4 towels beer, and shuheng drink almost 1 n half towel..
but then he nvr puke la!!
only wing wing n high only
i dun1 drunk on my bthday also la!!!!
but i think is imposibble eh!!!!!
baby baby! help me ahhh
jiejie raymond them are going,
ben and footballitis gang are going,
and the saloon boy and his frens are going also..
GG la me
dont think i can type long long msg for u b4 i sleep lehhh

ok la bb im going to sleep d,
super tired =(
not going to watch ball with them..
my eyes nt allow me to go out =(
nitenite baby,
i love u muackssss
sweetdreams ya!
must tke good care of urself k
sayang bb


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27 April 2011 (68th)

baby =(
my neck very very pain!! =(
i cant turn on my bed la,
somemore i cant get up frm bed eh tis morning..
lay down thr for 1 n half hour n i slowly get up,
so so so pain la my neck..
shoulder also abit pain.
so hard to shower, to wear my shirt n pants eh,
need some time to wear a shirt =="
how was ur movie?
heard frm u the movie is horror and smth like ghost story?
very expensive leh 20AUD..
hahaha i can watch 5 movies in TGV sunway pyramid d
nvm la go n watch 1 time is enuff la..
experience mah =)
nice nice ma ur new shoe?
tmr show to me ya
and and how abt my shirt??
hmm tmr show me when v skype ok! =))
thankyou bb for the shirt ya!! XD
birthday present birthday present!
but i can only get it on july eh..
still so long to go =)
bb help me to look for jacket k,
coz the jacket over thr is cheaper n high quality la..
my frens said msia sold one not really good eh,
when v go thr, the jacket is useless,
coz still can feel very cold..
tmr financial planning peer review presentation la =(
long time nvr wear formal n present alr eh..
very nervous very scare eh me
dun kw i will peeeeee in front of the class anot eh.
i just take my pants frm usj auntie house only,
then my cousin pass me YOKO YOKO for my neck!!
so damn spicy la!!
i put alot on my neck..
like putting sambal belacan on my neck la..
spicy n hot hot eh!!
but still pain laa my neck..
hope tmr not so pain loorrr,
later b4 i sleep i wan put alot!!
then tmr no more pain d..

ok la im going to sleep d,
tmr have to wake up early to prepare for the presentation..
nitenite ya bb
i love u =)
hug hug bb sayang..


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

26 APril 2011 (67th)

babyy =)))
love u love u <3
zhu zhu zhu zhu zhu!!
tam ni tam ni tam ni!!
sayang bb
i miss u so so much..
sorry ya bb, justnw went to play futsal then nvr talk to u
and let u wait for so long..
i went to summer steamboat for dinner =)
with nien pinyang kaiyi and pinyang's sis
so so so so so full eh,
somemore aft summer straight away go play futsal at 10pM!
i feel like the fish balls, lamb and everything was running with me inside my stomach eh!!
so damn full..
very very tired la =(
super long time nvr play in big court d,
FIFA court eh today v played..
is two n half of the normal court i usually play..
run n run n run like a dog inside =(
how's ur dinner bb?
full full anot sayang?
must bath early ya,
or else u get cold n sick leh..
touch woood!!! oppss
tmr my class at 12pm,
hopefully i can wake up la!!
very tired la,
both my legs like very heavy eh..
feel like lazy to walk d..hahah
so wat u going to do tmr ?
stay at home? or shopping?
go n look for ur blanket la if u r free..
scare u feel cold in the morning n im not thr to sayang u =))
hhaha july july ok!!
i bring all the warm n sayang frm msia all the way to australia!!

okla bb im going to sleep d,
nitenite sweetdreams ya!!
i love u bb =)
hug hug bb tight tight!


