Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 june 2010

hohohohoooooo is tuesday is tuesday!!! finally!! hohoooooo
baby wil be coming bck today =)
time pass very slow la..faster fly to evening la!!
i cant wait to seee my baby koh ;p

bb, 2nite accompany me watch ball k!
we see how DROGBA whack kao ronaldo!!
lets support ivory coast! cheerss for drogba!
cheerss for the african's elephant!!

2010 Ivory Coast world cup's squad

Didier Drogba~
the king of african elephant

score predict for 2nite:
slovakia 2-0 new zealand
ivory coast 2-1 portugal
brazil 3-0 north korea

Monday, June 14, 2010

14 june 2010

baby baby how was ur knee???
how u fell from the stairs???
r u ok? pain??
sayang sayang..i wish im by ur side now la..
is pain rite? sayang baby =(
must be careful ah..dun fall down agn..

yeah!! 4-0 frm podolski, klose, muller and cacau!!
four to floor for germany =)
looking forward tonight's game..holland holland!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

12 June 10

2day, 11 june 2010, Fifa World Cup 2010 is kicked off..
hohoo footballlll feverrrrrr =)
whc team will be the champion this year??
brazil? argentina? england? spain?
hmmm i got no idea with this..
but im all time england supporter =)
Johnie, frankie, waynee, colleee and fabioo lets take off the boots and go for parties!!! hahaha

but exam is coming soon also..
haizzzzzz how to watch world cup?? =(
damn sad..
hope i can concentrate and passs all subs this sem!
** pray hard to pass all** =) hahaha for those who kw me, plss pray for me also k ;p

my baby is at her hometown now =(
although i feel boring when she is not by my side,
but books and tv can fill up my time =)
take care of urself and drink more water la =)
will missss u as much as i can ;p
i scare u keep sneezing only! hahahahha
okla im looking forward to France's match alr..
goodnite baby, muacksss =)

ohhh ya,,,
joe cole is leaving Chelsea soooon =(((
sad! ;(

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 june 2010

hmmm quite long nvr update my blog..
since i cant fall asleep and got nothing much to do, then i update la ;p
ystday 6 June 2010 was a sad day!
Footballitis lose on penalties!!!
we cant qualify for final in Milo league =(
all of us are looking forward for next sunday game!
at least have to win the 3rd place!!!
we have to WIN!!

oh ya, one of the reason i update is my baby told me that i alwys dissapointed her when she view my blog..hahaa 10 years nvr change, still the old post! =)
baby baby, now u can read the new post la..
something new but not special la~
our exam is coming soon, have to study hard alr =)
hope all of u can get good result and i can pass alll la this sem ;p ;p

and and and, i will get a CHELSEA JERSEY soon!?
is from london!
ean, faster come bck! hahaha
i cant wait to get my jersey alr..is custom made from Chelsea Online MegaStore!
hohoo..HOE 10 at the back of the jersey! =)
will replace joe cole if he leaves stamform bridge this summer ;p

okla quite late d, goodnite world!
nitenite baby! sweetdream ya!
too bad 2nite cant eat dimsum =(
tmr treat me eat zanmai k =) waakakkaa
thx 1st ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p