Thursday, March 31, 2011

1 April 2011 (42th)

baby baby =)
today cold cold ma b?
i kw u r tired la today,
lastnite almost 2am only sleep,
then tis morning wake up so early for the quiz..
hug hug bb ya~
very fast eh bb, April alr..
april fool leh, i think nien will call u lo..haha
make sure dont fool by him ya! =)
bb, is 3.18am now..
and i just take bath leh.
no water in whole ss15 la!! =(
luckily got water d,
so so so tired la me!
come bck frm futsal then no water mandi..
arrhhhh smelly dao!!!!!!!!!
okla im going to sleep d,
tmr 8am class leh..
i think i can wake up la =)

nitenite bb,
sweetdreams i love u!
sayang bb much much! =)
muackkkssss <3


31 March 2011 (41th)

baby baby =)
good luck in tmr quiz ya!
treat u eat ice cream if u get good result ;p
i kw u have to wake up early la tmr,
sayang bb much much k..
tmr u will be very tired,
must drink more water k..
dun get sick ya.
i worry u eh, u so noob!
hahaha everyday must remind u the same thing ;p
oh ya, i forget to remind u to watapps mami leh.
haha sorry sorry, went out whole day la today..
forget alr, i will remind u tmr k! =)
bb i super headache la now!!
i read the MR readings for 2 hours, but i cant get the ans in the reading leh.
monday have to present la!
and MR assignment also dun on monday!!!
arrhhhh die la me..
somemore saturday n sunday im not around leh,
going bck krai for ching ming!!
i think i have no time to sleep on sunday night alr!
habis la..
i tried to finish all the slides earlier,
but i cant find the ans la..
will go n see Neliza during her consultation hour on friday,
really need help alr tis time..SOS!!
oh ya, im headache about choosing emporio armani or cyma leh!!
haizzz if u r beside me jiu good la.
can help me to choose =(
i misss u la bb
hmmm ok la i continue my MR reading 1st la,
try to get ans from it!

nitenite ya bb,
i love u much much..
hug hug bb =)
muacksss sweetdreamss! <3


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 March 2010 (40th)

baby baby,
apa khabar hari ini?
morning very cold ah bb?
hug hug bb, sayang la..
i told u alr la bb, faster go buy new blanket la..
if wait until mami come ,
i scare u become ice alr eh..hahah
i scare u sick n nt feeling only la if every morning so cold.
bb listen to me la, go buy new blanket ok?
my heart pain leh every morning hear frm u the weather is cold =(
i hope im thr beside u la,
can hug hug u n gv u warm ;p
and and v can 融在一起! =)
bb my test very hard leh today!
i got read n prepare la,
but still cant ans the question..
even shuheng, nien n eric them also say hard leh.
i think tht is nt my problem alr la,
hahha is the question very very hard.

how is ur dinner with wenyun them??
wait for very long ah?
if im there the food sure very fast come out one rite?
hahaha i will order faster faster,
and complain the waiters~ =)
nice ma the food bb?
eat more la b, can tahan until the next morning..
at night if hungry u got nth to eat eh.
bb dun say me lou soh ah,
i kw i everyday repeat the same thing =)
haha but i love the repeat leh,
tis is my job,
im in love with my job! =)
everyday lou soh u =)
bb actually i dun1 go gym at tbs de,
hahaha i wan to fill water only =)
then shun bian go gym only,
very tired eh i long long time nvr jog alr..
legs very tired la aft jog =(
whr is my bb o? i wan her to massage for me leh!! =)
bb will massage for me de rite?! ;P
bb justnw i went to yamcha with kang kim them la,
damansara height, the hill!
1 watermelon drinks cost me rm28!
i can drink 5times in mamak d la =) hahah
but then nvm la, so long nvr yamcha with him d.

bb im going to zz d,
nitenite bb muackss
sweetdreams ya!
i love u bb much much,
rmb to cover blanket ya!