Monday, April 25, 2011

25 April 2011 (66th)

baby baby baby =)
sayang bb
love to hear ur voice laaaa
i can feel u r beside me leh everytime v talk to each other thru phone =)
i wan to talk to u everyday =)
nononoo, i wan to talk to u many times everyday!! XD
how r u today?
everything fine and no very cold horr
sayang bb
faster go n get a blanket la,
if cold cold then habis la u didn have a thick blanket..
i worried leh if u get sick over thr,
if free in these few days u go n see blanket la baby..
somemore when i go tht time,
i can use mah!! =)
winter leh very cold eh,
faster get a blanket for me! ;p
heard u said today lunch was porridge n fried fish ah,
hahaha and the fish was too salty like ikan masin..
hahahah nvm la,
cook again n it will taste better XD
improvement mah!!
i went kim gary again leh,
with kang kim nien thy all..
today 1 meal only for whole day,
then justnw beh tahan d go n buy mcd =)
for supper!!!
pening la the FP peer review,
got presentation la, have to wear formal la,
tis la tht la,
so mafan eh!!!
i dunkw whr is my pants leh =="
forget i pack in which bag alr la..
lasttime move house tht time too many bags n plastic bags,
hahaha forget whr i put d..
have to take sometime to find in auntie house
bb rmb to bring me to the dessert shops where u all alwys go de ah!
i wan taste alll the food n drinks in adelaide k XD
but but u wenyun maggie yichia n david 轮流 treat me!
hahaha im visitor leh XD
ok ah??
ONN!!! hahahha

ok la im going to sleep d,
tmr 10am class @@
dunkw can wake up anot leh..
long time nvr wake up so early d,
nitenite baby
i love u sweetdreams!!
sayang bb much much.
miss u =)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

24 April 2011 (65th)

baby baby =)
sayang bbb
i saw ur 3 new shirts,
very nice eh =)
bb buy for me also ah if got sales ok?
justnw went to chanhong's convo in klcc,
took pic with him lo..
eric nien kang kim them going also,
so tired la dunkw y..
mayb klcc too big d,
v walk from klcc to convention centre =="
alot ppl over thr la
then then i bought new pants,
ter~buy hahahaha
coz tmr is last day for my voucher la then got 20% discount so i buy lorr..
bb leh?
bb got guai guai mah today?
i webcam with u so many hours leh today =)
i wan webcam with bb everyday,
feel like u r beside me only everytime i webcam with u..
but but hor,,
u still canot multitasking eh b..
u canot webcam with me n do other things one..
but good also la,
concentrate webcam with me ok!! =)
sayang u much much..
i just came bck frm Maison lar,
hahaha drink abit bit bit bit only =)
i jia jia drunk eh,
then they nvr ask me drink.hhhahah
then halfway i go eat luk luk with xiong zhang..
at last i nvr drunk..
i type long long msg for u somemore leh =)
good boy rite?! XD
hmm dunkw jie jie back home alr ma,
she said she go alive..
so late d i think she should be reach home d la..
so wat bb going to do tmr?
going out shopping agn?
or stay at home rest n webcam with me??hmm
oh ya bb,
if u alr switch off the lights in ur room ah
dun play games alr k..
later ur eyes rosak laaa
bb must listen to me ah..
sayang bb

ok la i very sleepy d,
nitenite bb k
i love u <3


23 April 2011 (64th)

babyyyyy =(
sorry ya!! forgv me k..
thousand sorry to u, i kw i should not so fierce.
sorry sorry pls forgv me =(
sayang bb ya,
i promise i swear no next time ok..i should not so mang chang,
i will control ok..hug hug bb ah..
i alr change the tic to 12th july to 2nd august ah!!3 weeks in australia =)
bring me around k,
be one of the tour guide when i visit to melbourne and adelaide =)
and and treat me eat also ah.
hahahaha home-cook food also can,
maggie mee anything also can..hahaha
oh ya, u wan i bring duck mee for u?XD XD XD
hahahaahai can buy n bring for u..
and keropok also..hahaha =)
bb my brkfast n lunch is MCD eh,somemore tht MCDelivery come at 5pm =(
i 3.20pm call them ,but then heavy rain and i wait for few hours leh..
hungry daoo.......
then justnw went to eat dinner with joanne,
actualy both of us eat one,
then kang kim n shinying come n join us at full eh,
somemore pyramid got the new bubble tea shop,
hmm okok only la the bubble tea..
i like roibo more!! XD

bb i miss JB eh..
usually sem break 1 week i go bck jb with u de leh,
tis time hmm like dunkw how to say la,miss out something in my holiday eh,
mayb nvr visit johor thts y i cant fulfill myself =="
then actually kang kim plan to go genting one,
go yamcha only, then hai yen nvr pick up phone FFK us..@@then me kang kim shinying go puchong library lo,nien is thr too..
his frens birthday..
drink awhile only and the captain of waiter come n tell us got checking soon,
police checking soon..!@#$%^&*(
how come library also got checking one =(
then v faster drink n leave lo,go eat lok lok =)
so full la now @@
how is adelaide church o bb?
have fun over thr ?hmmmm
i think same like subang one rite.
hhahaha nth much different la,
most of the church have the same event one =)sometimes go n have fun over thr la..

