Saturday, May 30, 2009

late in 3:00am

haizzz canot fall asleep agn...wat happen to me arr???? going to sot d i think...ppl sleep at nite,,but then i still watching movie,,yamcha,,update blog,,lying on the bed but not sleeping!!! hahahaaa 8hours for 1 day is normal...but 2-4hours for 1 day is normal to me larrr..friday missed marketing class =) long time no miss classs or skip class d..hehee..lecture dun count lar..lecture go also lebih de..make me fallasleep only la in lecture hall..somemore dreaming tim!! hahaaa sien..friday nite!!!! and i m not going anywhr,,,just stay at home!wth......suppose to club,,drink at the curve or some activities....haihhh...waste lar!!!!!!! waste this wonderful friday nite!hahahaa
paintball paintball!!! nextweeek paintball!!! hhooohooo..i beh tahan d,,,faster faster!!! i wan play paintball larrrrr...i wan shoot ppl kao kao!hahahahahahaa super exciting lorrr now =) =)

and and and......i ter-get D for my marketing individual assignment 2 larrr =) hahah cant believe i get D when june told me..hhahaa coz she learn to LIE frm ME!!! hahaha not happy la i get D,,,im not the quality of D!!! so many clever and smarter ppl get p1 or p2 or c only..haizz not i geng larr,,is different tuitor la...ALICE class all get D and HD!!! but VJ class =( p1 n c....

dun sad dun sad!! work harder!!!!! OMG!! ada...someone teach me accounting larrr,,i really dun1 fail arr!!!!! i dun like accounting!!!!somemore is so expensive larr retake!! also 3k arrr!! can eat can spend for 1 month d!!! wth....................
plssss...i wan pass!! i wan learn accounting!!!!!! i hate it and i pass it!!!! stp errol,,my case study alwys get so low marks de!! u shit..kanasai!!! hahahahhaha =)

oh oh..oh ya....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MR.ANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forget to wish u d..hahaa

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Footballitis (new player)



Ah Pek



CheeHoe (new player)

joined my new team, Footballitis(junior team) since a great team. =)
coming soon tournement at ipoh.. 3 days trip to ipoh on 12,13 n 14 JUNE for the tournement.....
I CHOOSE TO BE RASIONAL!!! hahahaa not friendship...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

last assignment !

assignment agn =( haizzzzzzzzzzzz last assignment for tis sem!! =) i can smell the relax smell when im doing tis assignment..hahahaahaa but vry hard larrrrrr!!!wth.....i need some help =(

oh ya....isit selfish is human characteristic??? but ermm y i so generous de? y im not selfish??wth...not fair lorr.

hate those 怕死的人和自私到hem jiang de de arr....酱怕死搞啊???酱自私搞啊?? 自私会生钱啊? 自私得到什么哦?自私很 yeng meh?? 整个屁酱啦 de....自私还不要紧哦,自私+怕死才吊咯....酱怕死不如不要做人,在这里跟我们争空气罢了!!! 名知道怕死还要投胎上来做人....投胎做石头都要选不怕死的人来做咯,才可以给人踏 给人丢!!!!!!! hahaa 对不对?好像自己很厉害酱哇,自私喔!!! pui~ hhahahaahhaahahha

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


hai lat lorrrr...ppl FAN no time to play ball,,not enuff players to play ball,,no energy to play ball,,no court to play ball,,no shoe to play......but,,i fan dunkw want play for who laaaa..... wan play for my best frens or friendly/training with my team....
wth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both also fall on the same day....wednesday wa!!! why every1 like to play on wednssday???huh if play for my best fren,then my teammate sure F me de...but if play for my team for friendly/training,,,then 200% SURE kena F gao gao by best frens de!!!!!!! hahaha if didn ply for both team...then i will not appear iin taylor,subang,pj n selangor state anymore!
hahahaa how ar??? i dunkw how to make tis decision....wan to play for who??huh omg,,,two choose one also so hard to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how o???????? make me FAN de larrrr..yurrrr =( wat also need to fan... somemore sohem accounting assignment part B & C due on wednesday!!! shit la wednesday agn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huajin,,if u wat u wil do?huh if got training/friendly badminton for competition OR play badminton with ur best frens.....whc one do u choose???