Monday, March 28, 2011

29 March 2011 (39th)

baby baby,
i kw u r very tired la lastnite,
skype awhile jiu off d..
5mins also tak sampai eh.hahaa
but then nvm la
i sayang bb,
i kw u r tired la..
hug hug bb <3
today wat u all cook for dinner o?
u got eat full full??
dun worry abt fat la =)
just eat only la, or else at night u hungry how?!
no me make milo for u leh,
no me cook maggie soup for u leh,
no pelita, no burger n no Mcd delivery eh!
u have to wait until the next morning only can go out buy bread la.
bb i nvr eat maggie soup eh since u go to adelaide n i move to tis house.
even a cup of milo i also nvr make for myself aft i move to tis house =(
sometimes i feel hungry at night and wanted to make myself a hot milo also canot eh,
there is no hot water for me..
think to buy 1 kettle, but only the water frm toilet i can cook!
wat for i buy the kettle =( like drinking hot toilet water only..
and end up i have to force myself to lay down on the bed n close my eyes =(
i miss the days with u at "my home" la..
sometimes u n me canot fall asleep,
i make hot milo n eat biscuits with u leh.
sometimes eat maggie mee somemore ;p
duck or curry flavour!! XD
now only 39th day only, still got 9 to 10 months to go..
hmm around 300 days leh.
but doesn't matter wat happen,
i will stay beside baby n support u all the time!
no matter how busy m i, i will alwys find a way to make time for u ;p
no excuse, no lies n of coz no broken promises to u =)
oh ya, u kw one of my birthday wishes anot?
i already kw wat is the most important wish among the three wishes alr..
i wish tht the last post of my blog tittle after u come bck frm Adelaide is "Finally my baby is back in M'sia"!
ok ma my wish?
i wish i can hold ur hand tight when u r bck ;p
i will try my best to let my wish happen! =)
of coz bb have to participate also,
must everyday miss me much much n love me <3
eh drink more water ah bb!
i scare u not feeling again la.
dun say me lou so leh, i lou so alwys bcoz of u mah!
haha u so noob, i must remind u all the time.
picture of the week!! =) ON!
nitenite baby!
sweetdreams ya,
i love u much much! =)
muackss! sweet dreamss
wish me luck for my FP test,
i continue study 1st ah.
bb wake up watapss me k!
muackss sayang bb


Sunday, March 27, 2011

28 March 2011 (38th)

baby baby =)
how r u today?
hug hug bb tight tight!
i kw is very cold in the morning over thr..
sayang bb..
if bb really canot tahan d, bb go buy new blanket la..
i 心痛 la every morning u wake up very cold =(
still left 2 weeks eh mami go Adelaide.
u can tahan mah?? hmmm
i scare u sick only eh..
no ppl take care of u, hahah especially im not beside u nobody gv u warm la =)
how is ur dinner with frens?
full full anot? later at night bb hungry la, then got nothing for u to eat leh..
must eat full full at night k,
cold weather very fast hungry de
oh ya, bb sorry ah justnw i so fierce =)
but 1st time u say sorry to me eh when im worried u eh!! =))))))))))
hahaha sayang bb
bb finally grow up alr.hahah
kw im worried abt her d..
sayang u much much =)

i went to murni with nien them justnw,
feel like wan to eat but no ppl share with me eh!
i wan eat roti ronaldo.haha but no pl share with me,
somemore i toothache =(
end up i drink air swam n limao ais only.
im waiting bb la,
b finish skype with jiejie?
but is late alr eh..
now is 12.13am in M'sia,
2.43am in Adelaide leh..
if bb tired then tmr only skype la.
sayang bb


27 March 2011 (37th)

baby baby!
ur mami birthday la 26th march ;p
i wish her in the early morning!!
hhahaha around 11am! i wake up straight watapps mami la =)
i said u r doing good over thr, no need worry abt u.
hmm today earth hour leh!! 8.30 - 9.30pm..
i went pyramid with nien n chanhong them,
makan dinner at kim gary.
then v went outside pyramid the main entrance thr,
v tot got show, mana tau only shadow show only..
some ppl sing and shadow show,
i think is christian event la if not mistaken!
then evening tht time i went jogging also la,
keep fit! they said i fat alr eh..
hahaha i go opposite Hassan tht football field thr jogging =)
my legs so so so tired eh =="
long long time nvr jog alr..
bb, i saw the watch i want la.
i think my auntie is ok with tht price =)
around 1.2k only.
CYMA watch! =)
hmmm not yet decide which one to buy la.
will go n see again only decide which one i want =)
haha bb, seriously i got most of the things i want la..'
u dun waste money to buy me birthday present k!
i wan bb take good care of urself and guai guai only,
the most expensive n valuable birthday present for me is u! hahaha
if can u hide inside a box and post urself to me!! ;p
hahaha sayang bb, i kw u have no thick blanket and weather is cold over thr..
bb wait for 2 more weeks k, hug hug bb..
mami is going to soon d,
she will bring u thick blanket ah!!
bbb take care n drink more water,
i miss u much much!!

im going to zz d,
nitenite baby!
i love u much much..
muackssss...sayang bb


Saturday, March 26, 2011

26 March 2011 (36th)

Bbbbb ;)
Done ur assignment rite?! Sayang Bb I kw u vry tired..
Can relax abit d :p
So tired la me, went to 8am PS class..
Luckily I can wake up, my alarm start to ring at 7 n I woke up around 730 ;p
Thn aft cls, v accompany Nien to repair his car..
Both typre cost him around 6 to 7 hundred la if nt mistaken.
Thn evening jiejie come take ur things frm me,
She ask me to help her buy cake la..
Strawberry cake frm RT Pastry!!
So so so nice la, nexttime buy for u k ;p
Dinner with Ruimin thm at The Gardens Alexis!
So exp eh the food, haha but nvm la lama lama sekali mah..
I lazy to upload photos la.
Somemore I got few photos only,
Nt complete de..
Bb thr cold cold mah? Must wear more shirt ya..
Wanyi is sick la, forget to ask her drink more water d =="
hahaha ltr she same like u eh, say me Loh so!!
Vry tired la me, I think today is the earliest day to sleep on 2011.
Kola I stop writing d ah Bb,
Wake up find me k..
Nitenite Bb, muacks..
I love u.
Sweetdreamss ;)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