wait wait,
i show u smth bb =) XD XD
i misss u la baby =(
i wan hug hug u eh.
i wan sayang u and wan u sayang me also =(
let me hug u tight tight when v meet k!!!

ok la im going to sleep d bb,
nitenite ya
i love u muacksss
sweetdreams <3
bb dun angry d k
sayang u much much


Thursday, April 21, 2011

22 April 2011 (63th)

I'm in the train going bck Kl now
Hmmm I miss lasttime v come bck kelntan by train tht moment leh ;)
I go sleep on ur bed n pillow talk with u in the train eh
Although is vry noisy la the train but v still can talk in low volume
So so sweet ;))))
U still remember anot Bb?
And now I'm alone in the train n u r in Adelaide, i listen the noise of the train alone n no pillow talk :(
I miss u, I really miss u very much baby
Hmm how r u today?
Sayang Bb y so pity eat Maggie mee for dinner..
Aiyoyoyo I sam tong la hear u said u eat maggie mee,
Don't eat so often k..
Is not good for health laaa
I super long time nvr eat alr eh,
I mean cook at home de la.hahaha
But thn still got eat maggie goreng in pelita n Darul ;)
Bb u all plan ah when go Sydney or Melbourne or gold coast k..
Dun angry n scold me for so rush to buy la,
Coz air tic price raise la..
I ask Hua Yao's gf before I buy
She work for air Asia one n she told me ticket price will raise..
I dunkw wat she said is accurate anot la, I alr ask her thn I trust her lo n I buy the ticket so fast lo..
Hmm but today I check, 13 to 17 all the ticket price is exp abit leh, I dunkw accurate anot la I use apps to check one.
Oh ya, Bb I think 30th dinner at TAO have to cancel d laa
Coz Ruimin wanyi stil in study break, Joanne is going bck Kuantan n mayb shihui go jalan jalan with her mum..
Just cancel the booking la hor, eat kuai sang Jiu can alr la :)
Birthday every year also got la,
Next year I wan celebrate with Bb k ;)

I'm going to sleep d la,
Nitenite Bb
Sweetdreams I love u
U take good care n drunk more water k.
Must cover blanket ya my little darling <3

I'm in gua musang railway station ;)

21 April 2011 (62th)

Babyyyyyy ;)
How r u today??
I'm super super fine eh, somemore my mood is so so so good ;)
Already book ticket ;)
See u on 20th July k
Can't wait alr la me, keep thinking wat to do leh
Somemore long time nvr meet with u d eh,
Dunkw I will shy anot when I meet u ;)
Confirm I vry nervous laaa hahahaha
U must cook nice nice food n bring me go jalan jalan ah
Walaooooo still got vry long la,
I describe until like I'm reaching Adelaide tmr..hahaha
Dun blame me ah, I'm too too too happy d ;)
Bad news for Chialynn n Jojin ;)
I will be staying in Melbourne until 2 august haha
Mafan u two few days ah ;)
Hahahaha I'm visitor u all kw wat to do lorrr
Nvr treat me makan also cook nice nice food loo haha
Eh no more Maggie mee with bawang putih n ikan masin ah Chialynn!!!
Oops is all abt Australia la tis post hmm
Bb how is ur drinking session?
Have fun thr? Long long time nvr drink with you n Maggie thm alr leh
wait I go Adelaide k ;) intro ur fren ahthen to me also ah
Today u dress vry pretty la,
I scare ppl grab u away leh ;(
Prefer u eat much much n fat fat eh hahaha
Thn nobody can grab u away from me alr ;)
Justnw xiong Zhang came Krai yamcha with his frens la,
Nw thy r otw go bck pasir puteh d..
I wan upload photo one, but I'm using iPhone la
Dunkw how to upload =="