tai kiat arr tai me decide lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

tai hau,,if valentine day u got dinner with ur gf and we r celebrating birthday for eelee...whc one u choose??huh
DUN GV ME STP ANS LORRRR!!!!!!!i wan the real ans frm ur heart!! hahahaa

if ply for my team then is a 理智 decision,,if ply with fren then i 重义气 lorrr..hahahaa im a 理智 and 重义气 de ppl worrr..hahaha how arr????

Sunday, May 24, 2009

parents day

I dunkw when father & mother day(parents day) is..hahaha but then nwadays see many advertisement abt it in everywhr la....
I can express my feelings n share everythings here because of my parents...i can makan till full full,,fat fat,,study in coll,,know so many frens,,buy tis buy tht also because of my parents..hahahaa so touch rite =) hehe.. dun need worry abt me,,lasttime i bring alot of problems let u all worry but now i grow up d,,i big boy..nth to let u all worry for so good boy in kl lorrr..hahah didn have bad frens...all my frens are good =) =) THE BAD ONE IS AT AUSTRALIA!!!! i missing him!!hahahahahahaaa

FATHER is Forever Affectionate, Totally Heroic, Ever Remarkable
MOTHER is Miraculously Outstanding, Tirelessly Helpful, Eternal Role-model

what is CHRIS ONG??
Confident Heart, Rich In Sophistication
and what is JOE COLE??
Just Outstanding Enterprising.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


wth...i long long time didn worry ppl d.....
untilll im sitting, standing, eating, sleeping, online, yamcha and playing football also stillll worrying abt tht person...canot concentrate at, i realize my worry was lebih!! no more worry to anyone.. =(
and REMEMBER dont put all the 100% of ur effort when u r doing something, u may get the bigger dissapointment if ur effort is bigger.. =(

萧闳仁 - 你爱怎样就怎样
作词:萧闳仁 作曲:萧闳仁 编曲:萧闳仁

"你爱怎样就怎样 你说走了爱就走样
精采演出 你的爱情宣告独立
我是该好好学习 说忘了就把你忘记
还在心里 只剩一句 我爱你 别放弃"

emo song..hahahaaa =( =( =( =( =(

Friday, May 22, 2009

boring night

another night i cant fall asleep....since december til now,,more n more serious.....=( wat happen ar??isit too hot?i thinking something?i thinking some1??my bed time pass??i miss home?i miss some1??
i dunkw larr...very tired but still cant fall asleep...wth!!! haizzz...alrdy didn take nap at noon still the same.......must find someway to make myself can fall asleep..hehe
i dun like ppl ffk la,,i dun1 to wait like a noob...dun try to ffk!! dun ask me why....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the worst day since i born =(

haizzzzzz....time will cure those sad ppl...but,,time will also hurt those happy sad!! really really best fren said im not his bro anymore =(

he is at Aus,, and im at Mas...haizzz distance n time destroy our relationship.....he say i at kl vry lan si o,,,meet with kelantan fren like canot see them..haizzz say i got new frens,,tis new tht new...everything new~!!! i really sad la he say tht to me....

i everytime mention his name in front of my frens,,new ffrensss,, think him twice a day hahaha but then he like tis say me.........i dissapointed lorr...somemore he is coming bck soon,,he say dun1 to find me d...wth?????? wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!! haizzz our frenship will end like tis???

someone help me plssss,,,tell him how much i care him,tell him how much i miss him,,,tell him im alwys waitiing him to come bck!!!! he sttil say : " my BRO go away d!!!" i nvr run out frm the circle,,i nvr think to go alwys here la....i nvr think to look outside also,,just like a noob like tis wait u come bck...haizzz somemore he say he still got ah kiat... dissapointed!!!!

