Monday, April 27, 2009

big surprise

Happy Early Birthday To Myself!!! hehehe
i dunkw u all wan celebrate for me la sorry for those frens i didn ajak to eat on tht a big surprise for me..thankyou!! thankyou for the shirt too =) =) im happy!!! (thursday, 23 april 2009) eh my birthday is on 30th early wish me de.haha

Sunday, April 26, 2009

noob journey to hometown

friday, 24 april 2009 ---7.00pm i still at subang house!!! i called ah boy to go ktm at 6.30pm but he stil at i mai wait him lo...wait wait wait...wait til 7.15 he just come to fetch me to subang ktm....reach thr at 7.20pm....aft buy the ticket then we both jiu wait lo...the board displayed tht komuter wil arrived at 7.36pm....we chat while wating the komuter,,,mana tahu....wait wait wait wait wait till 7.40pm the sohem komuter stil haven come...habis la tis time!!! whr can reach kl center at 8pm??? we called the ktm berhad hotline,,subang komuter station to ask y the komuter haven come n can the train wait for us 5 mins...haha...

abt 8pm the komuter reach subang station....we jiu carry our back dun care others who wan to come out frm the komuter!!we just langgar the people n go in the komuter.....7 stations to reach kl center...walau somemore the komuter stop at half way la...we both were super nervous lorrr... == wait wait wait...1 station pass another pass till we reach kl center....langgar here langgar thr n come out frm the komuter n run the whole way to go up to 1st floor of kl center then go down agn to the train departure thr..... ma de!! walk abt 150 stairs i saw the train 的尾巴moving n leave thr!!我亲眼看着火车走掉 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! walau eh.........wat mood at tht time i also dunkw lo.... i heard some1 say ''abang abang,,,urgent la!!! plss la plss....panggil train balik!! saya mau balik hometown ar...abang plss la abang...ticket train expensive la!! '' i look around n saw sohai boy point to the train n told the abang..wahahahhahahha... my mood is vry down but i saw him,,,i straight become happy!!hahahah.. he look super funny lo!!so big liao stil like tht!whahahahhaa...i ask him dun like tht lo,,we go buy bus ticket....we went to counter thr to buy the komuter ticket to putra station to buy bus ticket.....

reach thr at 9.10 then we jiu buy ticket...a malay pak cik stand in front counter thr,,he pull me near to him n ask..

pak cik: ''dik gi mano??kota bharu,machang,,pasir mas??"

me: "kuala krai ada tak..."

pak cik: ''ado ado...berapo ore?"

me: "duo!"

pak cik: "lape puluh la''

he just write the time n journey on a resit n gv to me...wah,,i stunt awhile,,,i ask him isit going bck to kelantan???haha...i really scare i kena tipu by him la,,,canot go bck hometown n he took us to sell at somewhr..hahhaa..

jiu trust him 1 time lo,,wait til 9.40 then he ask us to go to the bus....when go in the bus tht time,,just a driver n a malay in the bus..waliao,,,actualy im scared but ah boy was beside me so i have to act stronger...if not he will more scare then me de..wahhhahha....jiu wait wait wait,,more n more ppl come into the heart like 松了一下....要被骗就一起被骗啦!!i dun care d.. =)

sleeping all the way...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suddenly i heard got ppl say kuala krai kuala krai,,,i wake up n take my bag n go down the bus..hahaha just 2 seconds...i vry blur tht time,,i dunkw y so fast wake up n go down the bus..hahah..every1 look at me...aft come down the bus my head vry pain lo,,feel like wan to faint d..hahaha..then jiu walk bck to ah boy house lo,,the bus stop us just near by his house... its 4.30am!! no1 was in the street!!! we walk on the lonely street...dogs n cats are sleeping..hahaha..

went his house rest,,watch tv till 7am....breakfast =) =) then go bck my house!! home sweet home!!!!! aft mandi,sleep till ermmm i dunkw wat time d..hahah super tired...super noob journey!!! 1stt time miss the train!!! haizz.. ah boy ah boy!! nexttime dun late lo,,n dun so sohem if v miss train agn!hahah..u look super funny,,like lasttime i kick u u cry tht time..wahahahha