Okla I'm going to sleep d,
Oh ya Bb tmr night I'm going bck Kl by train
So hmmm mayb can't update today post la
Will try to update once I connect to Internet k ;)
Nitenite baby,
Sweetdreams sayang Bb
I love u <3


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

20 April 2011 (61th)

Baby baby ;))
Hohoho happy go lucky!!!
Wat a good good good news for me
I was so shock la whn mummy nvr say no,
I still rmb mummy said "have to spend how much"
Hahaha thts mean she let me go d
And Amd she still ask me when to bank in air ticket money for me!!
Hohoho ;))
I feel today is my birthday la!!!!!
So happy XD
So how ur BBQ o b?
Eat alot rite? Aiyoooo luckily house got honey la, ltr u sire throat thn susah payah d
I remind u nt to eat so much bakar bakar food ma
Feel better d? Must drink more water k
I will keep reminding u one don't worry ;)
I like to hear u say me Loh so haha
Oh ya!! Dun alwys play game only la baby
Must charge ur phone also mah,
I can't reach u la justnw...
Call few times all go in voicemail d zzzzz
Rmb ah charge ur phone ok?
Dun wait until battery die only charge ah my little darling
I went to yamcha with teacher justnw,
Actually yamcha with kaiyi de but thn thy go TM..
Sot la go so far
Better at Krai lo, go so far waste petrol only

Okla in going to sleep d
Nitenite baby muackss
I love u
Sayang Bb hug hug u :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19 April 2011 (60th)

Babyyyyyyy ;)
I wait for half an hour to load into tis page la
And because of ystday I nvr update, no matter today how long I have to wait I also will update tis new post de ;)
I Missss u la ;(
Canot talk to u thru viber eh
Miss ur sweet sweet voice so much
Luckily stil got talkbox hahahaha
Whenever I'm bored I will listen our conversation in talkbox leh ;)
I can feel u r just beside me eh <3
How r u today?
Got miss me a lot ma????hmmm
Or u miss ur iPhone games only?
Pig pig Bb!!haha
I kw u guai guai today,
Bath early n sleep early..
Like tis only dai sek ma sayang ;)
So tmr u going to david house BBQ rite?
Dun eat too much hot hot food ah,
I scare u sore throat la..must drink more water k:
And and must watapps me ya!
Dun let me miss u till crazy ;)
I ate Kuan tong fan leh today ;)
Hahahaha I kw u miss it alot,
Come la, I bring u bck aft u come bck m'sia..
Ok?sleep with me ;)
I wan u to sleep in my house tis time..
Coz I'm 21 soon,
Hahaha I dun think Mami will stop me lo
On?let me kw when u r ready to come ah Bb
Hahaha krai all the time welcome u..
Dunkw y eh, I suddenly miss sarawak eh..
Miss maggie's house, her car her mum n dad eh,
So weird =="
I think v must take a visit to Sarawak la next year ;)
Hmmm and and I want to go Bali again with u Bb,
Tis time v ajak 1 or 2 more couple go k ;)
All these have to plan la
Now I very sleepy d
Ok la I'm going to zzz d,
Nitenite baby I love u
Muacksssss sweetdreams ya
Hug hug Bb tight tight


Sunday, April 17, 2011

17 April 2011 (58th)

later morning i go bck krai with huajin's sis ah
mayb cant update my blog for few days d
u must find me ok,
dun everytime also i find u ya..
i dun mind to find u all the time,
but sometimes u surprise me also mah =)
find me more ok..
sayang bb,
u r drunk la!! =="
whose fault?
david fault??
hhmmmm i told u not to drink so much alr
nexttime dun drink so much la ok
must listen to me lah bb

drink more water and take good care of urself k,
will try to update my blog..
but then hmmmm
u like long time nvr view leh =(
meaningless eh i keep update =(

okla wake up find me k,
nitenite bb
i love u <3
im not angry u drunk la,
just tht dun drink too much ok nexttime..
love u b muacksss


