Monday, February 28, 2011

28 Feb 2011

Baby baby :( u kw I'm sad with my new room rite?!
Haiz nvm la, I learnt a lesson..
I will nvr trust any so rasily especially normal frens..
Tmr is the first u go to college.I mean 1st class aft long holiday
I have no tutorial n lecture tmr, but will enrol 1 more sub..
The weather thr is hot ah? Sayang Bb no more hug hug la ;)
Coz too hot d, u r sweating ;))))
Hahaha must drink more water u kw, n rmb to bring umbrella..
Ltr u become dark la ;)
2nite I will stay at xiong Zhang here, the owner haven fix the bed for me yet.
Everything Wil be settle on Tuesday..Bb dun worry abt me.
Wat u have to do is just pick up ur left hand n sayang ur head..
Represent me to sayang urself ;p
Love u here muackss
Sweetdreams ya Bb
Miss u much muchhhhhhhhhhh

10th day

Sunday, February 27, 2011

27 Feb 2011 (9th day)

Ah B! Haha miss u la..
Is the 2nd night Nien overnight in my house ;)
Mami cook alot of food for us, coz ltr v going bck Kl..
Chanhong said 3pm go bck one, likely I kw him pattern.haha
Lastly 5pm only start our journey ;)
I bring Nien to eat lao Wang chickenwings, satay n ABC leh..
Somemore Mami got dapao kuan tong rice ;)
Weeeeeeeeeee ^^ I kw u miss all the food here
I overnight at xiongzhang place 2nite,
Ltr 2pm have to meet Wenzee at new house ;)
Will update u 2nite ;)
Bb had a nice vietnam food lastnite, bringne around whn I visit u k ;)
Love u my sweet heart!muacksssssssss

9th day

Saturday, February 26, 2011

26 Feb (7th day for ystday & 8th for today)

Hi baby, as I promise myself n to u tht once I can online, I will update myself here..
How r u doing ystday?25th is the 1st week for u in Adelaide..
I still miss u here, miss u badly everyday..
Still cannot used to it la, I wan hug hug n sayang frm u Bb..
I kw u need it more than me ;) sayang Bb muacks Hug hug for u ya.
I lose alr la the kelantan Futsal competition..
Somemore my ex football field teammate fight with kangkim,
I think kangkim injured badly.thy kick him on his chest leh ;(
Today u acc Maggie thm take iPhone rite?
Thy vry happy lo.haha
U faster go upgrade the 3G data la Bb, thn can whatapps with me..
I will try to subscribe the skype line, dun worry Bb..
I will always try my best to keep in touch with u ;)
I buy Nien Krai satay justnw, he said super nice leh'
He is sleeping like a pig beside me..
Hmm I will going bck Subang around 3pm tmr..
Faster go topup ur phone k..
Oh ya, u nvr tell me ur fren ask u for dinner de?tmr night one..
R u going? must be careful ya if go out at nigt.make sure do not go home alone, must ask ur ferns to send u k!
K la, I'm going to zzz d.
Goodnight my sweet heart ;) love u much much

8th day

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

24 feb 2011 (6th day)

today is the 6th day u r in Adelaide~
bb i wan wake u up de tis morning, but then cant reach u =)
i watch champion league match with nien n his housemates thts y im still awake in the early morning..
haha ur orientation is so boring ah? sayang sayang ;p

miss this place??miss the rice here??
see i eat alone 2day =(
nobody share water with me, nobody eat the vege for me =(
i missssss u baby!!!!
justnw dinner with wanyi and ruimin at Guang Xi Zai..
miss the days i eat with u at thr la baby
i went club with huajin them baby, coz huajin 2day going back alr..
he said last day for him~

oh ya, u girls buy kettle alr mah?
must cook water everyday k, and rmb to switch the switch ah!!
im going bck to krai later aft chanhong work.
around 5 or 6pm start our journey..
then friday morning is the futsal tournament, will be very tired!! =(
but i will update my blog, baby dun worry!
i will update it everyday =)
miss u much much!!
Heart u <3

6th day

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

23 feb 2011 (5th day)

baby baby, see this!!
puchong 鱼头米粉!! haha u miss it?
or u miss me more? ;p
went to eat with ah kit huajin them =)
again, no1 gv me the noodle n fish today..
coz u r not by my side =="
somemore it is expensive than last time la..raise price d
how r u doing today?
reload ur prepaid card d rite..must call me n rply my msg ya!
keep update me ok..
must bath early everyday.
later if sick im not thr to take care of u..
i can only sayang u in m'sia only =(
must take good care ok!