Thursday, April 23, 2009


haizz.......i like thursday the most..but group assignment got meeting =( friday marketing got quiz n presentation =( ...haiz sien lo...somemore got so many assignment coming assingment due aft study break wo..monday must i wan do during study break o??? ar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! canot alwys go out liao dinner also got problem lo,,,alwys do till late late de the wat o,,sien dou sei!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feel like dun1 study many assignment to do..apa pun got marks de,,accounting got tuitorial la,,got workshop la..walau die sien lo me =(( nth can do d,,have to eat fried rice fried rice..see the rice also wan vomit.hahaa...

tmr mcb class =) actualy wan skip de,,but then dunkw y got something attract me not to skip the class..hahaaha vry powerful lo,,full energy to wake up in the early morning..just for thursday and mcb class... =)

tmr maison?tmr mos? nonooo.... lazy to go these place d..vry vry loud..hahha..what are maison n mos o?hahahahaha....smell my home agn,,friday go bck lo =) dunkw y feel like dun1 go bck de...wat attract me to stay in subang agn???? huh i also dunkw la

Monday, April 20, 2009

back to normal

long time no update time to back to normal..everyday come here blow water.hahaha..super busy lo last week,,,busy eat,,busy play,,busy everything..hahahaha..walau everyone said go to awana vry shuang =( haizzz,,,regret d....i regret i didn buy the place frm 2M (may or maggie)...haizz...somemore 1 of them de num get a room from lucky noob la me..hahaha...suan d,,still got many chances to go, just have to wait only =)
feel vry bad la,didn go to gruop meeting for lastweek..1 time also no group,,didn contribute in tis assignment..haizz i really vry bad..scold me la u guys..hahaha i haven wake up le...scold until i wake la if u DARE!!!!! hahahaa tis week i must attend every meeting d,,no more lazy!! wake up early!! go lecture!!! and go to kap leng lui =) hahaa jkjk....

so fast la,,alrdy half sem of the 1st sem in week got break..go bck kelantan!! kuala krai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but..................i think 3 or 4 days only la i going futsal comp so have to come bck kl wo...feel so bad agn...long time didn see my family but then just go bck few days..haizz i cant do anything is 100% to me,,play aslo 1005 to me wo..hahahaha anyway got go bck is better than didn go bck lo...consider good boy d la like tis =) =) or wan go sarawak for vacation???hehehehe ^^

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........最不想发生的事终于来了!!!Aarrhhhhhh sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alwys after sore throat,,,flu,,cough,,then sick!!!! tmr thursday la,,,,,faster recover la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vry sam fu ar.....
如果不吃泰国餐,,不去吃大鱼大肉,,shushi.....我应该是在外面喝茶咯,,飞来飞去咯,,不是从早到晚在床上滚来滚去!! haizz....要出去吃都没有力叻 辛苦到......................吃了很多药了,如果明天还不好我就要去拜神了..hahaha 最好不是中肮脏东西咯!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hahahahah tis is the second time in a week...say no to club!!hahaha new record in my history.... =) haizzzz boring saturday...stomach sot =( stay in toilet half day..
Evening went to church!! hahha...went with david(na pet) =) "savior,,he can move the mountain" "A-men" hahaha..i learn to pray for those ppl who need help....tell me if u all need help or face any problem,,i will help and pray!! hahaha =p
Arrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh canot online agn!!!!!! stp la izzi!!!!! kena thunder abit the base in subang jiu sot i wan to do research for group assignment?????"YEOS" "F&B"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! habis la,,,sure kena F by groupmate....
Nite at the curve drink.....walau eh,,whole day just drink few mouth water sore throat d!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( arrrhhh vry sam fu!!!!!! long time no sore throat,,no flu,,no sick... dun sekali come in this week!! thursday i got big project!!hahaha...attack me aft friday =)

