Saturday, January 29, 2011

29 Jan 2011 我的一半

喝酒的伴 一起看电影的伴
唱K的伴 一起去旅行的伴
我的生活 只差那个人就美满

快乐剩一人分享 快乐就只剩一半
这张被单 这张睡床

没人分享 幸福就只剩一半

没有想法 有想法又能怎样
几个留言安慰不了 心里的遗憾
没有负担 原来也是种负担
你羡慕我 那要不要跟我交换

没人分享 幸福就只剩一半

别来提醒 我多孤单

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26 jan 2011

原来只要心里有着对方,不用一直联络,只要每天一封讯息或一通电话也可以让我很开心 ;p
! 难得只可以一天拨电给你一次嘛
我才发现到大马和星加坡真的很远。哈哈 电话没有开roaming就好像我在非洲,你在中国那样远!
酱子我每天就可以爱你多一些,想你多一些 =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

22 Jan 2011

Roibo Bubble Tea

1 , 2 , 3

i love all my days in JB with you ;p
wish im here again when u r back nexttime..
i misssssssssssssssssssssssss you =(

21 Jan 2011

Im back in Subang ystday,
but everything is not same now..
lasttime i used to sleep in my own room, own bed, had my own toilet and everything.
lastnite, im here in my fren's house, fren's room, fren's bed and toilet..
i cant used to it seriously..

its time to change lifestyle aft im back in subang again aft cny!
you r going to adelaide, few more frens are going also..
i feel hhmmmm i lost alot of gooodfrens so sudden lah =(
no more jokes, no more gathering, no more pillow talk with my baby =(
everything have to start again..
start to find new house, new room, make some new frens n etc...
i wan my baby stay with me all the time =(
3 meals together, have fun together, movie together, fight together =))
i kw my dreams will nvr come true although 1 of my birthday wishes was this last year..
nvm, problems are created to face..
and there are ways to solve these problems.

will get a good new house, new room and of coz a good connection place ;p
or else i cant webcam with my bb =))
bb i started to miss u =(
u must drink more water k,
must sleep early,
& rmb cover blanket ya!
i love you..

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 JAn 2011

ding dong ding dong!!
wow train alr reach wakaf bharu now and soon will reach krai..
im going to bath now and going to KTM soon =)
hohohoooo time to travel ;p
baby baby, see you tmr! wait for me k =)
i miss u

journey to the south and one of the Malaysian states on island of Borneo( SARAWAK)!!

9 Jan 2011

wwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^
this is the carrot cake for u baby ;p
i make it myself lah, my auntie help me to prepare only ;p
i sendiri mix the flour, eggs, brown sugar, carrot and whisk it one ;p
hahaha will bring it to jb for u =)

HOHOHOOO is sunday night already.
tmr is monday!! im going to JB, im going to meet my baby!!
hohohohoho sarawak here i come =)

Friday, January 7, 2011

8 jan 2010

"要有心去经营这段感情,不要放着让它冷掉, 这样不管是远距离还是在近近也可以很长久。。" 这是我一个朋友告诉我的! 我不管做什么都很尽力,尤其是对感情。 放着让它冷掉?我没有想过要放着让它冷,连放着一秒都不会。 我要让她感觉到我一直在她身旁,不管在哪里她都会觉得我在支持她,保护她。 我不只会有心去经营,而且是很用心的去围护这段感情。 就算地球要毁灭,我也会赶到她身旁去 =) 今天一早就听见小鸟的叫声,终于晴天了! 再过两天就可以见到你了.. miss you =) good morning baby

Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 jan 2010

is freaking cold here~~
raining from day to night!
where is my baby?? so cold!! i need hugss =) ;p
going to flood la if the rain stil non stop for 2 days..
hopefully it stops by tmr!!
haha or else i cant go JB, and cant go to SARAWAK la.
stop raining stop raining!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 jan 2010

haizz toothache =(
and today finally cabut d..
keep bleeding la until now..
painful =(
how m i going to sleep??

Monday, January 3, 2011

3 jan 2011

1st post in 2011..
happy new year to all my friends!
good luck and all the best ;p
finally can online =)
is so so so boring here..
i miss u la feon koh!!
hope the time pass faster, i wan to meet u and go sarawak!!!
hope the time pass slower, i dun1 to see u leave me alone here!!
arrrhhhh wat to do?!! wat can i do?!!
anyway, happy new year to you baby!
i love u and miss u!! ;p
goodnite & sweetdreams