25 March 2011 (35th)

do not drive aft u drink plss!
i dont wan to lose any fren la,
make sure u r sober only u drive..
is not worth to die in accident!

baby =)
sayang sayang, u had 3 classs 2day..
i kw u r super tired,
somemore have to discuss assignment rite?!
sayang bb much much k.
my stomach nt ok la these few days,
dunkw eat wrong food or wat eh.
keep looking for toilet =(
justnw aftnoon yamcha at pelita,
then i go boom their toilet.
and now still not ok la my stomach =(
hmmm i had sleep for the whole day alr eh just bcoz of stomachache!
2day very guai leh,
i nvr go ply futsal!
coz i scare my leg no energy la.hahah go toilet so many times, confirm no energy my leg!
oh ya,
hahahahahh i can get a watch frm my gugu! ;p ;p
hohohohohohoho she ask me to choose one justnw!
happy eh! =) hahah i told her quite expensive, she said no problem..
coz my birthday! ON!! hahahah
but i prefer a flight ticket to adelaide la! =(
im saving money alr, im on my way alr bb..
u must wait for me k,
any problems u faced, anything not happy and if u r nt enjoy over thr,
u must tell me ya!
we face it together and solve it together k!
i love bb much much! =)
hahaha bb me and nien them go watch movie la justnw,
hahah super funny chinese movie!
"Men Suddenly in Love!" 猛男滚死队!
then hor, so ngam i saw HI KIT in cinema, so ngam same movie eh!
but v nvr go yamcha aft movie la,
coz tmr 8am class =="
personal selling eh! super boring class..

ok la, im going to sleep d.
nitenite baby, i kw u got no time to see my post these few days..
take good care of urself and drink more water k!
love much much.
nitenite sweetdreams!
sayang b <3


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

24 March 2011 (34th)

baby baby!!
how is ur assignment?
i kw u r rushing, but u must take good care of urself ya!
today so pity ah eat egg and sardin only.
i also pity leh, dapao "my friend" fried rice only!
and eat alone in front computer la..
luckily got bb accompany me =)
skype with me when im eating dinner!
muackkss love bb
luckily i nvr overslept la b,
my class at 2-4pm mah then i wake up at 1.20pm eh!
hahahha then i faster call nien and i go bath.
then go in class at 2.30!
v 2pm already reach lakeside, but v copy homework frm shuheng 1st..
liza yong nvr scold us for coming late coz v got do homework!
she praise us eh, she say cannot judge book by its cover!!
she tot v nvr do her homework, but v did for her! =)
haiz today no futsal la,
i sleep whole day i dont think i can fall asleep leh later =(
bb i just came bck from darul,
yamcha with nien, and boy them..
so full la me,
justnw eat fried rice mah, then i eat indo mee double and ayam goreng =="
hahaha they say me fat alr eh,
but i dont think so la!
im still so slim! hahahahah =)
baby i kw u tired of studying and assignment la,
sayang u much much k!
bb find me when u wake up k,
miss u bb!

im going to sleep d,
love u bb!
nitenite sweetdreams!


^^ 23 March 2011 (part b)

hahaha baby baby, i had post the 33th post,
and im quite free now..
upload some photos for u ;p
our 1st steamboat buffet dinner @ summer =)
tht time u r not my baby yet ;p
in progress only!!

ipoh trip!! =)
u r my baby alr ;p ;p hmm
is b4 sem break rite? v went to ipoh with HI kit..

Serdang South City Mall!!
tht is our 1st small trip to chia lynn's serdang house.
tht time u r hmm not officially my bb yet! =)
i view all these photos when im boring la.
i will smile when im viewing,
i feel so warm! ;p
can feel bb's love =)

ok la im going to sleep d baby!
nitenite ya! i love u muackss!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

23 March 2011 (33th)

我很想问下,女孩子是不能 multi-task的?
有时好气又好笑 =="

baby how r u today?
still at wenyun's room chit chat ma??!!
hahahah i kw u cant multi task la,
thts is y i think abt wat HI KIT told me that day..
coz u r one the big sample of canot multi-task!!
sayang bb, i kw bb heart me jiu can d =)
b tired tired ma?? hmmm
lastnite so late only sleep,
then today attend 3 classes..
sayang bb much much k =)
hahahahaha ur quiz i heard u said like 打仗 ah?
hahaha do until left 0.01 seconds?!!
hahahahahaha pig eh!!!
sayang bb <3
later im going to play futsal with nien @ 11pm ya
the only thing can only fullfill me when u r not around me is futsal,
bb ah, when im alone in the room..
i cant stop thinking of u.
seriously miss u so so so much..
the only thing i can do is play to the max n make myself tired,
then only i can fall asleep..
or else i canot fall asleep =(
oh ya, ruimin msg me today =)
asking me to go dinner with them on friday,
i think i can make it la =)
ok la im waiting u bath leh bb..
faster bath faster bath,
skype with u!! <3

this post should be publish after 12am,
i publish 1st la since i got nth to do =)

