Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27 April 2010 (my best present)

1 week study break gone..
1 assignment alr sumbit!
but bcb test =="
tmr bcb test..haiz
tot can enjoy for few days aft law assignment, MANA TAU!! @@ T___T

nvm la, aft tmr bcb test i will be quite free..
will celebrate shu heng's birthday at TGI Friday =)
hmmmm wat present is the best for him??
discuss with david and v decide to gv him a iphone casing =)
i think this is the best present for him..
happy early birthday wish to you 1st, shu heng!
all the best and may all ur dreams come true ;p

haha few days later is my turn! hohooo
20th birthday..
isit present important?
i dun think so ..
i think im same as shuheng, he has everything, and i have everything too =)
wat i want, i alr had ; and wat i dont want, i also had !!
i like many ppl sitting down to eat together, talk together,
i like u gals gossip together, we blow water together, make noise together,

play together, yamcha together ...
tis is the best present for me~
lastyear, i did receive some cards and presents! haha
i was happy, but tis kind of happy was the same as previous one..
get cards, presents and cakesss..
this year, even though i do not receive any presents and cards and cake,
i willl feel more happy than last year..(im not asking u guys to gv me present ah! i swear!! =) ahhaa )

when i was 19 and before going in 20, i found and get my present!!~
is her..
she is my best ever present!!!
a simple girl that can make me smiles when i think abt her,
a girl that i will miss when she is not by my side,
a girl that i willl worried,
a girl that i willl wait for her to come bck frm college,
a girl that i willl ask her to drink much water,
a girl that i willl ask her to take good care of herself,
a girl that i willl ask her to sleep early,
a girl that i willll ask her to misss me =)
she is the best best ever present!!
i love you~

tis post should be posting on 30 april de,
but since i got feel and idea, then i write it down la =)
its late now, goodnite~
sweetdream bb!
came bck frm KFC so late, i kw u tired like a pig!! hahahaa
sleep tight! nitetnie~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

25 april 10 (is back)

my baby is back!
she came bck from hometown =)
im not mr.lonely anymore..hahaha

its late now, tmr have to continue my law =('
luckily yichia and bb helped me..
sleep early wake up early!
no need to say goodnite here,
i will tell her myself =)

love u~
two is better than one..
at last, 2nite is not a lonely nite..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 april 10 ( last lonely nite)

its eight night my baby is not by my side..
the time passs very slow every single night =(
and 2nite will be the last night! hohoooo
u will be back very fast..
7pm flight, reach subang air port around 8pm!!
faster faster..hahaha i wan to see my baby..
i misssss her very much, and i kw she missss me too..
actualy time pass very fast la..
1 week study break habis d =(
but after 9 days, i can see my baby agn!
i heard u said that u cut ur hair, im imagine how ur pretty face look like =)
cover one side or, the front hair is short..can see the big big eyes.haha

know why i bought my wallet ?
coz i dun1 u to waste money to buy me a present =)
hahah thts y i buy it 1st..
anyway, aft 2nite, im not alone anymore..
that every would be a good good day!!

goodnite baby,
sleep tight & sweetdreamss!
see u tmr!
willl gv u many hugss~
no worries..
nitenite ^^

Friday, April 23, 2010

23 April 2010 (Balik dari Krai)

wat the hell is this? wat is earth day?
i was wonder wat event is this! i heard the news frm radio keep repeating earth day earth day..
but i dun even kw wat is tht.hahaha
People said earth day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth's environment..
i dont think so la, only few numbers of the people wil do that..
even the ppl who found this event, did he REUSE,RECYCLE,RESTORE,REPLENISH and REDUCE?
if can then try the best to protect the earth =)
if u didn recycle today, then u reuse lo..
its simple, not to ask u do all in the same day!
m i rite??
and and, today is KAKA's Birthday la. 22 April =)
Kaka birthday is important than earth day!! hohooo
tmr only start to reuse, recycle and rrrrrr la..hhaa

i m back in subang =)
tired day.. 5 hours journey!
somemore nvr sleep on the night b4 travelling..
its too hot! kuala krai is fxxking hot!!
day time hot is normal, but at night also hot!
hell, wat happen ah??
tis is the 1st time i feel so F hot when im in my hometown!!
we have to do more earth day event la..
if not , many places will start burning =)

baby sorry ah, i nvr buy GUANG TONG rice..
so, i didn capture the rice for u.hahahhaa
nexttime la, nexttime go bck with me agn then v go eat ok? =)