Friday, April 15, 2011

16 April 2011 (57th)

babyyyy =))
sayang sayang baby..
i kw u she bu de mami ayi and yi zhang go bck la..
stay strong ya baby,
u will meet them on dec mah..
dun sad k..
still got me =)
even we are so far but i feel u r just beside me leh everytime.
when i miss u,
i watapps u and call u =)
same to u ma,
if u miss mami them.
u can watapps and call them la..
sayang bb <3
bb eat alot hot things ma?
drink more water k,
i scare u sore throat only..
drink 100plus or coke is ok la =)
baby, i went mid valley laa..
go eat thai food for lunch and accompany kang kim to see the career fair.
he said wan find job la,
but then until now also haven get interview..
then then v go zouk bar cafe at the gardens thr..
coz too jam outside then v yamcha thr lo.
the place is not only drink beer or liquor la,
is a restaurant actually..
i drink chocolate ice only =)
but i check in thru 4 square i put happy hour XD
=( baby wat happen to you??
y ur fb status =(??
baby dun sad la,
ur mood affect me la baby..
if u r not happy,
i cant make myself happy also..
sayang sayang baby
i make u angry ah??
sorry bb if i make u angry.
sorry sorry =((
tell me k,
anything bb tell me ya

bb i came bck frm Republic alr,
drink abit bit bit bit bit only =)
i good boy la baby dun worry me k
bb wake up find me ya,
im going to sleep d.
love u baby
nitenite sweetdreams =)


15 April 2011 (56th)

i dont kw how many days nvr talk to u alr la =(
misss u so so much
how r u o?
very tired rite ah?hmm
i kw kang kim's fren tht come frm jb and she is frm foon yew high sch also de
haha tis world is so small leh
she is elder than u and she kw Guang shen de,
and her sista is same batch with u..
her sista kw lee wen one.
tis world is so so so small lorr =)
go anywhr also can kw frens tht kw other frens..
i went pyramid with kang kim la,
kim gary again for lunch =="
oh ya,
i bought 1 long pants la..
no discount eh!!
maggie laa,, take back her topshop card =(
if not i got 20% discount leh,
can buy food alr lo..
baby buy alot of things ma these few days?
or just visit the places only?
how is the dinner cook by mami?
hahahah at jb mami cook,
now in adelaide also mami cook =)
u all should cook for mami mah,
let her taste the food u all cook..
bb ah, dun angry ya sayang..
i kw i alwys ask y u nvr rply,
coz i worry u mah..
i care bb mah,
thts y i ask..
if i chat with others and thy nvr rply,
i wont ask them y nvr rply de loooo..
coz u r my baby thts y i will ask la =)
b dun angry k,
i sayang u much much..
i went bangsar with them also justnw,
go drink wine =="
dunkw wat wine is tht la,
got fruits inside one..
quite expensive eh
hmm the place is lasttime shihui birthday v go tht one,
"WIP" if not mistaken la.
nice environment, but exp la

now im at home alr,
just fnish bath and going to zzz
nitenite ya baby!
i love u muackssss
drink more water and take good care of urself!!
hughug bb tight tight,
weather is cold over thr


Thursday, April 14, 2011

14 April 2011 (55th)

i misssssss missssss missssssss youuuuu la,
whole day cant reach to u leh.
i kw u r busy and ur phone no battery =)
sayanggg bb <3
very tired rite?
go out in the early morning,
then so late only come bck..
bb must drink more water ya!
i think tmr morning quite cold la,
i had check the weather forecast justnw..
dunkw accurate anot la..hahaha
u must cover blanket ya.
nvm la,
mami sleep with u hahahhaa
she will take care of u one =)
no need i lou soh u XD
justnw i went to play futsal with nien them la,
so tired la my legs!!
somemore i feel i run very slow eh bb,
waste alot of energy but still run very slow =(
die la, fat alrrrr eh me...
i wan go TBS jogging alr la,
slim down 1st =)
later my baby dun1 me jiu charmm loooo
2nite lazy to watch champion league la,
feel like wan to sleep early..
baby must take good care and miss me much much k =)
hug hug bb muackss

im going to sleep d,
nitenite baby!
sweetdreams ~
i love u <3
enjoy ur holidays ya sweetheart!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