33th (wednesday)

Monday, March 21, 2011

22 March 2011 (32th)

pig pig bb!! hahaaha
how how? still headache?
everything ok d rite?
sayang ah!! must drink more water and rest more k! =)
tis morning my turn leh,
feel so cold and suddenly flu eh..
whole night canot sleep la, hard to breath =(
i quickly find the Nurofon and telan 2 biji..then i sleep for awhile and feel better..
but my leg is still pain la bb,
i canot walk properly..nien still ask me to play ball,
and they nt enuff players,
i have to play =)

i went to find shihui la evening,
and i ate my lunch @ yee fatt =)
long long time nvr makan at thr d..hahaha
hahahha visit MY HOME for the 1st time tis month =)
I haven make up =)
canot let bb see my face! hahahahahha
baby baby i wan to take photo with u la!! =(
missss u so so so much!
* Long distance is not killing me la*
i will be good good boy and 1 year is very fast only!
love bb..

going to sleep d bb,
miss u much much.
nitenite sweetdreams!
i love u <3


21 March 2011 (31th)

Baby u feel better d?
Sayang Bb much much..
Must bath early la Bb,
U cannot than cold de..
Oh ya eat more fruits also ah Bb ;)
Bb I stay at home leh for almost whole day leh..
Rainy day nt feel like going out..
My brkfst, lunch n dinner all sekali eat at 6.30pm,
With my uncle n family ;)
Thn justnw I went to serdang with Nien,
His fren accident, v go visit him n yam cha at the mamak near Chialynn condo..
Bb how is ur revision for online test?
I kw Bb very tired la, sayang u much much k.
Bb find me ah if need me ;)
I'm all the time on call, even my watapps fb viber everything is on duty 24hours ;)
Hahahaha sayang b
K la, I'm going to sleep d ;)
Nitenite Bb
Swertdreams ya I love u ;p
Muacksssss <3


Sunday, March 20, 2011

20 March 2011 (30th)

baby baby how r u?
feel better ma?hmmm
sayang sayang bb..
hug bb tight tight k.
must rest early and drink more water..
bb still feel cold ma?
anything just call me sms me watapps me k..
im all the time on call =) only for u ;p

today dinner i went Ah Fong Bak Kut Teh with kang kim them,
he is going bck kuantan justnw..
aft yamcha at darul..
then i went nien house play game,
and then go MCD yamcha for second round..
hungry mah justnw ;p
bb tmr wake up find me k..
tmr make honey and eat more fruits..
the most important is drink drink drink more water!!
must rmb to take good care..
tmr u must bath early also la,
later u feel cold again..
make sure u r ok ah baby,
anything just let me kw..
i alr told wenyun u r not feeling well,
dun blame ah bb..
coz i worried u =(
she will look aft u, dun worry k..
dun paiseh la, frens so many years alr =))

k la, im going to sleep d..
nitenite baby,
sweetdreams sleep tight!
i love u much much..
sayang baby! <3

30th (1 MONTH) =))

Saturday, March 19, 2011

19 March 2011 (29th)

Happy 21st Birthday to Ruimin!
may all ur dreams come true..
enjoy ur big birthday without few of ur girlfrensss~

baby =)
is almost 1 month u off to Adelaide.
is everything fine over thr??
hmm i kw u miss papa, mama, jiejie, ayi and yichang alot..
no worries ya, they r going to visit u soon..
baby can go Melbourne and other places jalan-jalan soon =)
ystday was very cold rite?
i think tonight will be more cold la.
i not sure the weather forecast accurate anot la,
is around 13 Celsius at night leh.
bb must close the window and cover blanket ah.
i will remind mami before she go to adelaide,
i will remind her to get u a set of blanket k.
i went to futsal again la bb..
so tired eh..hahahaa
this week i dunkw i play how many times futsal d.
my leg pain pain eh, until now also haven recover =(
i think i will stop playing for awhile..
okla bb i just fnish bath only,
going to sleep soon..
u must take good care of urself ah!
nitenite bb, sweetdreams~
i love u, hug hug bb tight tight..
gv u warm =)



Friday, March 18, 2011

18 March 2011 (28th)

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb =)
i just come bck frm futsal only..
so tired la, yamcha at darul for 3 n half hour..
chit chat with HI kit and kang kim them.
bb sure sleep like a pig d.hahaha
stil got snore at night anot? hmm
dun make urself so tired ya..
tis aftnoon i went zanmai with them again leh,
at first say eat at kim gary de, then suddenly change place..
no ppl share soft shell crab maki with me la.
whr is my baby?? i need a more pair of chopstick for u to share with me =(
bb u kw why i keeping going out and hang out with them?
coz i got nth to do at home la =(
i very scare quiet..
lasttime when u r beside me, i like ur voice around me =)
i like u kacau me =)
i misss everything of u la..
especially pillow talk at night!!
i wish this 1 year can pass very fast !
i wan my life back! thts all the time with u =))
i had the happiest moment in my life u be with u all the time ;p
baby must take good care of urself until v meet again ya!
eat alot nvm, haha become fat fat nvm..
u r still my baby! =)

tmr i 8am class leh bb..dunkw i can wake up anot..
super boring la PS class =(
i try my best to wake up k.hahah
okla i m going to sleep d.
nitenite baby, sweetdreams ya!
i love u my sweetheart.
muacksss <3 <3 <3