2 days more and u will be bck to subang!
faster faster, time passss faster!
i want to seee my baby =)
sleep early ah 2nite =)

oh ya, due to earth day then today fonts colour is green! cheersss ** ^^

Monday, April 19, 2010

19 April 10 (smile)

hahaha i tot i wil not update any new post today
but since i stil have time, and im free then i update lorr =)
2day hmm i feel like not really want go go bck hometown la
no internet connection in my house, few friends and the time pass very slow thr..
coz when u have nth to do, then u will feel the time passs very slow.
i think i m rite..

becoz of going bck, i bought a big butter cake for mami & auntie =)
if didn buy then sure kena NGAM de.hahaha
tis time i XING MUK alr ;p

do u kw why today's tittle is "smile"?
coz whenever everytime i receive YOUR msg,
there is always a smile on my face =)
ur msg make me smile =)

aiya i kw my phone cha la, not i-phone!!
but still, my phone can received my bb's msg =)
i smile because of the msg,
and because of the person who send me a msg is the one i love, i care, and i misss =)
im going back at 3 or 4am later,
so take care ya baby =)
i kw tht time u will be sleeping like a dead pig!haha
anyway sweetdream and sleep tight ;p
angles are beside u whenever u have nightmare, so no worries!
i sent them thr to protect u ;p

seee u =)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

18 April 10 money saving day & i score

i used less than rm100 for 3 days la..
include 3 meals per day and movie,
i spent around rm70 only =)

i hope another 40bucks is enough for me for tmr.
going bck hometown on tmr midnite, if im not mistaken..
i dun1 to withdraw money for this week =)
must save money!!
my birthday is around d, so must save save save! hahaa
save money to shopping =)
oppppss sounds like gals la..
but nvm, gals can shopping why boys not?!

Today is SUNDAY..
is Footballiltis playing against Nanketsu FC at 9pm..
and we won 4-0!!
goals from me, nicholas and cyril (2 goals)
Finalllllly i score! wtf i have been waiting to score since the 1st game..
but i wasted a few chances.
today's game without victor, eeshuang and zhen linn,
luckily we won!
defences were very solid, attacks were build up and stamina was good!
HALA footballiltis!!
next sunday against Cyber Security Fc.
is the weakest team in our group..
they have been conceded 23 goals in 3 games,
we have to score at least 7 goals against them next sunday!!

and and, i got something to tell u bb..
i had not switch off the toilet lights for 2 nights alr =)
and tonight will be another night i will not going to switch off the light..
is too dark in the room..
hehe and somemore without u by my side,
i will wash all the shirts tmr =)
sekali with my jersey!
haha very smelly eh, somemore wet wet de..
will put many sabun tmr ;p
and there is few slides of roti and half botttle of milk i haven finish,
i will fiiniish them alll tmr!
dun scold me if i turn to a fatty ah..
oh ya, hahahaha justnw aft i scored
i shaped a love shape with my fingers!
this is for you =)
i missss u baby!

i think tis is my last post..
will update aft i come bck frm kelantan =)
i love u bb~
sleep tight and sweetdream~
dun 流口水ah =) haha