wan msg i send to u,,,wan tiss i help u,,,wan whack some1 i whack for u,,,kena teacher punish i say u didn involve,,,wan i accompany u i like dog like tis accompany u,,,u say sien then ponteng with u la,,,u say hungry then we ponteng sekolah go eat la,,u say thirsty,,we jump over the sch wall go drink air kelapa la......u wan buy medicine n post to KK,i go klinic ask for u....u wan everthing u need everthing,i alwys show my hand to u.....i so good de ppl u say i not ur bro...hhhhaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

u really really really make me dissapointed!!! my tears long time nvr drop d,,and now because of eyes are wet,,my tears crying =( =( =( he stil say got 5 bro,,now left 2!!! left him n kiat,,he say boy also wan left d...wth!!???? why everything go reverse??? why u want go to AUS??!!!!!!!!!!!!! haizzz why we will grow up??!!!! i want our memories...i want our sweet memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

masa saya kecil

cheehoe yellow: tai hau hua jin

Yellow: me boy ah keng chanhong tai hau chew seng huajin

Yellow: ah boy cheehoe
chew seng ah keng chanhong cheehoe yellow: huajin ah kiat ah hau

omg!! hahaha...lasttime.....long long time ago.......i was so so so FAT!!! hahahaaa small small tht time alrdy take part in fashion show competition..hahhahaha super yeng lo..isn't? hahahahaa these are my best frens!!!! with the arrows...hehe
how r u all ? seriously i miss u all...especially hua jin...damn far lo australia....faster come bck la.. u kena h1n1 also come back!! im alwys welcome u back...hehe

MCB !!!

wth!!! managing communication in lou ar!! really MCB lo!!!! 1 essay 2.5k words....wan students die only jeh.. somemore management assignement due on the same date. =( and financial management also......luckily i didn take fm tis sem =) stp mcb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! few days canot sleep well liao lo,,sleep also think of transformational leadership style and non-verbal communication..hahahahahaa waste my time only,,canot ply futsal,,canot yamcha,,lepak,,,waste my wonderful saturday n sunday!!!! wasting time la do assignment!!!! at noon wan take nap also canot,,like dog like that at library find books and meeting..haizzzzz

after tmr must sleep back last week de sleeping time..hahaha wat im trying to say i also dunkw..super blur now.......stil left 500 words....wat else can crap in the conclusion ar????

haizzz sleep 1st la..malas d,,,tmr only continue =) hehee definitely im lazy lorrr,,not sleppy!!hahaha

Friday, May 15, 2009

why =)

actually 2day i lazy to post new things nth to post de..
haahha but tis afternoon,, i eat lunch with two noob...hahhaa

suddenly david ask me.....


wth.......hahahhahaa wat a stp ques..hahahhahaa nobody ans his ques..every1 was laughing....
can someone told me why those sell pork or pig de ppl so fat ma?? hahaha i really dunkw wat is the ans..hehe

haizzz so sien..canot lepak d this weekend..assignments killiing me =(

Thursday, May 14, 2009


紀佳松 - 一點一點

讓我終於看見愛情散發的光芒 Oh baby



要用一輩子的時間付出才算真心 Oh baby



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

H1 N1

omg...i going to sick d...
sneeze the whole day!! flu.... suffer
assignments week,,plss dun sick 1st..must tahan!!! until monday!! left ques 1 & 3 for management assignment..hehe solo work.....dunkw how is the result of solo work la.
haizz haven start the mcb assignment la..super stress..
dun ask me to club,,dun ask me to go out at nite.....i wan finish my assignment 1st!!!!!!!!!!! nextweek wan go whr also,,futsal,,sing k,, go ipoh penang kelantan johor kuntan..whr also can...morning wake up early early for dim sum also ok..hahhaa

how good if H1N1 hit assignment!!hahaha no need to do the assignments..hahha im dreaming!! @@

time for assignment agn...

cont .............