ok ma me? hahahaha
any different? =)
went kim gary tis aftnoon, sit thr n chit chat for hours..
hmm no is 1.33am in m'sia, i just reach home aft futsal with nien them =(
very tired la, run n run n run in the pitch..
now very smelly eh me, haven take bath yet..
justnw i open the door n get into the room, but u r not here la baby =(
lasttime u used to open the door for me, and ur hair is stil wet wet one!!
hahaha i miss u much la baby! =(
okla i go bath 1st k..
cover blanket ya baby!
nitenite sweetdreams~
enjoy ur 1st day of orientation~

5th day

Monday, February 21, 2011

22 Feb 2011

baby baby!! hahaha u kw wat is this???
Yew Sing's mee hun kuih!! =)
but i eat alone lah, auntie ask "eh today alone ah?"
i was so sad leh..
justnw went to play futsal with ben them,
preparing for kelantan tournament =)
long time nvr play until so tired d..i will go to bed aft i finish tis post k..
so how is the weather 2day in adelaide? anything ok rite? if u need help u find wenyun har, dun need to shy one bb..=)
hmm mayb tmr or wednesday i go eat jogoya with huajin n nien them =)
not sure yet..
let me kw when u get the internet connection k..a-yi these few days fb inbox me =)
haha telling me how u doing over thr..
hope u enjoy life thr but not to forget abt me la.
bb, finally i jail break my iphone =)
no worries abt it lah..
time to sleep d..
sleepy d.
i kw u r doing pig now~~ haha must cover blanket k.
love u much much! muackssss nitenite bb!
HUG HUG!!! *******

4th day

21 feb 2011

wake up early in the morning =="
so so so tired..slept at 5.30am and then wake up at around 9am =(
went to kajang and midvalley today..
and went to yamcha with Hi kit, ahboy, huajin, cheenien and gangs =)
happy to meet ah kit and gangs!!
and and busy on my iphone ;p
still thinking wan to jail break anot..hmmm
wat do u think bb? i kw u will tell me not to jail break..
let me think 1st k =)
i miss u baby..
they said i eat very fast, not like last time..
hhaaha coz i didn take vege, soup, meat n fish for u, thts y i can eat so fast..
i miss the days the i put all the vege on ur rice n u gv half of ur rice to me,
i miss Miss MISS tht moment alot!!!!
u must take bath early la bb, today u so late only take bath..
somemore the weather is quite cold over thr..
oh ya, i heard frm my fren said thr will be colder in coming weeks!
u must wear more clothes n jacket k!!sayang baby much much..
k la, i sleep 1st k bb..sleepy d =)
nitenite i miss u =)
must cover blanket ya!! muacksss sweetdreams!!! ;p

3rd day

Sunday, February 20, 2011

20 Feb 2011 你不在的第二天

Wake up at 11.45am..I'm still in spore(the saddest place for me)!!
Know v r late alr..rushing for everything n went to changi airport aft lunch!
Our flight is at 3pm n v reach thr at 1.50pm ;) left 10mins for the check in counter to close..
Reach Kl at 4.30 n reach home at 6!!
Rushing for my gathering in pyramid, had dinner at sushi zanmai..
It's 4am now, just went bck frm Maison!I tot I will drunk but I'm stii sober now!
I miss my baby badly..I'm looking for her for the whole day. N lastly she called me when I was dinner ;)
So happy to listen ur voice n kw that u r doing well..
Okla time to bed..nitenite Bb must cover blanket ya! I love u muaccksss

2nd day

Saturday, February 19, 2011

19th feb (the saddest day for me)

U r on the flight to Adelaide! :( is so sad for me n everyone to send u off!
I nvr cry in front of u Bb! I dun1 u to feel more sad..I tot I won't cry but I cried at last ;( my tears r dropping aft passed the jacket u to.The most valuable 1mins in my life is hugging u in the airport b4 u enter the departure hall..I miss u baby! Take good care of urself over thr k!I will study hard n take care if worries ;) drink more water n rest earlier everyday k! I love u..will update myself to u everyday!muaccksss safe journey!!!

1st day!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

18 feb 2011

is 17th midnite!! last day in JB for me & u =(
take good care of urself ya!~
do miss me, do update urself to me, and do sayang urself much much k!
i love u b =)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 FEB 2011

countdown for the last 8 days!!
i miss u~ hope to see u!!