Saturday, April 17, 2010

18 april 10

Saturday, the 1st day of my study break..
and im still in subang
because of the milo league tournament on sunday..
i bought the train ticket going bck krai on monday nite,
but im going bck on tuesday early morning with chanhong..
i ask mami to change the ticket for me~
settle! =)

i read through the Law assignment 2 part A question..
it looks easy to understand but i think there are alot of points are hidden..
i dunkw how to start and wat rules to apply..
but at least, i read it and understand it.
will try to start to write some point tmr..
settle agn! =))

is raining cats and dogs outside.
luckily i went to seven eleven to buy roti, tuna and milk =)
i did a set of dinner for myself..
hahaha but for others, it look like breakfast =="

here is my dinner =) last 2 tuna roti =="

keep fit??
nonooo, i lazy go out to eat..
somemore aft i reach any of the shop, then i will be thinking wat to eat agn =)
so 8 breads + tuna, and a cup of milo+milk = my dinner!!
settle!! =)
baby, i wish u are here la..
coz i really cant finish all of the roti leh.hahaa
is very full.. and my stomach is growing bigger d =))

FUCK!!!! Paul Scholes score 90+3 mins goal! WTF!!!!!!
is 1 point defferent now..
is a presure game for chelsea later
hope my team can beat spurs!!
all the best~beat the rest!

17 April 10 steamboat/lonely nite

Steamboat at SUMMER with friends =)
super super full!
my stomach is going to explode! hahha
went for a movie after steamboat..
had a great night before the study break!
remember to do LAW assignment ah!! =="

sei napet and me!

shu heng (the handicap)

wangsamaju ERIC & kuantan NIC NIEN

losers of the night!!

2nd runner up & the champion! =)


yes baby? im eating here..i misssss u =(

==" non stop eating for 2 n half hours!

=) happy holidays fren!

our bcb classmate from china, SUN FEI!

ERIC's RUBBISH!! hahaa

and tis is MINE..so tidy =) haha

im super FULL =) turn to a fatty soon

OUR 1st runner up with 10 scoops of ice-cream!

just came back from wangsamaju,
sent eric back home..

i missss u bb..
is hmmm is too quiet in the room today =(
i cant hear ur voices
u r not in and im alone =(
today will be the 1st nite of my lonely week..
i misssss u badly.
steamboat without u & movie without u..

im super tired
but cant fall asleep yet..
is a lonely nite..
take good care of urself ya
sleep tight and sweetdreams!
nitenite bb~
missss you

Friday, April 16, 2010

16 april 10 for you

finalllllllly finish my assignment! =)
vomit thousand of words..arhh is killing me!
another assignment is coming, and is law assignment. due on 26 April!
hellll is the 1st day aft sem break!
is that a sem break for me? or an assignment week?
im really tired now..
later stil have to wake up at 8am..
classs at 10 but have to submit my assignment! =(

this post is for you, bb..
u r sleeping like a pig alr =)
hahahaa is holiday and u r going back to ur hometown tmr..
i wish u can seee this post! because is purposely write for u =)
[ Im tired tired =( ]
i like to write about u in my blog, is something special to me..
and mayb is something special to share at here..
i never think to write wat in blog, i never plan..
allll come from my feel..
im sorry that i cant accompany u 2nite..
because of assignment! i hate assignment =)
no worriesss,
i will miss u everyday =) every moment!
u must misss me also ah, canot misss other guy!! haha i jealous =))
must drink alot of water!
sleep early also..
oh ya, finish ur homework b4 u coming bck to subang..
i will be busy with law assignment on saturday and sunday so.....
take care ya =)
sayang baby
nitenite bb muacks!

u r smiling rite? haha love u -------------------------------from hoe =)
happy holiday..
have a safe journey =) cheers**

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 April 10 wonderful wednesday

Yet, wednesday is still the day i love most!
i tot tis week's wednesday will not be the day i love most.hahaha
but bcoz of my baby girl is not going bck to her hometown on wednesday,
so my wednesday is still wonderful =)

she will be going back on thursday or friday!
anyway, safe journey ya baby! =)
take a big breath and short rest in JB..
continue our college life aft sem break ;)

although i have 6 hours classs and have to stay 8 hours in college on wednesday,
i enjoy it..im always waiting for the futsal game on wednesday night.
although im busy looking for teams to play on wednesday,
but still, i love wednesday!!!