Friday, April 10, 2009

lazy disease

die lazy disease 又发作了!!!haha...
long time no skip class d,,but 这三天我就 skip liao 4 lectures and 1 tuitorial class...arrhhhhhhh assignment lo!!! assignment make me lazy agn...make tis disease 发作!!!haahah... i dunkw how to stop tis desease d la...morning sleep,,,,night super powerful n awake!!!!?? how ar??how to switch to normal mode ar?? i see got class in the morning jiu tired d..why??hahahaha...wat virus attack me??hahhaaa
long time no club and no reject those ppl ask me go to club liao la...2day i 竟然reject woo,,,i think whole day to make a big decision.finally i say NO!!!hahaha...y i will say no arrr?? y i used so long time to make tht decision?? i also dunkw la.....i sot d,,become pabo d!!hahaa

attend lec!!! attend class!!! wake up early!!!!!!!!!!! no alarm clock =(

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


normally aft clubbing or yam cha also at home liao lo now.....i in mcd ar...assignment!!!!!MCB assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
niama,,,find for the assignment source!!!my brain super vry kek lo...tmr how to go to lec??tmr how to watch ball??how to concentrate in class???hahahaha..tired dao......sohem MCB!!!!do other assignment no need 1 day lo,no need think till so kek lo....
who wan help me do??hahaha..价钱可以商量,不同grade不同价!! pass有pass价,distintion有distintion价...hahah

haizzz Unisa wa,,Taylor wa,,,Plagiarise wa,,,dun so strict la please!!!!! pay so much still treat us like tht....

Monday, April 6, 2009


两天没有update了,,...就来 "一首诗" 送给我的粉丝啦!! hahah

是一首无名诗 (一首诗 6 April 2009) <<<< Harvard Referencing!!!!

(Cheehoe, K 2009, 一首诗)

no title

pening........做assignment做到我脚软...好像在吃东西,消化食物那样!! 才做完一份才交罢了,另外一份又来了(才大好便,又被人家塞食物进嘴巴然后要拉出来) hahaha...迟早做到sot掉!! 奇怪,做么人家做一份要用那么多天的??..我好像是一天就搞定了叻..可能是有智慧啦! =) =) 我聪明是因为有智慧,,你们聪明是小聪明罢了!! wahahhaa...讲笑啦

haizz 2 days didn update liao....stupid izzi!!! tht day 打两下雷就不能用了....什么公司哦??收皮啦!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 害我siennnn到出汁..ahaha 还好最近 ''康头" 很多,可以解闷!!!

continue mcb assignment~~~

Friday, April 3, 2009

中计 !!!

walau ehh.........2day only i kw i pabo...kena lie wa,,april fool 前一天到今天 6pm only i kw!!! de ar!!! 这种大话我也被骗!!!sien lo......... 平时骗得人多haizzz 我也有今天 =( 还好演技够强,不然就被揭穿 当场变笨蛋!!! haha


Is just a word in my msn personal msg...put awhile only ma,,jiu almost every1 come ask me wat is Pabo??!! actually i lazy to ans wat is pabo la..haha.if u all wan kw jiu go find dictionary la!!! somemore i draw liao still got ppl ask wat is Pabo wa...

haizz really Pabo ( 어리석은 ) !!! =) =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Subang Jaya

sigh... =( Subang Jaya wa.....pui!!~~ not safety at all...too many cases d..1 year,,i stay here 1 year only jiu see how ppl snatch, help a gal when she get snatch, experience kena steal shoes n wallet is in the ROOM!!also kena steal...haizz...i really dunkw wat will happen next la,,maybe a murder case around here becoz thy fail to snatch or steal...

Lastnite, april fool (but tis is not a joke!!) 3 cars was parking inside my house,,1 of the car's accessories has been stolen....macam ini pun boleh wa,,the car got alarm,door was locked and the gate was lock also....they dare to come in and steal...steal all the expensive accessories in the beh professional lo...luckily got car accesories and my shoes didn kena steal agn =) realy dunkw wat will happen next la...
where is the security???
where is the police????
MA DE!!!!
Poloce wa??!! SAMAN jiu PANDAI la !!!!

THEN 1 of the indian security told auntie say he saw me wo lastnite at 2 wo,,but then lastnite i came back tht time also didn saw any indian guy around my area la..maybe the security saw those professional pencuri???or he saw GHOST ?????!!!!! wahahaha...or maybe he lie to auntie????

haizzz DANGEROUS la subang!!!!!!! dun go out at nite too often or u wil be their next target..hhaaha..

i not same,,i can go out!!! 我这种良好市民是来拯救 subang jaya!!!wahahhaa