潘玮柏&纪佳松 - 同一个遗憾
制作:吴浩 QQ:297528815

剩下我们 坐在岸边
白色星星 迎着海面
而她的心去了哪 我们都无能为力
Tell she knowDon’t think so
Tell me she knows cause i could't think so

你怪 谁的错 谁的错
我们都 我们都失败

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


专辑:903 id Club 张敬轩拉阔变奏厅 Live


树荫有一只蝉 跌落你身边
惊慌到失足向前 然后扑入我一双肩
令你腼腆一脸 像樱花万千
怀念美好高中两年 期望你的青春不变

还记得樱花正开 还未懂跟你示爱
初春来时 彼此约定过继续期待
人置身这大时代 投入几番竞技赛
曾分开 曾相爱 等待 花蕊 又跌下来

未有过的爱情 但有种温馨
归家那单车小径 沿路细听你的歌声
没法再三倾听 你的感动昵称
维系错的一番友情 无奈已经不可纠正

还记得樱花正开 还未懂跟你示爱
初春来时 彼此闭著眼渴望未来
人置身这大时代 投入几番竞技赛
曾分开 曾相爱 等待 跟你未爱的爱

秒速之间变改 小小世界
眷恋 也许走不过 拆卸的街

如有天樱花再开 期望可跟你示爱
当天园林 今天已换上满地青苔
如有天置地门外 乘电车跨过大海
匆匆 跟你 相望 一眼 没理睬
明日花 昨日已开

Saturday, May 9, 2009

smile aft u read =)

Malaysia semua baby ,
our government is so lousy,
make the college becomes no quality,
Chinese and Indian pun tak boleh masuk university.
It never had a choice for me,
because no money cannot study at oversea,
so I always feel i'm so pity.

Every college are greedy,
sini sana all need money,
their pocket kosong our perut noisy,
I am poor because there sucks my money.
Exam question full of difficulty,
it has a reason only,
which is to earn more money,
because we retake money masuk lagi.

The staffs always no aksi,
they did wrong never say sorry,
before asking please show your money,
otherwise they wont be happy,
we pay their salary still make us angry.
that's why i wanna study hard to earn more and more money.

Tiap-Tiap hari feel so lazy,
never try to wake up early,
always hope college sekarang cuti,
everyday go to class feel so sleepy,
lecturer always scold me lazy.
do assignment just like to copy,
before the final just feel worry,
every nite study until crazy,
because scared scold by mummy.

Why my class always no pretty,
those elephant always show me how she's sexy,
the monster wanna treat me nicely,
like that i better looking is f***ing ugly,
saya mari girl girl lari,
everyday date them they only say busy,
semua orang tak ada hati,
make me always so lonely,
only can watch porno movie.

CS always let people bully,
maybe i am really so lousy,
althought knife people is so happy,
but i am always unlucky,
kena headshot easily,
after mati still mati.

This is just a small story,
typed it simply,
feel funny and happy,
actually i am not lonely,because I have many friends around ME.

haha quite meaningfull... =)

Innocent or dai sei??

......................... she kick me out frm the group!! i got contribute wat,,i got go meeting,,i got find resources...but then i do wrong only ma,whr got things is 100% correct de o...if everything do correct then group assignment is for wat o??not every1 is clever de ma. T.T i vry bu shuang n feel like wan to kill her lo.i dunkw y she so bu shuang me wat engineering cert vry lan si la????.arrhhhhhhhhhh i dunkw wan say wat d la....thx ar MAY,,u help me vry much d..dun feel guilty..hehehe im still ok =) wont kill u...hahahhaa

now at ipoh!! release stress leave subang for few days,,leave the sad place!!! hahaha come ipoh find tai hau n visit ah kit house.. eat eat eat eat n drink drink drink drink..ipoh also quite boring la,,but better than subang..hehe food is cheaper,,no trafic jam n i can see mountains are everywhr around me..hahah no wonder ipoh another name is mountain city la..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


tired tired tired tired!!! so many meeting tis week...haizz marketing ia2, marketing group assignment, mcb, Ada , management group assignment...walau....wan faint d....

