Monday, September 28, 2009


kanasai........ justnow 27/09/09 i sit 8 hours car frm kelantan to subang....
jam like hell...hari raya really canot go bck kelantan by car..sure mampus!! hahaha

few days more.........noob hem coming bck frm aus
few days more.........kk noob kia coming to subang
left 1 day......... koh wen yin coming bck =) =) =)
allll good news...hahahha my hand almost fully recover!!

faster faster.........
faster Tuesday~!!!!! i cant wait for Tuesday!!! i cant wait to seeeeee my baby say okok =)
faster faster......
faster Thursday!!!!! i cant wait for Thursday also!!!wohhooooooooo i cant wait to put my hand in the ayer!!!!!!

i misssssssss You.......faster Tuesday!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


is a normal day for everyone except Me..haha
coz u r not around and not beside me =(
tis feeling is like ice without cream =(
is like peanut without butter =(
is like roti canai without kari =(
is like watching movie without voice =(
and now is Me without You =( =( =(

thts the feeling of missing something important..hehe
holiday mode is on,
playing mode is on,
missing your mode is on,
and u r off my side =(
thts the only thing off and is like didn switch on the switch of electricity =) hahhaa
without the power supply how could i tahan for 1 week? hahahaha
low battery? out of battery?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


recovering =)
holiday mode on =) going bck kelantan on tuesday..hohoo
luckily got car tumpang balik to kl..if not then have to stay at subang the whole week =) =)
go bck ply football yam cha hohoooo...

Friday, September 18, 2009

18/09/09 my hand =(

the big shit before doctor cut!! ishh so pain =(

the head of "BISU"..ka nin use scissors to cut!

recovering =)
recovering =)

recovering =)

Batman !! i went to play footballll somemore =) wahahaa

haizzzz..raya how to go back?? everyday have to go clinic..somemore dunkw still got ticket to come bck kl anot =( =(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16/09/09 Adebayor

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted his shock at the animosity displayed by his former player Emmanuel Adebayor in last Saturday's now-infamous match between the Gunners and Manchester City in which the Togolese forward kicked Robin van Persie in the face.

And then rushed the length of the Eastlands to taunt his former supporters upon scoring.

This is superstar attitude!!! Adebayor is so brillant!! wohoooo

Sunday, September 13, 2009


[title:早知道爱] [artist:卢学叡] [album:爱我的两个人]

我 应该在你身边
却不敢对你说 能不能说
我 是不是太多余
听他给你的话 有没有痛
早知道爱 我已忘了离开
等你明白 我非你不爱

或许简单 却不平凡



早知道爱 我已忘了喜欢

给你的爱 是永远不晚

只因为爱 我都明白



我 应该没有秘密
我 是不是还在意
早知道爱 我已忘了离开
等你明白 我非你不爱

或许知道 却不平凡



早知道爱 我已忘了喜欢

给你的爱 是永远不晚

只因为爱 我都明白


等待 早知道爱

Friday, September 11, 2009


sick? almost sick..haizz...luckily didn sick =)
went to see doctor at 12am..if direct go to bed then no tis post d.
although abit exp la, but quite worth 1 time medicine then feel better d =)
rm90 arr...haiz 破钱消灾..hehe
lastnite do accounting,but then....tis morning i did attend the class =( hand too pain d, nvm la 2nd time didn attend only ma..hahhaa
wil passup my work nextweek =)

toshiba?? hahhaa sure sure..i smell my new laptop d =) hohooo

Monday, September 7, 2009

07/09/09 monday

hari ini public holiday..
tak tau hari apa lar..
dengar kata hari ini orang melayu sembahyang atau apa hari besar larr..
haizzzz 苹果香蕉椰子榴莲 arrrr...才用不到两年的电脑酱快就烂高了!!
sui 到贴地咯..又要花钱买过 =( 拿去修理一点也不值得

到底要买 sony vaio,,toshiba 还是 dell leh?? hmmm
买酱贵的很不舍得了,,不舍得要花爸爸妈妈的钱 =)
还是买 dell 的拉..初用就好,,不需要很好很贵...反正都是一样用罢了

鸟毛啊!!! no transfer window for chelsea until 2012..
wth??? 2 seasons leh!!!! no loan, not allow for buying players???? only players out!!??
how to survive in premier league withtout bringing in any new players during 2 years????
hell...kakuta? who the hell is tht?huh...
pok kai ar!!! ribery,aguero,pirlo,pato
haizzz haizzzzz haizzzzzzzz =( =( =( all byebye d

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

02/09/2009 great day

this post should post on ystday, but then im too tired to log into here to post....

1/9/09 ? great day? hahhaa

1st Happy Birthday to 鸡屁股... =)
2nd Congrat to Myself =)
3rd Thx to Koh Wen Yin =) =) =)

1st 1st 1st.....
Happy Birthday to you!
all the best in ur exam...
Name: Calvin Tee ( 鸡屁股)
Age : 17
Position : Second Stricker , Right Wing
Current Club :Kuala Krai FC
Jersey No : 9

2nd =) Congrat to myself.hehe
i get 8.50% over 10% in accounting test =) wahahaha...

3rd thankyou Koh Wen Yin =)
u teach me alot..u tel me wat is accounting =)
wat is in debit side?huh ASSETS AND EXPENSES lorr...
wat is in credit side? LIABILITIES, INCOME AND EQUITY lorrr...

Qm class at 10am....