Finally, i up my level =)
confidence up!
technic up!
ability up!
creativity up!
stamina up!
my performance for today friendly againts my own team( footballitis) is totally perfect.
make no mistake, lot of good passes, score goals, create chances and control the tempo..

i have to score, thats my job, and i did it =)

Sunday, besides Milo League
there is a ONE DAY TOURNAMENT at Sunway Sport Planet..
hmm i haven decide to play the tournament yet!

is late now, BUT
my baby is still studying for her fa2 test.
i kw she is tired becoz of block lecture and have couple hours of classes these few days..
i kw is tired, i kw =(
i sayang u much much k ;p

is time to say goodnight to the world.
but chelsea is playing blackburn later 3am.hahaaa
im so tired, but hmmm still thinking to watch it..
nono, law lecture is on 8am tmr..how i gonna wake up if i watch the match?
haizz thats all for today.
sleep early my baby girl =)
sweetdreams~ muacks!
and goodluck for ur fa2 test!
and and wish u guys goodluck for tmr fa2 test too =))

------------------------------------------------------------------- ;p

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

13 April 10 (but wednesday)

Do you guys kw Wednesday is the day i love most?
kw why??
coz im playing football every wednesday =)
coz there are champion league matches on wednesday =)
coz i born to love wednesday but not others day =)

but, i started not love the wednesday for this week!!
just for this week's wednesday =(
every weekend, i do hope wednesday come faster than monday and tuesday
then i can play football..
but this weekend, i wish wednesday come after thursday and friday!
my baby girl is going bck her hometown on wednesday night =(
how i going to love my lovely wednesday??
is from a love to like..
10 days holiday for semester break, i dont really like..
i love the wednesday when my baby girl is by my side,
i love the holiday but still my baby girl is by my side (i kw is impossible),
not this wednesday she is going back!
it will be a lonely wednesday!
a dark wednesday!
a quiet wednesday!

im going to score and score and score in this WEDNESDAY!! =)
here i come wednesday!!

willl misss u much =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

11 April 10 childhood

很久没有出去走走,没有照片可以post上来 =(
不过还好还有一些经典照片 =)

i think is 3years old.if not mistaken =) hhaa look like hmm japanese? haha

great pose =) bruce lee yellow pyjamas

my dad..and is a real tiger! took in bangkok =) 5 or 6 years old

hmm 6 or 7 years old..hahaha 营火虫的舞 =)
the right hand side boy is huajin and the left is tai hau =)

Fatty Boy show his thumb! hahaha yeah we kw each other since 3 or 4 =)

here come form 1 =) my football team!

form 2 i think =) eelee was leaving kk to kb..
u seeee huajin's hand!!! wakaka ham zhu sao

farewell for eelle =)

taekwando!! i RED BLET leh..hahaa

two of my best frens =)
form 3

form 4..countdown in ah keng's house! =)

not mine!!! ahahha CBR900..

my 16th birthday celebration! in shiying's house! =)

we represent KB FC..is in Sultan Ismail Stadium! =)

Santiago Munez and Lionel Kaka =) wahahaha

form 5 lepak in the midnite =)

shoes promoter =) in Tanah Merah Pantai Timur.if im not mistaken

lepak until police stop us! hahaha 3 nvr bring ic, 4 didn have lesen! =)

langkawi trip!! hohooo with chialynn taihau, kiat, sookhuei and spepark!

Dream Team Fc

Ricardo Carvalho, Ronaldo, Casillas, Santiago, Shevcheko =) hahaha

Dream Team Fc~

impossible is nothing! adidas? nono all nike shoe here!

毕业旅行 ipoh sunway!

my best friendssss

taylor's business school! =) i want eat ice-cream! nestle drumstick!!

lionel messi??

and and i found her when i was 19th years old!
she brings alot lot of happiness to me =)
i love u