Thursday, March 17, 2011

17 March 2011 (27th)

Baby baby ;)
How r u??I missed 11am bus to lakeside la.
thn I took the 12pm one..everytime 12pm bus is full la,
luckily I can get avseat for myself ;)
I went bawang merah for hightea la, is a cafe in the same row of windmill one.
I can feel like I'm in kelantan everytime I go thr ;)
all the kuih is so nice la Bb ;))
beside the scarf, u buy anything else today?
the bag u show me actually quite nice la, the black one ;)
if Bb really like it thn go ahead n get one k..
sayang Bb much much ;)
I'm going to Kwai sang for dinner soon d,
tis post is same as previous post ;)
I write half way n thn come bck continue to write..
Bb must take good care of urself ya!
Drink more water k..
sayang u much much muacks ;)

Due to some technician problem, tis post just update few mins ago..
Dunkw y aft I wrote everything lastnite but thn cannot publish eh =="
and nw I m using iPhone to publish de ;)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

16 March 2011 (26th)

baby =))
how is maggie's birthday dinner?
u r pretty with ur new dress la =)
i miss u, i miss v went for others birthday dinner leh..
see, my baby with her new black dress =)
wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^pretty baby! love u to the max =)))
baby im going to ply futsal at 10.30pm!
today post i write it in two part.hahah
later aft i come bck frm futsal i continue k =)
i kw u r tired la bb, is late over thr..
must sleep early ya..
i continue to write aft i bck frm futsal.

----------------- BRB ------------------------------
bb is 1.02am now, i just finish bath n came bck frm futsal..
my leg is still pain la =(
i try to not touch the ball in the pitch.hahah
then kena them scold =)
then i start to think, if i dun1 to touch the ball with leg then i can touch the ball by head mah..
all the goals i score today is score by my head la =))
baby baby, see this photo~~~~ =))
u see the photo on the top right of my table? hahah
everyday i come bck and enter my room, no1 open the door for me like previous..
i can only looking at the photo..
and smile to myself, thanks god my gf is feon koh wen yin..
she brings alot of good memories for me..
=)) <3 <3 <3
i love u baby! muackss
ok la, im going to sleep alr baby.
nitenite ya.
muacks i love u..
oh ya, rmb to bring an umbrella with u.
do not go under the rain k~
take good care of urself..
sayang u much much.
muackss <3


Monday, March 14, 2011

15 March 2011 (25th)

Happy Birthday To You, Maggie Sim!
enjoy ur royal birthday in Adelaide..
may all ur dreams come true and stay sweet with Keong.

baby =)
how r u today?
how is the weather over thr? hmm
although i have told u thousand times, and i will repeat again n again =)
must drink more water everyday ah.
no matter is cold or hot, u must drink more water k! =)
must listen to me ah bb.
how is the birthday surprise for maggie? hahahaha
u told me u were studying japanese with maggie, tht time only i think of her birthday~
alot ppl come over to ur unit?
did surprise maggie mah?

tmr my class start at 12pm la, and i have to replace my MR class d..
2day cant wake up la.haha too tired alr lastnite.
i will have more futsal training in coming weeks eh bb,
mayb i cant talk to u at night..
so once u finish ur dinner u must let me kw and i will try to talk to u tht time.
i scare i canot make myself free to talk to u if i got training at night..
bb, justnw around 12.15 ah kit only cal me go darul yamcha..
only me ah kit and pin yang..just drink for awhile only, coz kang kim sick.ahah
okla im going to sleep d..
nitenite ya my sweetheart!
sweetdreams baby, i love u <3


Sunday, March 13, 2011

14 March 2011 (24)

baby baby..
im super duper tired aft this tournament =(
my leg is so pain la.
those guy dunkw how to play football la..
they r not kicking the ball u kw,
they r kicking my leg =(
so fX pain until i wan fight but i calm down myself..
i good boy eh..
i score 2 goals in 3 games bb =)
the 1st goal tht i score is for u!
i miss u so badly bb
as usual, i show a LOVE SHAPE to my teammate!
and tht is just for u =)
oh ya, how is the dim sum today?
very expensive rite? nvm la just enjoy ur days thr
tmr is labour day in Aus ah?
luckily u r study over thr, or else i dunkw aus labour is different ;p
i have been mature frm day to day la bb..
even jordan nic lim they all see me they also say i mature d.
not from the way i play football n temper,?
is overall =)
u kw why?
is all because of u~
i learnt to think before i do,
learnt to calm down myself not getting in trouble,
learnt to settle everything.
and now, im the captain of Prestige FC! =)
im happy and all because of u baby ;p
love u to the max!! =))))))
bb im going to sleep d,
nitenite ya! love u much much
muacksssssssssss! =)