some1 say i no contribute in management assignment lerrr...tht day i balik hometown,how to find books with u all wo??wan kick me out of group tim..wth!!!??? i so pok meng find the books lo,,,read n do...walau..........luckily got May..hehe,,help me n didn kick me! =) =) tmr show u my hard work!! hahahaa

Monday, May 4, 2009

belated birthday =)

happy belated birthday =) hahaha

hahahahaha my birthday more cake to eat =) this is the fourth cake!!is just a piece,,but nice ler....dunkw wat manggo delight la..hahah thxx pei wah!!thx for the cake n card!!hehe the dying ♥ hahahahahaha

the dying ♥ or undying ♥ leh??hahahaha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

missed penalty!!!!

Football match come second,,birthday 1st..ahhaa..ystday went to puchong for futsal tournament!! 7am jiu went to eat brkfst n aft brkfst we went to puchong..luckily ystday was saturday and no trafic jam on ldp....the tournament started at team had a new black jersey..ahah look vry yeng jersey haven print the num la..whc num suit me o? 15?? hahahahha we won the 1st knockout match by 3-1..i score the lastgoal for my team.came in as a sub,plying the second stricker position n ply for 5mins..hehe is a simple finishing on the left of the goal.the floor quite slippery la and i slip twice in tht match..hand so pain =(
the second round knock out match started at 10.45....super hot!! the formation n start line still the still the sub!! we won a hard fightback frm my team...i came in on the second half n play the same position! the last goal scored by me just b4 the refree blow..chest the ball down frm the keeper throw,finished it on the left on the goal agn..hehe i have a goal celebration for this goal!!is a lucky win frm my team..
we went through the 2nd knock out game..waiting for the quarter game tht start at 12.45pm..ply under the hot sun..haizz so hot!!beh tahan.....the formation change!! start line change!! haha im came in as the firs five...zen n lun was the holding ball defender n lastman,,chew was the stricker and i was the second stricker!hehe just start for awhile,,we had conceded 1 goal!!OMG....tension!nervous!! we need to have more passes,,make more chances...controlling the match,,slower the tempo...this was the chance! a through ball frm zen,,one two frm me n lun...low shoot but hard on the left of the goal agn!!who is the scorer???hahhaa me la!!! is 1-1 and it is half time..second half started,,i came out,,my left leg injured! dick came in for me...its still 1-1 until the refree blow n stop the game..more chances frm my side,,but nobody score..
Is penalty shootout!! victor picked me,zen n the 1st taker.....low left?low right?hard shoot in the middle?bottom right?bottom left? hahah sure low favourvite penalty side...OMG!!i shoot to the low right but the ball was moving to the middle and is a easy safe for the keeper!!!OMG i 走水 !!!!! wat happen??coz my new shoe of the slippery floor?!! zen n lun take it cleanly but i missed it! sorry my team!!!! no any safe frm my side keeper...we were knockout in the quarter final...
is a bad day!!!! wat a stp missed!!!!!!!

hehe smile is the curve tht sets everything straight =) some1 told me tis aft i came frm puchong..hahahaa

Friday, May 1, 2009


waahhhhh...dunkw is too happy or wat mood..hahhaa lye kuan!!! wat u put in my small table(dunkw is table or wat board la)?????? hahahah pattern pattern ah u!! no wonder ask me fill water for u la...hahha anyway thankyou..thankyou vry vry much!!hehe =) =) =) =) =) luckily i come bck second,,celebrate birthday with lye kuan come first ^^ =) hahahahaa

thankyou =) so touch ^^ i finish the whole cake la >.<

happy birthday =)

The third time i eat cake on April!!! the third time i make the same wish!! simple wish to wish every1 happy n healthy...hahahhaa Happy Happy Birthday to myself!! =) =)
celebrate my birthday with Taylor's best student...hahahah thx lye kuan!! =) had birthday dinner at bangsar n bring a cake to my house tim!! hehe u all dun jealous ar!!! =p thx for the cake n dinner!!so nice lo the cake,,super sweet de!! hahahahaha this is y why i come bck subang earlier =P

lye kuan =p