Saturday, September 11, 2010

11 sept


went club and went out for drinking too often tis 2 months,
but im not addicted la..
promise not to go so often k..
bb dont angry ah..
i kw i went out for drinking many times,
2day onwards, all drinking and clubbing activities i will not be joining so often.
pls have faith in me k ;p

2 days left and i will see u by myside ;p

Monday, September 6, 2010

6 sept

happy birthday to you, tai kiat!!
hahaa all the best and goodluck ya!
nextyear ur birthday i sure celebrate with u..

arhhhh i had been travel from krai to kl abt 390Km,
later going to batu pahat and then take bus to jb..300KM ++
700km within a day =="
travel from north to south!!

and and plssssss let me get a piece of thursday bus ticket frm jb back to kl!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 sept

this is for you my baby ;p
misss you

1 Sept (Joanne's 20th Birthday- 30th Aug)

Happy Birthday to you Joanne Tan Mei San!!
May all ur dreams come true, stay pretty and all the best in everything..
had a great dinner with you and all of u tht night..
oh ya, luckily u bring ur DSLR thr
or else i dunkw when only can realize that actually i look damn yeng!!

my baby girl ;p

Sunway GIZA

see~ yeng zai leh =) hahahaha

Birthday girl act cute ;p

with her new DSLR!! cooll

hohooooo chicken wing!! arrmmmm

muackssss ;p my lovely wen chuan ;p hahaa

girls gang..

pattern liao u seee...hahahaha

im hoe! Babi Hoe ;p

my bb said she loves this pic very much!! i love it too

freeze!!! FBI..Not Philippines FBI ah!! im damn pro 1

coolest pic of the day again ;p

muackss love you

love tis pic ;p

hmmm tis is the 1st time i celebrate Joanne Tan's birthday.
hopefully next year i can see everyone in these pic 2day are all together celebrate her birthday again!!
May my dreams come true! i kw is impossible! but dont forget there is miracle!!
anyway Happy belated birthday!! ;p