Monday, May 31, 2010

31 MAY 2010 (13-1)

FOOTBALLITIS qualify for semi-finals in MILO SOCIAL LEAGUE!!!
we won 13-1 against Rnd TIGERS!! hohoooo
is the biggest win for footballitis since the club is found..
lastnite was attacking mode, but 2 more weeks will back to defending more =(
our semi-finals opponent is Iguana Fc! haizzz
wat a hard game again..
hopefully we can beat them and qualify for FINAL!!

my last last last assignment due on tuesday!! which is QM..
later must take a big nap 1st, 2nite willl be a long long nite ~
luckily got wenyun's ans, if not 6 of us will die somewhr ! =)
thankyou ah wenyun! hahaha i think u will read my blog laaa.
thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!! hahaahhaha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


hohohoooo happy belated birthday to Shi Hui!!
she had a wonderful birthday surprise..
wat a romantic birthday song by his bf, wenchuan =)
i wish i kw guitar and play a song in front of my baby ;p
but too bad, i didn have the talent to play guitar..
coz my talents and efforts are put on the field..
Football Field!

thats Footballitis Day! My day!!!
Finally i get a gold medal on 23th May..
Footballits is the Champion in MCA 2010 Futsal Tournament!!
im happy that this is my 1st champion with Footballitis, and im happy that i score the most goals =)
hope we will win more in 2010!! HOLA FOOTBALLITIS!!

Will win more competition in future..
we are all in the great form and competitive level!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

20 MAY 2010 ( free)

i will be very very very free today onwards =)
left qm assignment..due on 1st of JUNE!! hohooo
can concentrate watch champion league finals, can sleep early and have good sleep in the night without any assignments due..
somemore can have good rest to play for this Sunday Mca tournament!!
there will be a strong team in the tournament which is Kuala Krai Fc..
no surprise that im not playing for Kk team!!
hope can beat them in the tournament and prove to every1 footballitis is still the one of best in klang valley =)
but for tis tournament, junior players are playing for footballitis, hahaha i scare we cant qualify from the 1st round of the group stage. =="
this is the good chance to win MCA tournament,
so i need you guys commitment and passion for this tournament!! i dun1 100%, i wan 200% commitment frm u guys in this tournamen!!

oh ya, congrats to my baby! ;P
she got a HD for her Personal Selling online discussion assignment!
and and, she said she will treat me makan! hahahaha
listen 1st ah..
talk loud loud but not accurate one i scare =))

Monday, May 17, 2010

17 May 2010

wow wow wow!! when was my last post? let me check..hmm
is on 3rd May!! hahahaa 2 weeks nvr update my blog =="
busy with assignments, yichia's birthday, and organize friendly matches..
1 assignment done, left Bcb introduction part, left LAW and QM!!
aft tiss week, i wil be very free..
and there is a Futsal Tournament on 23rd May at Sport City!!
Footballitis B is playing tis tournament!
and Footballitis A is playing the Kia Tournament!
lastnite Milo league we played a very very good game!
although is a 4-4 draw against Court Soccer, but tis is the best game we had play in years..
they are one of the toughest in Milo league!
the next thing we have to do is prepare for the friendly match and play more offensive,
next game against Rnd Tigers we have to score more! have to score more than Court Soccer..
thats the only way we can qualify for SEMI FINALS!!
HOLA Footballitis!!
HOLA KUA CHEE HOE!!! faster kao tim LAW assignment!!!!

oh ya, the SUNDAY (23 may) FUTSAL TOURNAMENT is organize by MCA..
tis is a social futsal tournament, no strong team.only junior teams participate!!
the registeration fees is RM120 per team, Min 5 Max 8 players..
all the registeration fees will be donate to charity!
plss passs tis msg and gather ur friends to participate!!
for more information do contact me =) ;p

Sunday, May 9, 2010

9 MAY 10 (sorry b)

Today is the last match day for premier league 09/10
hopefully chelsea wil win against wigan! chelsea chelsea chelsea!!

actually im going to upload my 1 day genting trip photos in this post, but
i accidently make my bb angry today..SO, plan changed! =(

"我的男朋友不一定要很厉害读书,但至少我叫你帮我check assignment 时你不能以‘我不会’或‘我看了也帮不到你’的理由来做藉口 (FEON 2010)".
Sorry bb, im not purposely dun1 help u check..
i scare if i help u to choose whc 1 to do, then if u get low marks or grade, u will not happy or sad..
i can give any of my opinion to help u choose, but i dun1, so i said i cant help u..
is not a hard decision i kw, but thts the reason, i scare i will make a wrong decision =)
sorry ah anyway, nexttime i wont gv these stupid excuse alr k =) promise promise!! ;p
i know u r not angry now =) sayang ah!! hahaha

hmm oh ya, today is Mother's Day..
Happy Mother's Day to my mum and to all the mums =)

its time to watch Chelsea match now! keep ur eye on ESPN 11PM!! =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

3 MAY 2010 (My Birthday)

hahaha thankyou for all the wishes, thankyou for the presents,
thankyou for the cards, thankyou for celebrating with me,
thankyou for the all calls and msgs from overseas,
thankyou baby for gving me a super surprise =)
thankyou thankyou !!
oh ya, and thankyou for the post on u guys blog ;p
hahaha thankyou vry much..

i did have a memorable birthday this year..
although tis year without chialynn, wenyun and jojin, but here comes my housemates,
wanyi, ruimin, maggie, yichia, shihui, joanne, john, keong, and david nien shuheng eric..
and tai kiat! =)
and and the most important one is my baby!! haha
she is my biggest ever present ;p

had a buffet dinner at TENJI on 29th April,
IP MAN 2 with baby and dinner at KL HILTON on 30th.
thankyou my frens and baby..
really touch and love the presents and wishes =)

20th Birthday with baby =)

girls gang =)

isshhh hahah im tai ko!!

maggie & keong

the girls gang!! =)) fashion show??


Ruimin and JOHN =)

Sedang LAN YENG!! hahaa

thankyou every1 =)

woi!! i birthday or u birthday?? hahah happy than me eh

my pretty baby ;p

the birthday boy =))

the boy's baby!! hahaa


baby and me
thanks for the presents and cards!!

my baby super surprise just b4 my birthday end!!
i love u, i love the wallet, i love the surprise =)
yeah!!two is better than one =)
here is my biggest birthday present ever,
my baby!!

thankyou everyone =)