13 April 2011 (54th)

baby baby!! =)))
u r back in adelaide finally..
i kw u r very very tired.
i heard ayi said monday u all travel 500km,
and ystday 450km..
wat a super long journey!!
i was like OMG so far, long journey!!
sayang bbbb
must rest early and take good care of urself ya..
i kw u have to wake up early again later,
whr r u going?
shopping or visiting those famous place?
take more photos ah bb..
oh ya bb,
i had my dinner at tian tian lai with kang kim,
then v go second round dinner with jessie shinying them..
the ampang thai food!!!
super nice!!
i very full one,
then aft i smelly the crab, sotong n prawn,
canot tahan d..
im hungry again!! =))
nexttime bring u go!!
i think jiejie went thr b4 la,
i not very sure the way to this restaurant la..
hmm i fall alseep in the car =)
too tired d,
somemore jam like hell la tht hour!
then went darul yamcha lo,
with nien them,
and watch football..
chelsea knocked out by man utd d la =(
nvm la,
chelsea win or lose,
i still have to sleep, eat n study mah.
rite? ahaha cheersss!! =)

okla im going to bed d ah bbb,
i love u much much
nitenite muacksss!!
sayang bb =) <3


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 April 2011 (53th)

baby babyyy
i misssss u la =(
super duper miss u leh..
since tht day u fly to melbourne,
u got no time to watapps me n talk to me la =(
i kw u r busy sayang..
now u r in the middle of melbourne n adelaide rite?
how come australia so kampung one??
no network coverage ah?
seems like v go bck kelantan by train lo..
alwys no coverage one!
once u get to connect to internet,
u must find me k..
let me kw whr r u, wat u doing n tell me how many bottles of water u drink!
like mummy talk to her son or daughter la =)
i can feel i increase few kg eh.hahaha
canot alr,
i must back to normal life..
dun1 eat so much alrr,
somemore exp eh the eat de food
bb dun angry k =)
i good boy, i control =)
nvr alwys go drink, nvr smoke, nvr see girls..
hahahah got got, i see 3seconds only,
then i drink =) and i think of baby ;p ;p XD
bb ah, im still thinking leh
dunkw want to buy the pants anot..
and and dunkw want to go kuantan anot la

okla i going to sleep d,
bb find me ya!
i miss u i love u
muacksss =)
sayang bb hughug!! <3


Monday, April 11, 2011

11 April 2011 (52th)

babyyyy =)
enjoy ur holiday in melbourne?
take more photos ya!
when u miss mami tht time u can see her face in photo ma =)
i went the new fish head mee hun in puchong leh ystday,
not bad la the mee hun..
not tht expensive like the one v alwys eat..
i think u miss fish head mee hun alot lohh =)
bring u thr when u come bck k.
u list down all the foods u wan eat la =)
i scare when u come bck tht time u forget wat u wan to eat d..
alootttt of nice food around puchong =)
these few days lepak around with kang kim only,
go here yamcha go thr eat n drink..
he reallly wont broke one lo =(
no need work somemore..
die la if he is still in kl =)
went puchong library at night,
with kang kim again!
drink beer only la,
with shinying jessie them..
v go early n bck home early,
coz they got member card n happy hour is much more cheaper.
bb enjoy ur holidays ya!
nitenite i love u =)
take good care of urself k <3


Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 April 2011 happ(51th)

pity bb waiting alone in melbourne airport..
happy to see mami ayi them rite?
haha finally mami bring blanket for u d =)
no more cold cold in the morning
i tot i canot wake u up in the morning leh,
dunkw y b4 my alarm ring i alr wake up ;p
see seeee,
u r so important eh bb..
hmmm i dont think i can skype with u la these ffew days..
mami them r over thr,
u no time to find me de..
u must drink more water ah!
and ask mami buy u clothes =)
haha buy forrr me alsoooo leh.
i got no shirt to go college la..
everyday same shirt only =)
hahaha at least buy me 10 pieces for bthday present!
ystday i yamcha half day in kim gary laaaaa,
sit until my batok also small d..
bb take more pic with mami thm ya! =)
enjoy ur holiday!
next week my turn ;p
i thinking to go kuantan 2 days then only go bck kelantan..
but i have to reach here on 22 april,
coz chanhong's convo on 23 april la..
he ask me n frens to go klcc =)
brother mah!!
of coz i will go his convo one

this is a late post la,
lastnite i dunkw y canot publish post..
so good morning ah bb! haha
take good care of urself!
i love u <3