Saturday, March 12, 2011

13 March 2011 (23th)

helllloooo baby!
i think u can click in my blog d rite?
3rd week only u all get internet connection, so pity eh.haha
sayang sayang bb much much.
how is the day trip?
heard u said tht u saw kangaroo and bears ;p
hahaha so happy to hear frm u tht u r enjoying.
i miss u much much here..
baby tmr morning im going to klang for futsal tournament..very scare my team cant qualify frm group stage la,
coz only 3 teams in a group..
have to win all games only can qualify leh.
hope i can score goals and my team r in good form!!
see, here is my new jersey! =)
ok ma? hahah my new number eh!
NO.9!! torres!
i ate my dinner at 10.30 la justnw..
then aft i ate ah, stomachache again eh me..
canai's food is dirty i think =="
im going to sleep soon la bb,
tmr ChinaPress tourney at klang..
have to meet teammates at darul around 7am..
bb must wish luck for me k.
and of coz, u must take good care of urself..
nitenite baby!
i love u muackss..


Friday, March 11, 2011

12 March 2011 (22th)

im very tired la..cant fall asleep eh lastnite..
im stil awake at 4am..
then i wake up for 8am class somemore..
so so so tired =(
aft class straight come home n sleep like pig =)
hahaha but dunkw y, im still very tired eh..
oh ya, when i was sleeping hor, my leg suddenly cramp eh.
i think these few days i play too much futsal d..
haizz training and play friendly for this sunday chinapress tournament..
how r u today bb?
cold anot?hug hug bb k..
how is ur bbq party today?
have fun?
eat alot of bakar bakar food ma?
must drink more water ya, make honey drink for urself ah...
I can't fall asleep la Bb..
Went to Darul yamcha with Kang Kim n Nien thts y so late sleep
Somemore I stomachache eh ;(
K la u enjoy ur trip k, drink more waterya.
Nitenite Bb sweetdreams
I love u Muacksss


Thursday, March 10, 2011

11 March 2011 (21th)

baby baby!!
is ur third week in Adelaide..
i kw u r doing good thr..hope u enjoy the days thr.
sayang bb, i kw u r very tired today..
7pm only finish classs..
sayang k..
haha i woke up at 1pm tired eh dunkw y..
i cut my hair alr =)))
ok anot bb? haha my face so long eh aft i cut =(
but nvm la, very fast long de..
oh ya, i went ss14 the nasi lemak thr eat lunch with nien..
coz he wash his car at esso..
wait arrr i upload the nasi lemak here.hahahaha
ur favourite !! ;p
hahhahaha ON ma bb tis nasi lemak?!! haha
bb i nvr eat dinner la, only buy burger aft i talking to u =(
justnw when i was playing footbal, i feel hungry eh..hahah
my stomach keep making noise =))
oh ya, im no longer a Footballitis player alr..
now im Prestige Fc player due to some problems in the previous team..
i just get bck frm futsal n fnish bath.
going to sleep soon..
tmr class at 8am, i think i...hahaha i can wake up la.i set alot alarms d
no worries k, i be good good boy baby!! =)
nitenite bb..sweetdreams n sleep tight ya!
love u much much, hug hug bb <3
i miss u here


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 March 2011 (20th)

HI baby =)
i had ask the hand book for u alr ;p
anything u just let me kw k..
i watapps with mami la, she said she will reach kl tmr night
and go back on friday evening aft meeting..
so if i manage to get the book u want on time, then i can pass to mami ;p
how is the weather today?
normal rite? nt very cold and nt very hot horr..
b must take good care over thr ya.
i sayang u all the time dun worry =)
i very tired la baby, everyday fill my water in TBS ;p
hahaha luckily thr got water for me to fill..
somemore is free one ;p
or else i got no water to drink eh.hahaha
so pity horr =)
nvm la, everything takes time to used to it..
although alr 20 days, but i still cant used to it when u r not around baby..
tmr i have no class la ;))
hahah baby class start at 9am, sayang....
i kw u will be very tired tmr.sayang u much much~
drink more water ah =))
oh ya, i went to ss2 thr for dinner justnow ;p
eat LALA =))
very full la, feel like wan vomit =="
3 ppl eat 5 ppl dishes..
how to finish i also dunkw..
at last me n nien finish everything eh.
so full..hahaha
Bb tmr I no class ah, u free u find me k ;)
Going to zzz d
Muacks swertdreams ya my sweet sweet heart <3
Drink more water ya, tmr will be quite cold if nt mistaken..
Nitenite I love u ;)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

