Thursday, July 30, 2009

start class =(

haizzzzz haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz sudah habis larr....1 month holiday so fast pass? omg..wat did i do during the holiday?? hmmmm too much d larr.not enuff time, space and mood to write everything here =) hahhahaa college started and i FAIL 2 sub =( kansai marketing and accounting =( wa wa walao exp larrr!! almost 2.5k one sub... haiz nvm la.. "fail only ma, retake la (huajin 2009)" only ma,,work harder lo this sem..such a long time i nvr update my many frens birthday and i had missed to wish them =) anyway,, for those who birthday drop in july, Happy Birthday to You!! =) nexttime only i celebrate and DHL my present to u all =) hahahah man man wait my present arrrr!!!
nothing change in my life la..stil normal =) football,,class,,yamcha and shopping...and now is pelita =) hahahaha pelita yamcha =) hahahhahaa

nvr nvr cry la if any1 of u r sad or in trouble =) tell me tell me...i will selesai ur masalah..hahaha i will lend my shoulder but,,, hahah rm2 per hour =)
dun ever cry la,,look like a pig!! super pig! =) P~U~I !!!!!!! hhahaa

Saturday, July 18, 2009

holding tight

i heard some1 said she nvr fly a kite b4...hahhaa luckily i live in kampung,, wat also know! know abt bandar things, know abt kampung things =) fly a kite only ma,,sap sap sui la..ahahhhhaa

nah,,this is the way to fly a kite =) haha how hard??hmmm =p
hold the string tight tight,, nvr let it fly away !!

but i will let if fly away if the wind is too strong =)

back back back

long long time no update d... so fast my bro came bck 1 month n now balik to australia d... =) have fun in this holiday.... genting trip,, kelantan trip and fishing in the middle of blue sea..hehee
back to normal d lar..kl life =) the night is still 4am no go home =) hahahha
haizz wonder Footballitis qualified the 1st round of social league anot la...
haizz still the same la....canot fall asleep =(

Friday, July 10, 2009

temporarily rest

no new post will be update during this few weeks=)
owner is too tired d...have to rest
everything and new posts will be update aft 26th july...

im waiting for the ans. =) or =( ??

temporarily rest =)

Friday, July 3, 2009

the last ans?

Hmmmm im more n more caring =) more n more rasional =) more n more like to take care of some1 =) more n more like to dry some1 hair with my gold hand =) more n more like to see some1 撒娇 in front me =) more n more like to see some1 small gas in front me =) tell me if i ever ''gan dong'' u =) hahaha i wan feedback to do better...hahahaahaa
Hehe some1 make me grow bigger,, some1 make think deeper,, some1 make me fall in love =)
but wat is the last ans?? i wish im the one... the happy one, not the sad n dissapointed one!!! many ppl had misunderstand lar,, she haven choose yet.. and im vry scare to lose in this game... is a scary game!!
I dun dun dun like this holiday.. this holiday is vry scary and i can feel something, someone is killing me slowly.. wat is my feeling now? hmmmmmm is worrying.... worrying abt you, worrying abt the ans,, worrying abt wat u wil do in this scary holiday,, worrying abt my feeling..... isshhhh wat a scary holiday!!!! somemore worrying my result..
From dunkw wat is ur name,who r u until become so close... just 2 months,,many things change.. slowly feel good to u,, slowly like u,, slowly fall for u and slowly love u... this is the process of fall in love... it is sweet whn u r beside me, is sweet when i miss u, is sweet when i talk to u... but this holiday make me feel sour n bitter!! =( scary scary~~!!!
I wan the ans i wan... may i?? i kw im selfish!!!! but tis is a must!! coz i dun1 to lose u... i wan u r on my side,, i wan to treat u good =) care u =) may i?? hahhahahaha although i sambil haha sambil type but this is my 真心话 la..不一定要认真讲才算是真心话...when i say then i really mean tht =)

Wo Ai NI +_+
I Love You @_@
Aku Cinta Mu ~_~
Je T'aime * france !_!
Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte Hae * indian #_#
Ti Amo * italian X_X
Ish Libe Dish * german $_$
S'agapo * greece %_%
Sa Rang Hae Yo * korean ^_^
Ai Shi Te Ru * japanese "_"
Te Ubsec * romanian *_*
Te Amo * spanish

=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

Jojin Jojin... where r u???? i have a lot of ''xin si'' la ....plsssssss i need some1 to talk to me, chat with me.. hahaha faster text me when u come bck frm serendah...
Sorry tht im not going to serendah with u all...plss forgv me, i kw im not important to u.. but not i dun1 go lar,, i really make a mistake on when huajin flight!! so i say i dun1 go...
sorry tht i talk loud n fierce to u tht day (in genting) sorry sorry sorry =) forgv me..
And i had missed to celebrate wen yun birthday in genting.. is a 遗憾 to me.. i dunkw why u all didn call me up.. i really really wan to kw why larr.. maybe u angry me n angry i went down yamcha with my fren.. but thy r at downstair d, if i didn go down then i really didn gv them face larr... thy come to find me yamcha and i dunkw u all going to celebrate for her until david called me n ask me to buy candle...
She is my fren lerr.. really a big big 遗憾 to me lar... so sad!!! i wonder to kw y u all didn call me up... anyway, happy belated birthday to wenyun!!! all the best to u..