Friday, April 8, 2011

9 April 2011 (50th)

babyyyy =)
is half of 100 days u r in adelaide..
time passes very fast la =)
i kw u cant wait to meet mami them alr..
i kw u miss them alot.hahah
send my regards to them ya!
i very stupid laaaaa bb =(
donate 20rm for the NI GU!! T.T
can eat two meals alrr looo
stupid la me.
too kind alr..hahahah
nvm la, just donate only la..
hopefully can bring luck and 保佑 me =)
i feel like wan to buy pants n shirt leh,
hmm justnw try alr in topshop..
still thinking wan to buy anot leh~
mayb next week la i go again =)
coz no shirt for my birthday! ;p
kang kim la bad influence =)
bring me to go shop XD
bb justnw i went the hill with kang kim.
near Help college thr de.
last last week i went with thm one..
so expensive eh, 1 watermelon juice 28rm =="
better drink stella or hoegarden lo..
hhmmmm but i drank watermelon juice =)
very guai eh..

ok la,
bb enjoy ur study break ya!
must drink more water k.
i love u baby!
nitenite sweetdreams! =)))


8 April 2011 (49th)

babyyyyyy!! =))
ur oral test do quite well rite?
hmm clever bb =)
i got no class leh today,
went to sing k and have lunch with nien them @ neway!
sing until very tired la..
from 2.30 sing until 6.30pm
sing until my lung wan to come out alr..
then aft tht go pyramid find kai yi and pin yang's sis dinner..
eat porridge only leh,
not bad la the porridge..
hmm is inside Asia Avenue one
nexttime when u r bck,
i bring baby thr ok..
but then aft futsal,
i feel hungry alr eh..
all the porridge change to water n come out frm my body d =)
hmm think to go out yamcha,
but then very tired alr =="
my legs super duper tired la..
dunkw y become so cha eh nowadays =(
have to jog more alr la me,
control my food!!
hahah no more darul salam ayam goreng! =)
bb is on holiday mood d rite?
haiz then u got no time to find me alr leh,
sure u r busy shopping and visit around lo..
but u must remember to drink more water ya!
or else pimple all come out ah..
sleep early also k.
sayang bb much much..

im going to zzz d,
tmr 8am class.
hope i can wake up la! =))
nitenite baby,
muackksss i love u..
sayang bb <3


Thursday, April 7, 2011

7 April 2011 (48th)

finally done my dsm..
no more stress until my mid term break la =)
stil got 1 more week to go..
i kw u r on holiday mode now =)
aft tmr u will be very free rite?
hmm i dont think i can get u lo,
u sure busy walking around and shopping around one..
but nvm,
bb must drink more water ya!!
must take good care of urself and dont let me worry abt u k!
i missss bb alott lotttttt laaaa =))
bb i bought cyma d =))
finally! hahah
on rite?!
so how is ur preparation for tmr oral test?
goodluck ya bb,
i kw u can handle it one =)
sayang bbb hug hug u! =)
bbbb, justnw dinner with joanne and shihui leh..
old klang road tht bak kut teh and fish head!
long time nvr eat alr,
sibeh sibehhhh nice leh..hahahha
i miss those dayss that eat with u la,
i wan hug hug frm baby leh
time pass very slow la bb,
i tot once i blink my eyes,
is december now!!
but it is still april la..
miss u very much =(

bb tmr i got training at 9pm,
if can i try to viber u k!
sayang bb..
goodluck in ur oral ya!
love u..
im going to zzzzz d,
nitenite muackkksssss
i love u feon koh wen yin! <3