9 March 2011 (19th)

baby =))))))))))
how r u today? did u read these posts?
when is ur last view for my blog? hmm
hahah 1 week ago or 2 weeks ago?
nvm la, once u can online u will read all these posts de i kw ;p
today i went to mike siew's dsm class la, i think he is not bad la.
if compare to shella, i think both of them are same la =)
i kw u r having 3 class today, very tired rite? sayang sayang <3
oh ya, u rmb to check ur book k..
if ok then i have to buy from suchen alr..
coz today is already wednesday la, mami is coming to kl on thursday rite?
i have to pass to jiejie d =)
today is not ur turn to cook hor, hahaha
can rest for 1 day bb..
justnw i went kwai sang for dinner again! =)
save money save money! =))
tht day kena duit kopi rm50 damn sui lohh!!! =(
oh ya, i haven arrange friendly match for our team for tmr la =="
shit loorrr..
today is quite cold rite? must drink more water ya!
drink honey is the best ;p
oh ya bb, ur fren lee wen is same class with me in dsm..
nth special la~~ hahah
must take good care of urself k
i love to hear ur voice everyday =)
going to sleep d, nitenite ya baby!!
muacksss sweetdreams
i miss u <3


Monday, March 7, 2011

8 March 2011 (18th)

baby baby =))
i miss u so so so badly la lastnite.
i viewed the photos in my computer..
alot of our memories la..
u went here, went there~ every post n pattern..
i miss u =(
cant fall asleep..
luckily morning stil can wake up n go to class..
tht Neliza stil rmb me la, of coz she rmb u too =)
hahahahai went Neway for lunch =) me shuheng eric and nien only!
long long time nvr sing lousy eh me =(
how is the weather today?
hot n dry rite? i check from internet, but then dunkw accurate anot leh the predict =p

see? hahaha our's whatapps wall paper eh baby! =))
i went futsal with ben them..
have friendly match with a chinese team,
all of us are preparing for this coming sunday ChinaPress futsal tournament!
is a big tournament for chinese =)
bb i ate kwai sang rice only la for dinner, save money save money ;p ;p
then went Silva yamcha aft futsal
now only finish bath and going to sleep d.
bb class at 11am rite? tax class rite? hahaha i so clever u see =)
i can rmb leh

k la find u when u r free ya,
im going to sleep d.
nitenite baby sweetdreams!
love u much much here =)))


7 March 11 (17th)

baby baby,
dun mang chang, dun pik cheak! sayang u much much..
i tot Australia 3G line very good la, mana tau =="
so poor one..
talk to u by viber nt clear at all..
sayang baby k..
today i kena polis la, then i rasuah him! =)
he wan rm20 only, but then i have no small money =="
kanasai then my rm50 kena telan by him!
so sui la, just pick up phone then kena alr..
whole day eat 1 meal only eh me, 5pm dinner with joanne n her kuantan frens @ Zanmai..
how is ur 护肤品 bb? heard frm u is so expensive leh, can suit ur skin?
must apply more if the weather is cold ya, i scare ur lips break only..
drink more water k..
justnw i went darul yamcha..
with nien them, at 1st HI kit said go thr yamcha but then no parking n susan have to do homework then he go da pao only..
oh ya baby, ur convo is on 19th dec 2011..
m i rite?u go check with division office la..
coz justnw at nien house i ask pin yang check for me de..
hopefully is 19th la..then i wil plan to buy air ticket alr..
if confirm is 19th then i will go thr hmm around 10th or 11 tht ok?
discuss with u again k.
bb must take good care of urself ya.
must miss me much much k.
i going to sleep d, tmr class start at 10am..until 2pm
nitenite baby.sweetdreams!!
miss u =)
muaksss love u


Saturday, March 5, 2011

6 March 2011 (16th)

baby baby i woke up very early la tis morning.
fetch joanne to kl sentral..
she and her frens go genting ;p
then aft sent her, i bck home continue zzzz =))
went to pontian noodle thr for lunch with nien them.
i heard u said ur paip canot repair wor..
have to wait until monday?
sayang sayang, i kw very hard for u gals to pee n bath..
wait until monday k ;p
then everything will return normal..

oh ya, i went 1U also..
nien bought jeans n pants..i very guai leh, no bought anything.
i only bought a fruit juice (dragon fruit + lychee)
cost me Rm10.95
hahaha so expensive somemore nt very nice..okok only
went to SUMMER STEAMBOAT for diinerr..
so full la now.
how is the event baby?
nice?hmm i kw u line up very long only get in the event.
got drink more water anot?? huh
i heard frm chanhong chao sen is in KL during dinner,
he asked me to come out for a drink lo.
sorry baby, i kw u dun like i alwys go to drink n club..
i went zouk..
but i drink abit only..tak sampai 1 cup of beer =(
i headache la, i drink abt then my head is so pain =(
i promise, i will go drink n club less..
really, i promise u!
baby dun angry k..
i going to zz d..

nitenite baby, i love u much much! ;)
sweetdreams ya!!