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

6 April 2011 (47th)

baby =)
how r u today?
cold cold over thr ma?
today heavy raining in subang la,
somemore keep thunder until i wake up frm nap eh!
super loud~
i very noob eh today,
nvr do this kind of mistake before..
when im in the bus to lakeside,
i only realize actually i dont have class becoz of class test in this week la..
stp la me!!!
then like a sozai like tis walking in college,
print my notes and wait for bus to go bck..
then kang kim called me n laugh me =(
he said he is in pyramid n ask me to go,
then i take bus to pyramid lo..
now taylors provide bus to pyramid,
very convenient la.
somemore is taylors own bus eh,
not those v take de cacat school bus! =)
and finally i bought a kettle..
im drinking hot chocolate now =)
so so so long nvr make myself a cup of drink at night!
but then hor, i didn have spoon to stir my hot chocolate,
i use my toothbrush to stir!! wakakakakakak
not the front of toothbrush la,
the back thr =)
i think i kw which watch im going to buy alr bb
will tell u once i buy! =)
so how is ur preparation for oral on thursday?
practice with maggie d?
i alr study my DSM la,
hope i can ans in tmr test la!!
god bless me =)

bb im going to sleep d ah,
muackssss nitenite bb
i love u!
cover blanket ya..
sayang bbb =)


5 April 2011 (46th)

babyyyyy =)
i kw u r sleeping like a pig right now!
is 3.13am in Adelaide..
cover blanket ah bb.
finally pass up MR assignments n done 1st MR presentation,
still got another presentation on week 12..
left 1 more test b3fore sem break.
i feel lonely la bb,
lasttime aft finish assignment in the midnight i can see u sleep like a pig n hug u..
and now i sleep on the cold bed =(
canot see u n hug u la..
miss u very much baby!
hmm i was thinking to go Adelaide on july la,
hmmmm let me think twice 1st k..
i scare my mum not allow =(
haizz very fan la..
bb must take good care of urself k.
thts the biggest birthday present for me alr =)
if can, u hide urself inside a present box and post to me!
hahahahaha i will be very very happy ;p

i just come bck frm darul with kang kim shinying them..
around 9pm tht time dinner
and then so fast hungry alr leh.
eat nasi lemak in darul! hahhaha
now too full pulak,
fat fat alr la,
very round eh my stomach! ;p
hahhaa will try to slim it down..
tmr 12pm class la, come bck have to start revision for DSM alr..
test on wednesday!
ok la bb, i going to sleep alr..
hug hug bb tight tight k, then u wont feel cold over thr..
nitenite sweetdreams!
i love u <3


Monday, April 4, 2011

4 April 2011 (45th)

baby baby baby baby baby!!
i miss u bb~
2 days nvr update alr la..
sorry ya bb =)
im super duper busy..
just finish my MR assignment and presentation this morning =)
but wednesday got DSM test again!
devil week for me la tis week!
my brain going to burst alr, if assignments keep coming on following week.
how r u baby??
is very cold over thr rite?
i kw i kw, bb must wear more cloth and jacket ya..
must bath early n drink more water =)
2 days no ppl lou soh u alr eh.
hahah me myself also canot used to it la,
i like to lou soh to u =)
how ah how ah?
get a cyma or emporio armani?
stil haven decide la me.. =="
im very sleepy la,
just come bck frm lakeside only..
okla i go take a nap k!
bb take care ya..
i will update another post tmr k!
i love u baby!
muackssss <3
sayang hughug bb


Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 April 2011 (43th)

baby baby!! =)
today i nvr talk to leh..
very tired la, lastnite no water to bath..
wait until very late only bath,
then morning went to 8am PS class..
tired daoo.....
come bck frm lakeside jiu sleep like pig d =)
how r u today bb?
got miss me much much anot?
hahaha i keep sneezing leh,
u dun lie me say u nvr miss me ah! =))
wat bb going to do later?
weekend wor, shopping again? haha
im going bck krai at 12.20pm later,
already pack my things d..
i bring my MR readings n 1 T-shirt go bck only leh.
just 2 days 1 night,
somemore all my shirts are thr..
haizzzz sunday i dont think im free la!!
should be super duper tired lo,
presentation slides n MR assignment ah!!
bb sayang me lah =(
very stress eh..
bb watapps me when u free k? ;p
oppss wait, hmm i dont think krai got line la..
i try to go online n chat with bb k,
anything u watapps me only..
must take good care of urself ya!
i will try my best to update blog k,
if nvr update then i come bck only ganti for u ya!!
sayang bb =)

okla, im going to zzzz d
nitenite baby!
i love u =)
sweetdreamssss <3
must miss me ya!