Friday, March 4, 2011

5 March 2011 (15th)

I can cover my ears from something i don't want to hear,
but i can't just keep my heart from something that i don't want to feel.

how r u today baby? i heard ur voice many times today ;p
i saw ur small small room n living room..
and of coz i saw my baby too ;p ;p ;p
u saw my new room too rite? hmmm
stil nt feeling well la me baby, toothache and flu..
especially is killing me badly =(
now feel better d..
i eat alone leh today, da pao rice box from kwai sang..
sibeh not dai lo, two vege 1 meat cost me rm6..
wth =="
no futsal for me today.have to rest d, play too many times in a week d.
tis morning went to taylors for my 1st lec and make payment..
almost everything is settle and i have to settle down myself too.
baby, i kw is hard for both of us since v r so far frm each other,
but i hope everything is ok and go smooth until v meet.
i promise myself and to you tht i will be a good good boy and always love u =)
for those who read this, i can close ur eyes not to see,
but u cant keep ur heart from feeling it..
my love is so strong =)
hahaha u feel it rite baby? hahahaa
if not mistaken, tmr wil be suuny day.
tmr morning weather will be~ maximum 21 Celsius and minimum is 16 Celsius
noon~ max 24 Celsius and min 22
night~max 18 Celsius and min 15

bb i just come bck frm canai with ben them,
going to zzz soon..tmr have to wake up early n send joanne to KTm
u must drink more water ya~ do not open window at night k!
i love u baby
nitenite sweetdreams =)
miss u


Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 March 2011 (14th)

is 2nd week u r in Adelaide baby! i missssss u
i wan to seee u la.although these few days i saw u in tango ;p
but it is stil not enuff! ;p i wan see ur real face, i wan see ur churbby face
justnw i went dinner with shihui joanne and wenchuan them ;p
we had ah fong bak kut teh..
and i went for futsal at 9 with nien!
so tired la..
feel like going to sick, keep sneezing and abit sore throat =(
i wan sayang frm baby eh..
hmm tmr morning will go to MR class and make payment for tis sem! ;p
how was the weather today bb? cold ? or very hot?
doesn't matter cold or hot, u must drink more water ya!
i will take good care of myself here.
2nite will be the 2nd night for me to stay in this "NEW room" =)
i think there is no any problems so far..
oh ya, u rmb to ask when is ur convo k..
i wan buy ticket alr la since airasia got promotion! =)
bb must cover blanket ya.
nitenite sweetdreams!
i love u =)) <3


3 March 2011 (13th)

Bb im so tired aft Futsal la..
Justnw eat Tao tht time keep sneezing, u miss me too much isit?
Haha nw my nose started to come out water eh..flu alr ;)
So happy to listen ur voice leh ;))
Viber n tango with u everyday k!!
I'm in my new room d la, 2nitewil be my 1st night here ;(
So lonely eh.I wan Bb beside me n massage for me ;))
Oh ya, I asked for u alr tht book..
Total is 150, I will go n get frm Suchen n pass to jiejie asap ;)
Noworries k..but only audit book la.
I try to ask tax book for u Also k..
Bb must miss me alot until I sneeze everyday ah!!
Hahaha miss u here ;)
Will tidy up my room tmr..tht indiAn uncle haven come n repair the aircond yet eh.
Nvm la I use fan 2nite..
Bb rmb cover blanket k
Nitenite Bb I love u muacks ;)
Sweet dreamsssss


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 March 2011 (12th)

Baby I just fnish watch ball with ah Hee, n Nien thm ;)
Tmr got ps lec but nt going la, just finish watch Chelsea vs man utd! 
Sayang Bb I kw adelaide vry cold, hug u tight tight k ;)
I'm saving money to Adelaide Bb, dun worry k.
I'm stil thinking to go in July or dec la.
coz ur convo is important than everything ;)
I miss ur voice ls baby ;( feel so warm whn u talk to me in new Paris.
Seriously miss u badly here, is more than 10th day n I stil cannot used to it ;(
Bb must take good care ya, although is cold over thr but u must drink more water also k..
I love u miss u all the time ;)
Will study hard n do homework sayang..
Sweetdreams ya my sweet heart ;)

12th day

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1 March 2011 (11th)

Baby baby!!! Today nvr talk to u at night la, coz I ply futsalz..
U Kw rite?sayang Bb much much k.
I kw u r nt in mood today, sayang Bb..
Hug tight tight k..Ah b!!  long time nvr hear tis name leh.
Hahaha how was ur 1st day to class? Everything ok?
I'm nt happy with tailors program office la!
Stupid eh thm! Ask us print tis print tht, thn at last thy just hav a look on the ppr n ask us bring bck!!
Wat for o like tis??waste ppr only!!!!somemore waste my time waiting so long for print 3pieces!
Oh ya, jiejie whatapps me la justnw..
She us wondering y u nvr watapps her..haha thn I tell her u haven get Internet connection yet ;)
Just nw v went Sri petaling dim sum with shi hui ;)
But not happy enuff la, coz u n Maggie nt around here..
Somemore no david's voice!!haha
No ppl share the porridge with me leh baby.
Miss u lah!!!dun angry alr ya Bb!
Sayang u k ;) muacks
K la I go to bed d..
Take good care of urself k
Love u, nitenite 

11th day